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Fab Over 40

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Fab Over 40 Reports & Reviews (50)

• 2 h ago

Buying votes and being decitful in your rules and not following them yourself l

I am a friend of one of the contestants in the Fab over 40 I am asking for my Money back and my friends that donated to my competitor in the competition. I was ask if I was real from one of the judges in her email. She said I was real when she was going from group finals to Quarterfinals.She had to go to Wildcards to get into Quarter finals because they could not I'd me She was in first and then in morning she has to go to Wildcards to get to Quarters finals because my votes were not counted The girl that won was buying votes our of her business .This is all about raising the money for you and giving some money to Breast Cancer . Also,in your rules you stated about pictures not being in good taste This is no more than a Fans Only page with hardly any clothes on to get votes .This is a very decitful to have rules but not obey them. In the groups you never told how many groups only now in the quarter finalist their are 2700 quarter finalist you show the first four and not the other ladies. Your need to read your rules over and get s phone number so we can ask these questions . Hope phone number 7146125156

• Nov 26, 2022

They gave me all the info about my obligations Fab Over 40 ""se.rv.ic.e"" "+1.805.410.5040" Fab Over 40 'h-ea-dq-ua-rt-er-s'ph-on-e'n-um-be-r' [ +1,805,410"5040 ] hours, pay, etc. Nothing too crazy or too good to be true jumped out, including the pay. I checked out the business, they had a website and an email that would qualify as an email from a business. They stated they needed to do a background check which included a copy of my DL front and back, and my SSN. I gave them the info.

• Nov 24, 2022

I was 1st Ranked the Whole Time.

I was 1st Ranked the Whole Time.
On Oct 10, 2022 I was First Ranked all the way through Group Finals out of 59 women. Mostly because I had FREE DAILY VOTES from my friends and family. Some also donated. If you total all that was donated it was around $1,000. My Free Votes on average daily was between 40-45 within the span of 24 hours from Oct 10-Nov 17. I kept track. It is interesting because I had friends that voted and showed me screen shots of it and yet somehow it was not showing in my dashboard, SUPPORT informed me that maybe because my voters system isn't working. Interesting isn't it? I found out I was WILDCARD even though it shows I was first in top 5 group finals . So I competed the wildcard and won through Daily Free Votes and yet again Donations. I moved to the Quarterfinals that is when I realized that what they're doing (FAB40) is unethical. They use Breast Cancer as a front . See I withdrew from the Competition. My family have money and influence but you see I believe in fair competition. FAB40 is a sham. How dare they. The fact that I know I can win this just donating a lot of money each week from my family is sad. In the End I demanded to be removed from the competition. I will not be a part of any PAY TO WIN competition ever again. I would rather go to the casino if that's the case. What Fab40 is doing is SICKENING.

• Nov 24, 2022


We need to FILE a lawsuit and speak to a lawyer. I am sure most of these contestants are LAWYERS.

• Nov 24, 2022

Fab40 possible scam

I participated in this contest on 10/10/22. I was at first RANKED from 10/10/22-11/17/22. All of a sudden I found out I am second place competing for the Wildcard Round which I did win. It is odd because I have screenshots of my other family and friends that they voted but it was not counted in my dashboard. I believe in the CAUSE but I believe the PLATFORM IS FLAWED. Hope votes are not ethical. Very CORRUPT. We need to file a lawsuit.

• Nov 22, 2022

This is a contest of money, not ladies

The very idea that one can "hope vote" for "donating" $$ is a pure corruption. This is not a competition of ladies' personalities, talents, beauties etc. but only of how much money she and her supporters are ready to invest. Literally, for nothing at all in exchange to those who compete. The Fab Over 40 team doesn't even bother saying "thank you" for participating. The most disgusting thing is that pretty often they give voters only the "hope vote" option, free voting with Facebook is missing. A bunch of my friends complained to me about this. After I reported the Fab Over 40 team, they never addressed this issue. Ladies, DON"T participate in this so called "contest"!

• Nov 22, 2022

The numbers don’t add up….biggest scam

My sister was a contestant until last night. There were 6 people in her wild card. Her original group had 50 to start. We put in money, lots of it until the last 2nd, 3 of us were refreshing and she was in first the whole time. Find out today she got 2nd.

