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Fast Track Capital Reports & Reviews (58)

• Jan 20, 2021

I have only invested $5000 in the Fountains of Sun City. I received quarterly payments from this for quite a while, though the amount often were pretty trivial. I even had something like $2000 come in. We were supposed to get all our money back in 5 years or something like that, but I only ever got the 2K. Then the payments stopped and a T3 came in for money I never got. I contacted Axcess Capital and am now just waiting to see what will happen. The cash is not going to make or break me but it is a lesson. Private investments can be risky. I was tempted to buy land in the Dominican Republic or some such place, and I am so glad I did not. I did also invest in the Freedom Investment Club, which used to give presentations at Fast Track events. I am aware of their bad investment in real estate and the government shutting them down, but does anyone know if there was any cash left and if investors got anything? Again I just had a smaller investment with them thank goodness.

• Feb 04, 2021

Hi I also invested too. I have not contacted Axcess Captial yet. Did they get back to you and help? Thanks

• Jan 20, 2021

We lost $127,000. Is there a way to be compensated?

We were able to remove our remaining Fast Track investment from Olympia Trust in order to be done with the fees. Our banker helped us transfer them out of Olympia into a non-RRSP fund in our bank. The bank has a specific form to do that. So even though we lost most of the money we invested in Fast Track, at least we are not having nay more
of the exorbitant charges from Olympia.

• Feb 17, 2021

Hello PT. Would you know exactly which form your bank needs to do this ? I got an initial email response from Axcess Capital, and they mentioned "forms" as well, although they did not elaborate on them, so I have responded back asking for details.

I communicated with Axcess just yesterday, and go the response within 4 hours. For those of you still concerned, as Lisa12345 says, contact Axcess Capital and talk to them.

• Dec 12, 2020

Contact Info:

• Jan 26, 2021

Hi Lisa,
Has Axcess Capital been responsive to any investors? I have not heard from them regarding my FT Capital investmen, nor have they replied to my inquiry for information. Just wondering if anyone has a 'success' story to share that can give the rest of us hope for some resolution. Thanks Harold R.

• Dec 12, 2020

Anyone on this page that has any questions needs to contact Access Capital that is who took over Fast Track. As well as I have sympathy for people who made not have made money on their investments there are others where people like myself did make a lot. There is nothing illegal or fraudulent or a scam. And writing these things in a public form is an opportunity for someone to take legal action against you. With investments there is risk. Sometimes things workout and sometimes they don’t. No one forced you to sign any paperwork. I’m sure the company did the best job possible but sometimes things happen. Like Covid and there’s no cruises happening if you are in RCL. That’s not one persons fault. No one scammed anyone. Your money is in the deal. Look up RCL for instance. The port exists... so writing someone took your money is ridiculous. Creating a Facebook group to complain about a deals outcome is also ridiculous. Saying you’ve contacted a police officer and are wasting tax payers money on this is ridiculous. We all have perfectly valid offering memorandums. Just because you don’t like an outcome doesn’t mean you can public try and defame and make false statements about someone. If I were any of the people listed who are being talked about. I would have already taken legal action against the claims your making. So again contact Access Capital! They are in charge of your investments.

• Feb 23, 2021

You must either be Darren himself, or one of his minions. He set expectations, and not only did not meet them, but left the investors that trusted him in the dark about where things are at. Axcess Capital has not been providing information. People have lost hard earned money - they have a right to be upset. Glad that you managed to come away with profits - would love to know what you invested in.

• Dec 01, 2020

I too invested a large sum of money into projects with Fast Track Capital and never received any cash back from them. There has never been any phone replies even when messages have been left to do so. Olympia Trust has charged me hundreds if not thousands in fees to keep the account open. Let me know if we can do a class action law suit.

• Dec 12, 2020

This company was taken over by Access Capital that’s who you need to contact.

• Nov 28, 2020

Country Canada
Type of a scam Investment
Initial means of contact Not applicable

My name is Stewart. 2506402870. I invested in two separate properties Westland and Suncity. As like everyone else have tried to reach out and to no avail. These guys have vanished. Lost it all. Yet Olympia continues to charge me. Please contact me if a class action suite can be filed. Let’s go after this guy. I believe his wife and kids still live in Edmonton.

• Dec 12, 2020

This company was taken over by Access Capital and did email notify everyone a long time ago that’s who you need to contact.

