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Federal government fundraiser official

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• Oct 13, 2021

Victim Location 95814
Total money lost $275
Type of a scam Sweepstakes/Lottery/Prizes

I was first contacted by a man on instagram claiming to be jaime banda romero, of the pch prize patrol. he had credentials so it seemed and claim numbers and it seemed legit the amount was 45,775.75usd. and a card was being sent via fed ex to me by noon , I was supposed to verify my identity and open a spacific type of account that would allow for the transfer to the discover card that was supposed to be in transit . come 4:00 pm the card was not delivered and the transfer some how winds up in bit coin doubled in amount in mr romero's personal coinbase account so now he's in a panic that all of the sudden he has almost a million dollars in his personal account that he's not supposed to have. and also that my parcel had been hang dropped by a fed ex driver who had gotten lost at a post office in daily city I'm in sacramento. and that there is a currior from the post office that will complete the shipment the first shipment had cost me 40$ now I'm being contacted by the currior and her fee is seperate from the first one and it's now 87$ and she right from the gate sends me a pose pic of herself in a public restroom fully clothed of course. and so now mr romero had to deal with a major federal legal matter that had ended up in the fbi raiding his home the next day and he had since refered me to the company supposed to be the authority in this matter ( federal government fundraiser official) I had looked into them and found variations of the name that seemed to check out but had still a tinge of skepticism about. because now the feeling of joy that goes with winning life changing money was replaced by a feeling of stress and desperation and worry and pressure. extreme pressure . cause now I have a time limit to come up with money I told them in the first place I was giving the last of what I had for the first transfer.this went on for another day until it had expired and then since it was the fault and responsibility of two people on their end they sopposivly doubled it to 78,248.93 and had a pay pal screenshot of the amount qued up to show me which layer on I saw the same image posted on a sugar daddy profile that had sent me a private message on instagram . and I'm to send them another 47.00 via pay pal to this email address :([email protected])

that is under the name thomas farrell and I'm to send it friends and family so that the refund policy of paypal won't apply.

so i did and sent him a screenshot but not after a whole month of day after day trying to come up with it to send to them.

here's the kicker... I had looked up sugar mommy and was contacted by a sugar mommy that promised 2,000 and 900 a week allowance to help me with my financial problems the first transfer had been after a background check and ID verification put on a hold by the irs pending a fee of 30$ ok so I payed it. then it stopped halfway and it's going to cost me another 30$ ??? ok so I let mommy know that I'm losing faith in her and tell her about the other of what I'm mentioning here that is literally going on at the same exact time .

I'm going back and forth from one to the other and back. so the 47 comes back to my paypal which is linked to my cash app and now I've got a limited amount of time to rush down to the store buy a gift card and send them a picture of the card and reciept . and on the other one at the same time ... now having to send another 40$ this making the pot 100$ and the 47 is now 50$ because of the denomination of the card . and my last money to get me through the month if they burn me. .. well sugar mommy comes back with yet another send her 50$ and she promised the same promises that she broke three times already. and being the honest mommy she said she is swore in her dead father's grave... won't refund me my 100$ cashapp is looking into it and a refund was requested paypal was just a middleman anyways. and now I'm pissed and panicking and the other comes back and tells me that the perfectly brand new card had been already applied to another account and blames me for screwing them out if my money and swears on his life that he didn't steal my money. I am still in contact with both ... because I'm tracking them and I'm also in contact with the currior who hit on me in the process of it has lost her job at the post office and regained employment elsewhere and is my girlfriend ish ... I'm still aware that I met her through a group scam and that she is a possible on going player in this very elaborate scheme. oh I have more...

there is a hook up girl I have been in contact with who after some months had finally got me to buy a card and send it to her over the phone when I did she comes back with the card had been previously cashed ??? hhmmm and on the same day I sent in my first 40$ payment for the parcel on the prize money... and when the mommy and the fed fakes were getting payed again she messages me with just my callsign my code name she was never told my code name...

and somehow the prize people had knowlage of the mommy and the transfer amounts that had been sent I never told them about that. and with sugar daddy contacting me about helping and having the screenshot posted and the same way the hookup and the prize got me with the cards and the timing of them all showing up at the same times. is painting an online signature ... the way they type, the words they use. how they address me. the way their words spark emotions . the different ways and directions they come at me with and from. it all leads to the source.

my google account was stolen from me a couple of months ago by nigerians who came at me the same exact way and they got me to give up too much info posing as a gov grant agency . pushing trust them trust them guilt tripping like how dare I not trust them. and in the end it was to burn me. it took two weeks to get my google account back I had to create two new ones to do it. and all the while fighting along side of facebook to keep them out of my facebook account. my bank card had been locked up by fraud prevention and I was locked out until I finally got someone on the phone with them but that was three weeks with no access to my account and money.'s been three years now I've been fighting and tracking and hunting these [censored] from nigeria . I found out that they are teaching in schools over there kids on up to the university how to scam people on the internet . I am building an e- book on the subject almost ready to launch ... keep an eye out for this book. it's all screenshots !!! and it shows exactly how they all work and it also shows how I spot identify and expose them ... this story has no end....all true to the letter if I left something out , don't worry the e- book won't.

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