If you go look at the link, there are 6 or 700 women in the quarterfinals. If this was the case, there were 100s of wild card groups. Or they chose the 2nd place folks who threw in a ton of money to get more money out of them. The email response I got back and my sister too, said people donate to the last second and I believe that. Something is not right here at all. The grand prize total being what it is and the company running this taking a huge chunk and only giving a portion to the breast cancer foundation is a joke. Knowing how much would have had to be put in by the lady who allegedly beat out my sister means this company will end up with well over a million dollars in 5-6 weeks. I pray all the women still in don’t keep throwing money in to advance and just go by votes. This whole thing just really took the trust right out of me. Best of luck to all the ladies.

• Nov 21, 2022

Scammer's phone (304) 919-2921
Scammer's website
Scammer's address 301 Moon Clinton Rd., Moon Twp., PA 15108
Scammer's email [email protected]
Country United States
Type of a scam Other
Initial means of contact Social media (e.g., Facebook)

FabOver40 is a Competition Scam

I opted out of the FabOver40 Competition when I discovered that there were no criteria or activities that eould lead one yo the FabOcer 40 and bo publuc platfotm to vote.
Instead, the Competition is run by a fundraising company called Colossol Mgmt and their signature is to have the Competitors get paid votes, utilize their own social media platform and word of mouth and promote National Breast Cancer Foundation as the charity to benefit.

What they do not tell you is that Competition is not about being Fab. It is about raising money for DTCare. They do not tell the participants or the voters that over 30% of the monies raised go to them. This is deceptive advertising and I will be filing a complaint with FTC and NYS Attorney General. I would like the funds refunded to my voters account.
FabOver40 is a Competition Scam
FabOver40 is a Competition Scam
FabOver40 is a Competition Scam
FabOver40 is a Competition Scam
FabOver40 is a Competition Scam
FabOver40 is a Competition Scam

• Nov 20, 2022

Provide us the link. Where do we get info about who’s in??

All of what is said on both sides resonates, but here’s the thing we need 5/40. Give us the link where we can actually see which women are in our group or are competing. One comment or above said that is easy to find on your primary webpage, but I’ve tried on desktop and mobile and lots of Google searches, and I have never been able to find this. I saw one woman on Instagram who is in the wild cards, and she found the group that she’s in… I tried to backtrack from that link and still couldn’t find it. Please provide this, and it will answer questions for some.

• Nov 19, 2022

This is borderline multi-level marketing scam.

I’m a contender in the “contest” and made it to 1st place in the quarter-finals yesterday. Then, the contest decided that there will be another qualifying round to include a “second chance” for the second place contestant to try to out-seat the first place winner in order to move to the next level. This is a blatant attempt to get more money out of our supporters. Had I known about this at the beginning, I would never been a part of this so called contest. This scheme just makes me feel dirty as well as duped. I will apologize to my family and friends for dragging them into this slimy scheme in the name of charity.
This is borderline multi-level marketing scam.

• Nov 20, 2022

I also feel like it's it's a shady situation and way of doing things and to do the whole vote-resetting thing is a blatant attempt to get more money out of people. I am even questioning the hole donation thing after I looked more closely at the rules page and this is what it says "The Competition is operated as part of a fundraising campaign (“Campaign”) for DTCare, a United States 501(c)(3) public charity organization. Donations raised from votes cast during this Competition go directly to DTCare, which will subsequently grant the donations, minus Competition fees (29.5%) and variable costs (including payment processing fees, operating and prize costs, etc., not to exceed 20.5%), which shall include a nominal percentage of 1% (or $20,000, whichever is greater) retained by DTCare, to the Designated Grantee listed below. DTCare retains exclusive custody and control over all funds raised during the Competition.

Donations funds are immediately received by DTCare, upon vote purchase. DTCare then distributes the donations to the Designated Grantee (minus fees, costs, etc.), within thirty (30) days after the conclusion of the Competition."