• Nov 27, 2020

I trusted Darren Weeks and the Fast Track Capital program in 2008, 2009, 2010 when I heard and seen what great things they were doing. Darren Weeks even jumped to the next level when he started making appearances and partnering Rich Dad Poor Dad author Robert Kiyosaki. Darren Weeks was being dubbed Canada’s Rich Dad. In 2011 I took a leap of faith with Rob Chaulk, sat down with him in his office and transferred $12,000 of my saved RRSP money to the Port of Falmouth Project. It wasn’t like I blindly jumped in, I had been following this company and these people for several years. The things they talked about made sense. They aligned with core fundamental principles I believed in. I read about and seen their successes. I genuinely and sincerely trusted the company, the direction the company was going and the people running it. Rob Chaulk assured me that I had to be patient, the investment would mature in several years. He also said I could see gains in upwards of 15% (not small, not ridiculous but rather realistic) I trusted him. Fast Forward to present day. WHAT A NIGHTMARE! It’s been found that DARREN WEEKS FAST TRACK and his close friends have scammed many good, hard-working people who TRUSTED these individuals out of hundreds of thousands of dollars. Could be millions, GOD only knows. I tried for years to contact the Fast Track office in St. Albert, Alberta. All phone numbers were dead and disconnected. Richie Pon seemed to be the only one around and he would only respond through email. I asked numerous times to transfer funds out but he would always respond with an excuse as to why the funds could not be transferred. At some point during the process the shares were transferred to Olympia Trust. Olympia Trust charges a fee of around $150/year to hold the shares and manage the portfolio. I’ve been in contact with them for several years now about transferring my funds to my own RRSP. Well guess what? Olympia Trust doesn’t have the funds... they have shares but the shares are WORTHLESS. Olympia Trust tells me that I have to contact Fast Track to get the shares funded (don’t know exact term) but basically get the value added to the shares before I can initiate a transfer. How am I expected to do that when Fast Track is no more and Darren Weeks and his criminal friends have either stowed away or spent my money... And they most definitely did. Yet, Olympia continues to charge their maintenance fee and there’s really no way that I know, so far, on how to stop the bleeding.

Darren Weeks, Richie Pon, Rob Chaulk and I’m sure many others should be investigated, charged criminally and held accountable for the massive theft they conducted on good, hard-working citizens who in good faith and trust put part, most or even all of their retirement savings with Fast Track, Fast Track Capital. It is a terrible and horrible thing. IT’S A NIGHTMARE that happened to myself and many other people.

They committed the crime and should do the time. Unfortunately that still won’t be enough reparation for the countless lives that they so severely damaged.

Nicholas Steadfast

• Dec 12, 2020

You need to reach out to Access Capital. As well these comments are defamatory and I would caution you against this. I as well am an investor and have made money with Fast Track and in other investments not. That is a risk every person takes when investing.

• Nov 13, 2020

I have a letter from Robert Chaulk indicating the trustees are offering a redemption on my initial investment ,but after writing and letting him know I will accept their offer their response has amounted to nothing! I have lost all respect for Fast Track Capital and would be very interested in following any advice to bring this fiasco to end !

• Dec 12, 2020

This company does not exist it was taken over by Access Capital you need to contact them.

• Nov 13, 2020

I have a copy of a letter from Robert Chaulk stating that I hold 50 units of FT capital fund7,class 2,energy fund 2 and that the trustees wish to redeem my investment , but after applying and applying and applying there is no longer any response----I have lost all respect for Fast Track Capital and would very much like to know how to proceed to redeem some of the investment

• Nov 26, 2020

How in the world did you get this response? I've been dealing with Rob Chaulk and his accounting company for years and have talked to Richie Pon, and all Richie does is apologize about my lost money. I'd love to recover some of my and my parent's investments; how did you go about getting that offer?

• Nov 12, 2020

Olympia trust emailI left you a voicemail today regarding your account with us and the FT Capital investment you are holding. Please note, FT Capital currently does not have a main contact and all transactions are on hold till further notice. We did receive notice that there could be a potential company that could take over FT Capital. We are waiting for further details before we can confirm this. Until then, we unfortunately do not have any other information we can provide regarding this investment. Once further information is received, we will advise clients what their options are.

Please let me know if you would like to set up a phone call to discuss further or if you have any questions.

Thank you

Sanjna Khaira

• Nov 06, 2020

I have also been scammed out of $42,000. I’m getting invoices from Olympia for an investment that is gone. Frustrating. If we could get some money out it would be great. Now retired with no investment.

• Dec 12, 2020

Hi Sandra I’m sorry you feel that way but I found this page and people need to contact Access Capital they took over this company. There is nothing fraudulent about any of the investments though.

