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Eversource Reports & Reviews (66)

Victim Location 06615
Type of a scam Utility

Call from a local number with the same area code and exchange as my number. I receive frequently, but don't usually answer.

Recorded message saying press 1 for 30% discount on energy bill (which is not my electric company), 0 to be removed from the list.

I pressed 0. Man said hello twice. Then told me to speak up. I asked, "Who is this?" He started on a monologue about saving money on my bill. I interrupted and asked to be removed from the list. He said, "Suck it, you [censored]ing b**ch...." I hung up.

Victim Location 06084
Type of a scam Utility

For existing Eversource customers who have not missed any payments in prior 6 months, you can save 30%. To save 30%, press 1.

Victim Location 06107
Type of a scam Utility

automated message that called me told that since I had paid by Eversource bill for 6 months I was eligible for 30% off. Said to press #1 if interested. I pressed #1, got live person who asked for my Eversource account number. I told him he should hva it since they are calling me, he then asked me again for account number. I again responded he should have it and he hung up.

Victim Location 06450
Type of a scam Utility

caller provided a number for me to call and make an immedate payment with work order # 02k113475

Victim Location 06708
Type of a scam Debt Collections

They called saying they were the electric company that my power was going to get shut off. I hung up and called my company. They said i was up to date and it was a scam. I called back and messed with the guy for a while telling him i didn't know how much i owed. Previously he said ($5,920). Now he said it was ($1,480). I called him out. He got pissed and hung up.

Victim Location 06082
Type of a scam Phishing

Said we had pass due on electricity and was going to shut power off. Claimed it was $1,568.80 past due. He hung up once I informed him that was impossible.

Victim Location 06811
Type of a scam Utility

Caller claimed (several times) to be an Eversource employee following up on a letter supposedly sent with our last bill regarding a rate increase. She said she was calling because we hadn't responded to the letter, and that our rate would increase significantly the next day. She said to lower our rate, our new energy supplier would be *** Energy (which is probably who the call was really from). She was very convincing, but I continued to question and told her it sounded like a scam. I told her I would call Eversource directly regarding anything to do with our account, and she immediately disconnected the call. I then contacted Eversource to report the scam call and registered a complaint on the DNC site. I am reporting here to warn others as well.

Victim Location 06770
Type of a scam Utility

I've been receiving calls from 203-874-5312. It is a recording stating that they are from Eversource and can reduce my electric bill if I press one now and speak with a representative to see if I qualify for a lower electric bill. I've been ignoring the calls and when the calls were reaching three times a day, from my landline phone, I decided to answer and press one. It was a woman that asked me a few quesitons. She asked my zip code, if I pay for my own bill or if I received help from the federal gov't. She told me that I qualified for a discount rate on my electric bill and asked me to give her information that is on my bill. I told her that I do not give personal information over the phone and she hung up on me. It is a scam and I wanted to share with the BBB about my experience. I continuously receive calls on my landline of calls like this....why doesn't it just end.

Victim Location 06705
Type of a scam Utility

A young lady came to my door saying she was from Eversource and that they had sent me a questionnaire that I had not responded to. And if she could just see my bill that would all be taken care of. I told her that if Eversource needed to get in touch with me that they would and shut the door in her face. I am just worried about elderly people that may believe her.

Victim Location 06405
Type of a scam Utility

This telephone number had prevously left a message on my phone yesterday and called again today ....To learn about Eversource discounted rate of 20-25% because you are a good customer select #1. Which I did and then a person ( Indian accent, I believe) asked for my account number and would put me on hold while I retrieved the information from my bill. I did not give them any billing information but, I asked what rate they were now offering and then the phone became disconnected.

I called Eversource & was informed that no such telephone solicitation was going on by the Eversource company.

Victim Location 03461
Type of a scam Utility

This number contacted me on my cell phone. The phone only rang once and no number was displayed on the ID. Soon after, a voicemail notification popped up along with the number. The caller did not identify herself or her company. She claimed to want to review my electric bill and provided a reference number. I currently rent and do not have an account with any utility company. I decided to return her call and see what happened. I on hold for several minutes and when connected the agent did not identify herself by name or identify the company only with an agent number. I asked which electric company she represented and she replied with Eversource. When I explained that I wasn't actually an Eversource customer she abruptly apologized, claiming my number would be removed from their call list, and disconnected the call.

Victim Location 01095
Type of a scam Utility

I told them I was interested in lowering my utuilty rates. They asked if I was receiving government assistance. I asked why they needed to know and they hung up on me.

Victim Location 06450
Type of a scam Utility

I received an email stating that my payment for the electric account ending in 5077 (not my account number) is past due and scheduled to disconnect 11/12/2017. "You can make a payment or set up a payment plan to ensure your services continues uninterrupted. Please note, your payment or payment plan can only be completed online before the date your service is scheduled for disconnection."

The email look official with the Eversource logo at the top but no phone number given. Also links to make payments in several spots.

Victim Location 06854
Type of a scam Utility

Called from 877-999-2810 and claimed to be from Eversource about a past due amount.

Wanted me to get three $500.00 Green Dot prepaid cards.

Victim Location 06704
Type of a scam Utility

A Scammer called and stated he was calling from energy company he specified my local energy company and said that my services would be temporary disconnected if I didn't pay in person. He gave me an 1800 number to call so that I could get the information to the location where I could pay over the in person. When I called the 1800 number the person did not know much about my account I didn't share any personal info but I called my local energy company and they had no knowledge of this number and my account was not schedule for any interruptions, "PLEASE BE AWARE OF THESE SCAMMERS"!

Victim Location 06010
Type of a scam Debt Collections

They call on behalf of Eversource, and ask for the last receipt because appears that the last payment didn't go through, they also tell you that you can go the nearest office to make the payment. I told them that I have checked my account which is in good standing and also have my receipt. This guy insulted me.

Victim Location 06801
Type of a scam Utility

I keep getting repeat phone calls from 914-244-0235 saying they are calling from Eversource and offering me discount rates. I never let them finish their speech

Victim Location 01201
Type of a scam Utility

they said they were going to shut off our electric by a certain time

Victim Location 01056
Type of a scam Utility

I got a call from the phone number 1-800-286-2000 saying that they were Eversource electric company and that my business had a past due balance. They said that a person would be coming in an hour or so to shut off our electricity because of this past due balance. They then gave me another phone number (1-844-484-2527) to call to take care of the matter. I called that number and they asked me for the amounts of the payments made from July and August. They then said that for some reason, those payments had not been processed and that we owe for those months, plus a little more for fees. They wanted me to pay over the phone. I hung up and called the actual Eversource phone number and explained my situation and they said that that's a scam that's been occurring lately.

Victim Location 06525
Type of a scam Utility

The person who calls you asks if you would like to save money on your electric bill and will ask you your name and account number. I hung up the phone because I am not the head of the household and do not take care of the electric bill.

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