I was in first place in my group the entire time for all the rounds. I was monitoring my status up until the last hour which said still said I was in first place. Then I got an e-mail the next morning saying that I came in third. I was very confused and sent them an e-mail. They said that "votes continue to accumulate until the very last second of the round and many voters will wait until that very last second to cast their votes in the hopes of pushing their favorite competitor into the lead." They make such a big deal about the integrity of the voting but to me this is totally a way to game the system that they should let people know. If I would have known that is a strategy people use then I would have had all my people vote at the last second too. Nothing is many to a group...etc... so there is a lack of transparency that makes it feel rigged.

• Nov 19, 2022

I’ve now heard from other women as well who feel scammed by this “contest”. All of us have been vulnerable.
Yes the rules do outline that there will be several rounds but there is no mention of how many groups there are and now how many wildcards have the potential to be reintroduced. I’ve emailed twice to ask and the question has been avoided. My friends and family have supported me and donated money to support Breast Cancer research as I am a survivor but the way this contest is playing out takes the fun and true spirit of healthy competition and integrity out of the whole thing 😔

• Nov 18, 2022


If you can purchase a vote its no longer a competition, its cheating. This is literally a fund raiser. No way a person has one picture (blurred) short bio and ends up in first place or all 20 pics are extremely provocative and ends up in second place. Either she's giving money to someone else to buy votes on her behalf or she's giving money to someone else to buy votes on her behalf. They definitely need to fix the voting to make this a legitimate beauty or fab over 40 competition. At this time this competition is only about how much money can you raise for this organization.

• Nov 18, 2022

what exactly does the money go to, can they spell that out more than foundation?

is it research?
is it treatment?

Do they share how much each group or person in the group gathered in funding?

So basically it is how much funds are collected on behalf of the person. Or funding equal votes. It is a fundraiser with winnings for who gathers the most funds correct?

• Nov 16, 2022

Losing all my hopes!

I have entered this competition and thanks to my social media followers, co-workers, family and friends - have always been at top 1 or 2. The only thing that is VERY unclear for me is how the person who is top 1 now in my group stays top 1 even after the huge amounts of votes I get? I have asked everyone to stop donating because whatever they do, I am still not going up, even for 5 minutes! Which was never the case along the journey. It is very suspicious how the top contestant does not go down for 2 minutes during 6 days. I am sure she paid to a promoter company who bring authentic FB votes, and FabOver40 will never know. My advice is, take time to check how someone miraculously raised up to top 1 with suspicious amounts of vote. I’d better donate than buy votes through promoters. I am giving up hope at this moment because these things happen, the competition will never be fair.

• Nov 18, 2022

I agree 100 percent. I worked it so hard and up to 45 seconds before the end of the round to get to quarterfinals, I end up second again, after hitting first, and then my friends try to donate to get me back to first and they are literally locked out. I thought it was fab over 40 yet it has nothing to do with fab over 40. It has all to do with how much money can you get them. You think you are going in this competition based on your merits of health, fitness and positive lifestyle yet it's all about who can raise the most money. You do not have to be over 40 to do that. I lost hope in the competition even as a wildcard. Truly disheartening and I worked it hard with my social media, friends and contacts.