I have been so taken and scammed by this company. I only got in as, I read Rich Dad Poor Dad book ,and then went to seminars, in 2008/2009, they approached to get your money out of the crash, so lest me known to me, I thought , best thing to do to save my capital , I put everything I owned in cash, TFSA, RRSP,. my career retirement LIRA, my kids RESP. now it was supposed to be 3 year investment, so when I went to get RESP out for my 1st child education, I couldn't, this is when the questions arise, why not, and its been a hell ride ever since, now all my 3 children have had to work to get thru their post secondary school, and not able to complete. Its been years of hard work , saving, good investing till this company and to loose everything, absolutely everything to these people who have made it , take our life savings away. I want to see the gov't change these exempt marketing laws, I /we are all still getting charged yearly fees, from Olympia Trust, and theres no money there its all gone , not paying ,or closed. So we pay fees every year, yet there will never ever be a resolve , who whats to pay 150.00 per account, and theres no money in it, . so what happens if nothing ever becomes of this, or I die, / fees still go on
so i wud like to get together with our group
to see what we can do, The Truijllo has been operating for years, and investors have seen nothing, how can we stop OT fees for empty accounts, there are other scams with them I was sold on, this one I had the most investment in. Cant get much information on any investment properties, last dated are 3 years ago, and I see office is and staff are i think zero. Darren Weeks i heard has left , went on some other project. He shud be charged and held accountable.I called him in person in 2011, to ask for my money out especially for my child RESP and he was arrogate, cold , none matter of fact, no I cant have it, I volunteered to invest it and that was it.
my email is
[email protected]
thank you all, please keep in touch , i think someone had a choice of FB , im not a tech pro, but Ill will see if I can get on that, it wud be worth to all group together

• Dec 12, 2020

Hi Jay, you need to contact Access Capital that’s who took over this company and did reach out to all investors. As well as I said to someone above I would advise you not to make defamatory comments. And as an investor who shared the same paperwork as you there is nothing illegal that this company has done all offering memorandums are valid and correct.

• Oct 27, 2020

Have invested in multiple projects. Have never received a tax slip, only letters stating they determined 2 projects have zero value.
Please add me if a class suit is opened.

• Oct 09, 2020

My sister tried to get her money back but FTC just gave her the run-around. She passed away last year and I found that she had invested a huge amount of money with them. She also invested in a tax shelter scheme in which she lost all of her money. The charitable foundation had its designation revoked. Fast Track Capital had a scheme in which you had to borrow money from them to invest related to this. Investors had to pay the interest up front so she lost this too. Darren Weeks is still out there doing business. He should be in jail. Can someone not just start a group on Facebook and begin to find out how may people lost money. You can also contact Ryan at [email protected] The legislation needs to change to protect people from being victimized like this.

• Nov 26, 2020

Hi Lesley, I'm so sorry to hear about your sister. I did want you to know though that there is a Facebook group for all us us who have been scammed. It's called Scammed by Fast Track. There's a police officer on there who's heading up an investigation. I would highly recommend you join that group and get in contact with the officer. Good luck! And I agree, Darren Weeks should spend the rest of his life in prison, along with his fellow cohorts.

• Sep 24, 2020

Got the emails about the fund management moving to Axcess Capital, and have questions about whether I can get any of my money back. Information is scarce, and they blatantly say that they won't answer any questions. I just set up a FB group so that we can share info and figure out if there's any course of action we can take.

• Oct 09, 2020

The RCMP is investigating Fast Track. Call Ken Shamblaw at 780-467-7741.

I'd like to find out more about Port of Foulmouth.

The legislation needs to change to be able to hold financial institutions more accountable.

• Oct 07, 2020

Is anyone else here on the facebook group related to this?

• Oct 06, 2020

I'd certainly like to know more if anyone has any luck getting more money returned to them. Not to sure what to make of the move to Access Capital.

• Aug 27, 2020 is no longer around. As per email issued from Mr. Weeks, dated Aug 26, 2020, Axcess Capital Partners is taking over administration of all FT funds as of Sept 15, 2020.

• Aug 20, 2020

Walter, inn what capacity does elitechargeback,com
Work for victims of fast track investment

• Aug 17, 2020

We've also invested $100,000 into Suncity
Got a T3 in the spring, but no funds were sent to us, several phone calls and emails etc
Recently got a reply that Richie Pon is no longer with the company.
When we were told that the property sold two years ago, we counted on getting our investment back.
Deloitte is the accounting firm that's dealing with the IRS.
We have several communication emails we're willing to share. After enlisting our accountant/firm we're still nowhere
We will not file the T3 as income as it was never received.
Please if there's a class action suit we want to be in.

• Aug 09, 2020

Shelley Corriveau
I invested $5000.00 in Fountains at Sun City and $5000.00 in Trujillo Oceanfront Centre. Not too worried about the investments themselves. Trujillo probably got wiped out by covid if they made much progress at all. Was getting a bit back from Sun City a few times a year. But what concerned me was that this is the first year my T3 did not match the actual amount deposited. That might not as yet be a problem. The accountant at Deliotte said the IRS withheld tax on the property sales of which a significant portion will be refunded in 2020. Distributions of these sales are delayed even though taxable in 2019.etc. So I am watching that...but in looking matters over I couldn't get into their web site to see my statements beyond 2017 and Richard Pon would not respond to my request to nor anyone at their office. I drove by their office but they are not even there anymore. Then I looked on the Better Business site and found many complaints about them. I was previously unaware of the difficulty so many people were having with them. This is my first experience of having no communication available to me at my request. So I don't know what to think of this company now seeing everyone else's problems.

• Aug 20, 2020

Keep us updated if you get anywhere, we will do the same

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