• Nov 17, 2022

I had the same exact issue. I was in 1st place for almost the entirety of the contest through very hard work daily and getting a significant amount of votes and donations. On Sunday I woke up to see 2x hope votes and that I had lost the lead. Then I got a donation and took 1st place back for about one minute and then suddenly lost it again. Since then I haven’t been able to get 1st place back and I’ve kept track of all my donations and votes. I’ve gotten approximately 2,050 votes since I lost the lead through very hard fundraising efforts and rallying my network of contacts. So you’re telling me that my competitor who wasn’t able to get the lead from me the entire time suddenly got a 2,000 or more lead on me. My guess is that she invested her own money and had someone else make a large donation for her on their credit card. Which is so dumb. If you’re doing that, don’t you think others are doing that too. And there’s 3 more rounds to go with vote tally starting over. I read on this thread a guy who said he spent $1700 to get his wife into the finals in last years contest and then couldn’t spend anymore so of course she lost because she wasn’t fundraising properly with her husband buying her votes. I was worried this would happen. And I really busted my [censored] getting a lot of people donating and voting. That being said, I don’t regret raising money for the charity. But they should have some kind of rules to prevent this sort of thing. Like a limit to the amount of votes one person can buy at a time or during a promo. They won’t do that though because they want to raise as much money as possible and they aren’t stupid, they know that people will do this in a desperate attempt to win. I don’t even think it’s the paying for votes that’s the issues in terms of bots and stuff because they have software to detect that. It’s the contestants willing to spend their own money to try to buy their win instead of doing the real fundraiser work. That’s why they have so many 2x hope vote days because that’s they days contestants do that kind of thing and double their vote count. I looked up my competitor on social media and while she has posted some stuff about the contest, not a lot and she has such a small amount of engagement on the posts. Meanwhile, I’ve posted almost everyday of the contest, multiple different types of content, with a large amount of engagement. I’ve even done in person stuff too. So either they knocked us out of first place purposefully to get us hauling our butts off to try to get it back by raising more money, because you’re the third person including myself who has stated they suddenly lost first and can’t get it back even though they are getting tons of votes. Or our competitors either a. Cheated by donating large sums of their own money through someone else’s credit card (i.e. husband), b. Cheated by buying votes from one of these places selling them, or c. Suddenly got so lucky with a generous large donor after not being able to take the lead for many weeks (what are the chances of that…) My guess in my situation is letter a. The pattern fits this scenario most. Someone donated an amount larger than $1000 at that moment I lost the lead because like I said, I’ve gotten lots of people to donate and vote and no matter what I can’t surpass her after holding the lead for 4 weeks! Something seems very off about that…

• Nov 03, 2022


I removed myself from the contact once I saw that most of the contestants were sharing semi-nude pics to get votes. How is this fab over 40?!

• Oct 19, 2022

Scammer's phone 83‑3344803
Scammer's website Fab Over 40
Scammer's email [email protected]
Country United States
Type of a scam Family/Friend Emergency
Initial means of contact Not applicable

I thought I was helping out a friend donating $10 to her supposedly cancer foundation and that was not the case, when I spoke to her sadly. They really took my money I am afraid of them taking my money for me being careless with the little amount of information I received.

• Nov 17, 2022

Im on the competition now. My friends have paid a lot already and still not enough. I feel bad for them. Also Fab Over 40 people keep pushing to buy more. Not a real competition about voters but money. Its all about money. I hope those buyers don’t get rubbed! I feel bad for supporters, honestly 😞

• Oct 11, 2022

Reading is Fundamental

I'm in this year's competition and it is spelled out in the rules about how it works. I do agree that there should be a bit more transparency about how many groups we are competing against, however, I do not feel pressured to get people to buy votes. They do so if they want to support the National Breast Cancer Foundation and me. All people need to do is read and have more than a 5th grade comprehension level to understand.

• Nov 22, 2022

Obviously you are part of the organization. This same message was placed earlier with another name e4tyfgvt7gkj. It’s a scam if NBC only receives 60% of the donations.

• Nov 04, 2022

I don't see how insulting those who are donating and voting for others is anything fabulous. It is very short of being fabulous. This is not about if your friends adore you or think you are deserving or worthy, it is about which ones are willing OR ABLE, key word being able here, to donate plethora amounts of money when they may be struggling to survive yet want to contribute for an opportunity of success on your end. It is awful to say all people need to do is read and have more than a 5th grade comprehension. Many of my voters are highly educated individuals who also have doubts. The competition goes on for very very very long, to raise money, how do you know that money is not the prize money being raised? Because there is a tax free number. A dear friend of mine was in it the last time and she personally wrote to me to tell me her experience. I am still competing, but if this comes down to who can donate money on my behalf, daily and weekly, that's a lot to ask for since, life is hard for everyone now.

• Oct 30, 2022

I'm in this competition too I was in 17th place but when my friend donated I went from 17th to 8th! I know for sure it's about money not our beauty. I'm not the prettiest woman on earth but there are some contestants that no way should be in front me! And I saw some absolutely gorgeous women who should've placed in the top 10!

• Oct 11, 2022

Legitimate scam.

Well I'm currently in 9th or 10th place but if the votes weren't able to be bought I'm pretty sure I would be the winner they delayed the start of it two or three times so that's another problem

• Nov 18, 2022

i agree i was legitly 1st then someone in 9th jumped to first due to double hope votes that she clearly bought! and she won i ended up in 4th! unfair to buy your votes!

• Nov 14, 2022

I was in 1st for a couple of days. Then I dropped and I remain between fourth and fifth in the competition in my group. I was spending hours a day promoting on all my social media networks. This competition is all about money. Everyone that voted for me were free votes. I’m not saying I’m the prettiest girl in the world, but considering women that had only a profile picture, and not a single other photo bumped ahead of me should not have been allowed. I had a very detailed profile with many photos. This competition was fab over 40. I am just that, not only because of how I look and how fit I am but also my successful accomplishments. It’s sad that they took the meaning of the competition and made it into something else and that is all about the almighty dollar. To enter there should of been some level of criteria you had to meet. I’m sorry I have seen women in first that prob don’t know the first thing about health or beauty. Who knows if they even entered. Having a profile with only your profile pic is not ok. Ok very disgusted with this competition

• Nov 04, 2022

A dear friend of mine was in it the last time and she lost but she spent HOURS AND DAYS TRYING to find the magazine where the winner supposedly had her two page spread, and couldn't find it anywhere. Not even to this day, not one mention about the winner in any magazine so I wonder, if you win the $40,000 do they take it back as a donation to breast cancer? Do you actually get the money?

• Oct 30, 2022

I'm in 9th so you're in like 7th or 8th now. It's all about Michelle and I hate that because we're all beautiful. I don't like how they do the cuts because they're some gorgeous women that should be up there too!

• Sep 24, 2022

Has been delayed twice and asked for money

I signed up for this through Instagram just randomly. I was asked if it was something I’d be interested in so I said yes. Originally no money was asked for. They said the contest voting would start in Aug or Sept. I waited and shared to friends on my Facebook. My friends were excited for me. The day came and past and I received an email stating they changed the date to September 22nd. Yesterday the day before the next go live I received an Instagram message from someone asking me to send my link for the voting to them in a DM. After checking their page and seeing tons of women also from Fabover40 showing up with their links and Fabover40 filling and liking their page I figured they were affiliated some how so I sent my link to them. They proceeded to tell me that they would like to promote me on around 15+ pages and get me around 3000 followers. I found this odd because they didn’t even have that many followers, but I asked what’s the catch? What do I have to do? They hesitated and then after saying and bunch of sales jargon they said they just want $30 and I believe per page… I stopped listening after $30. I told them that they should have started with that information and not tried to lie their way to get my money. I then said no thanks. I DM’d the Fabover40 page and received a instantaneous response that said they weren’t taking any DMs at that time but if someone was trying to ask for money send a report to Instagram and report it. I found that odd that they had a pre-typed message made just for my problem. I did report the scam to Instagram and then blocked that specific page and any affiliated pages. Today Fabover40 page posted that the event had been postponed yet again until October. I’m starting to feel like they are a scam and are waiting until more people send more money, but I just can’t tell. I hope someone can help.

• Nov 09, 2022

This same thing happened to me & I'm sure to anyone who entered and using the hashtag on social media. I just ignored the spam/scam accounts and/or deleted their comments & DMs. The auto replies from the real Fab Over 40 Instagram account is totally normal as IG allows business & creator accounts to set up FAQ's & auto replies. So no worries there. The other thing is no one is required to buy anything. I've had people donate to the NBCF using the hope votes, but never asked anyone to or solicited for that so doing so is totally up to the voter(s). It was either because the person wanted to donate or because they didn't want to go vote every single day.

It will be interesting to see how this all plays out because 1. I do agree that it's not clear how many groups there are & how many "competitors" are in each group. That would be a HUGE improvement. And 2. there are a ton of rounds & it lasts for 2 months, presumably to raise more awareness & for fundraising. Changing these 2 things would be a HUGE improvement, in my opinion.

• Oct 30, 2022

I'm getting those dms too from people claiming they're voting teams saying they can get me 1000 votes per day yeah right! Don't believe that. And I know it's about money because I was 17th place but when my friend donated I was pushed up to 8th now I'm 9th!

• Oct 12, 2022

There are a couple of accounts using similar names to FabOver40. The same thing happened to me snd I thought it was them but when I searched, it is a promotion company from somewhere in India trying to lure all the contestants into their scam by pretending to be them only to catch your attention and then ask fir $ to promote you and get you votes. Just be careful. FabOver40 seems legit and if you go on the National Breast Cancer Foundation Page you can read up on FabOver40. Hope that helps. The website is.


About the Fab Over 40
Fab Over 40 is an annual competition
inviting women over the age of forty from
around the world to compete for a 2-page
ad feature in New Beauty Magazine and a
$40,000 cash prize. The winner experiences
a professional, glamorous photoshoot and
an exclusive interview for the magazine
feature. The competition benefits National
Breast Cancer Foundation.

• Oct 12, 2022

You shouldn't be paying with this competition. Don't get scammed. It's against the rules to pay people to vote for you. IJS

• Sep 27, 2022

Hi G,

It looks like you've encountered "copycat" scam accounts — these fraudsters take advantage of entrants and the good nature of the competition to make money, while also breaking competition rules, viewable under "how to vote" on our rules page:

The Fab Over 40 Competition will never reach out, unsolicited, to any potential competitors on social media—and we recommend reporting those accounts to Instagram. We have had a few reports about these accounts which is why we've included the automated message on our social auto-reply. Our support team can be contacted directly through our website

While Fab Over 40 acts as a professional fundraiser for the National Breast Cancer Foundation, the competition has not begun yet and competitors should not be providing funds or any personal information to anyone who appears to be associated with our project.

Fab Over 40, LLC donated over $2.2M to the NBCF in 2021 and our team looks forward to making another meaningful contribution to the National Breast Cancer Foundation at the close of this year's competition.

You can learn more about how we're working with NBCF on their site:

You can read about last year's donation in the news: />
We hope you'll reconsider! Please reach out if we can answer address any additional concerns you may have.

Kind regards,
The Fab Over 40 Team

• Sep 15, 2022

Not sure if this is legit so confused.. I entered contest unfortunately can not get 😕 is.the.comtest legit.that I.entered?

• Sep 01, 2022


Every year The Fan over 40 people send me that question! Are you going to enter the contest? I finally decided to look into it. I filled out and sent in my photo, read the terms but didn't truly find how all of this actually worked. Where it says, CONTACT US, I sent them an email asking them, what happens from here? There is nowhere that explains how this all really works! I received nothing back.
The next thing I did was go on their IG account and saw all these women who had something about sending them their link in DM so I asked one of them what that meant? She gave me a very shady answer and told me basically that it would cost me $110.00 to find out, in a nut shell.
I just received a DM from a different person and she asked me if I was registered for the contest and that time is running out and that she could MAKE me a participant! MAKE ME BE? Oh hell no! I already had somewhat of a red flag go up with the first person but after this one... I told her that I had to check out one more thing before I commit but before I go what's your price? She wrote, $85.00. Oh, and she did answer most of my questions but one she danced around even with me asking it in three different ways! What I had to check out was, Is this Fab over 40 a scam?
It's all over Google and YES IT IS! So you ladies out there, Do NOT fall for this, Do Not give them one dime! They will ask you if you have cash app or venmo too. You'll have less chance getting your money back if you send through those apps! I gotta tell you guys, it these people got a real job they'd probably do very well with the much time they spend trying to scam someone is pathetic to me...


• Oct 17, 2022

Yeah you have encountered those promotion company that offer to promote your fab 40 link for a certain price that is different then the actual contest and the actual company! I'm in the contest this year and I'm in third place right now as we speak. I just hope I can win it I need y'all all to vote for me! Then that way I can tell ebyweather it's legit or not. But I haven't had to pay one dime so I was not talk to the actual fab 40 contest!

• Sep 27, 2022

Hi Tracie,

It looks like you've encountered "copycat" scam accounts — these fraudsters take advantage of entrants and the good nature of the competition to make money, while also breaking competition rules, viewable under "how to vote" on our rules page:

The Fab Over 40 Competition will never reach out, unsolicited, to any potential competitors on social media—and we recommend reporting those accounts to Instagram. Our support team can be contacted directly through our website

We look forward to making another meaningful donation to the National Breast Cancer Foundation at the close of this year's competition. You can learn more about how we're working with NBCF on their site:

We hope you'll reconsider! Please reach out if we can answer address any additional concerns you may have.

Kind regards,
The Fab Over 40 Team

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