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Eversource Reports & Reviews (53)

Victim Location 06854
Type of a scam Utility

Called from 877-999-2810 and claimed to be from Eversource about a past due amount.

Wanted me to get three $500.00 Green Dot prepaid cards.

Victim Location 06704
Type of a scam Utility

A Scammer called and stated he was calling from energy company he specified my local energy company and said that my services would be temporary disconnected if I didn't pay in person. He gave me an 1800 number to call so that I could get the information to the location where I could pay over the in person. When I called the 1800 number the person did not know much about my account I didn't share any personal info but I called my local energy company and they had no knowledge of this number and my account was not schedule for any interruptions, "PLEASE BE AWARE OF THESE SCAMMERS"!

Victim Location 06010
Type of a scam Debt Collections

They call on behalf of Eversource, and ask for the last receipt because appears that the last payment didn't go through, they also tell you that you can go the nearest office to make the payment. I told them that I have checked my account which is in good standing and also have my receipt. This guy insulted me.

Victim Location 06801
Type of a scam Utility

I keep getting repeat phone calls from 914-244-0235 saying they are calling from Eversource and offering me discount rates. I never let them finish their speech

Victim Location 01201
Type of a scam Utility

they said they were going to shut off our electric by a certain time

Victim Location 01056
Type of a scam Utility

I got a call from the phone number 1-800-286-2000 saying that they were Eversource electric company and that my business had a past due balance. They said that a person would be coming in an hour or so to shut off our electricity because of this past due balance. They then gave me another phone number (1-844-484-2527) to call to take care of the matter. I called that number and they asked me for the amounts of the payments made from July and August. They then said that for some reason, those payments had not been processed and that we owe for those months, plus a little more for fees. They wanted me to pay over the phone. I hung up and called the actual Eversource phone number and explained my situation and they said that that's a scam that's been occurring lately.

Victim Location 06525
Type of a scam Utility

The person who calls you asks if you would like to save money on your electric bill and will ask you your name and account number. I hung up the phone because I am not the head of the household and do not take care of the electric bill.

Victim Location 06514
Type of a scam Utility

I received a voicemail from a Maggie Johnson "regarding the supply charges of [my] electric account" from telephone # (203)885-1382. When I called back, I spoke to another woman who asked for information about my account, which I did not provide. When I asked what it was regarding, she mentioned Eversource, which is not my utility supplier.

Victim Location 06475
Type of a scam Utility

Please see below for the email that was sent to me via email. This had the Eversource logo, facebook, youtube and twitter accounts links. Looked like the exact emails I get from my provider. I did not click on anything, reply or contact them.

I contacted Eversource through my account page online.



facebook youtube Twitter

Dear Valued Customer,

We're contacting you today regarding your recently closed Eversource account and final bill. Due to an issue with our automated phone system, we may not have captured your complete forwarding address.

If you already received your final bill, please disregard this message. If you have not received your final bill, please call our Customer Care Team at 800-592-2000 at your earliest convenience to verify your correct forwarding address. You can also contact us by email at [email protected]

We're sorry for any inconvenience and thank you for your prompt attention.


Your Eversource Customer Care Team

Copyright © 2017. All rights Reserved -

This email was sent to *** If you no longer wish to receive these emails you may unsubscribe at any time.

Victim Location 06110
Type of a scam Utility

I have been getting calls that if I have paid my Eversource bill on time in the past 6 months I can call a number for a 15% discount. I do not use Eversource anymore. Other numbers have said that CL&P and Eversource gave them my contact info to call.

Victim Location 06415
Type of a scam Utility

My 90 year old mother and also myself (at different address/telephone) have been receiving phone calls from someone stating "you as an eversouce customer may qualify for a 15% discount on your electric bill. Please press 1 to find out. I called eversouce and they said they do not make those phone calls. Most likely from other service provider wanting us to switch electricity provider. We have not pressed 1 to listen to any further, so we do not know what they would ask us because we felt this was a scam or at the least a business trying to mislead us they were eversource and wanting us to change to them as provider. VERY MISLEADING. SHOULD BE ILLEGAL!

Victim Location 06103
Type of a scam Utility

Scammer called place of business claiming to be EverSource stating that our account was severely past due and we need to meet them in person with $2000 cash to avoid having power cut off at location. They could not even give us the account number. When we called the number back, the recording for the 800 number stated that it was EverSource leading us to believe this was true. The scammer even sweared at an employee after being questioned.

After researching website, it was discovered that EverSource would never do this and the 800 numbers did not match.

Victim Location 06779
Type of a scam Counterfeit Product

Caller told me they were calling from Eversource and the electric supply rate will increase on July 1, 2017. My supply rate will get a discount because I am a selected customer to get a lower rate and asked to verify my Service reference #. Then asked to respond the answers I gave with a "yes" and verify the customer name on the bill. The caller said that I would receive a letter in the mail verifying my special electric rate.

I became suspitious and hung up. When I called the number back the only response was , "If you do not want to receive calls from this number, then press !"

Victim Location 06489
Type of a scam Counterfeit Product

The call came identified as Eversource. The caller said that I could reduce my Eversource bills considerably, and asked me to get one of my bills so that I could review it with them over the phone. I know that if the real Eversource had called me, they would have had my account at hand. I asked if they were calling from Eversource, and they hung up.

Victim Location 06451
Type of a scam Utility

Called stating that $1500 payment was due, or else the power would be shut of in 30 minutes.

Victim Location 01001
Type of a scam Utility

Rude, persistent ladies on the phone saying they are calling from Eversource about lower rates. Last time I picked up I told them to stop calling and said I'm a minor/not a customer and they demanded to speak to an adult then hung up before I could yell at them more. Just blocked the number but previously they called at least 6 times in the past week or so. They have been calling my mom too.

Victim Location 06039
Type of a scam Utility

I answered the phone

A man politely offered to save us money on our energy bill.

I was suspicious because:

1) the foreign voice

2) the noise in the background ( many many people in one room)

3) he started asking me questions that Eversource would already know

4) he made reference to my ex husband (his name is on the deed to the house but not the energy bill)

5) the caller became very very excited when I lied and said I have 5 eversource accounts .. but he still could not provide me with the number for the one I actually have.

He offered to call back tomorrow when I had all my energy bills in hand.

Victim Location 06877
Type of a scam Identity Theft

Impersonates Eversource. Will not cease calls when requested, even when placed on do not call lists. Requests personal information.

Victim Location 06460
Type of a scam Utility

I don't pick up the calls any more, but the calls come in daily. They keep changing the CT number they call from and you can never call back and get a person. Only an automated message or an indication the number is not in service. The voicemails they leave me indicate they can offer me a discount off of my Eversource energy bill. The daily calls are obnoxious and I do text them and say they are a scam.

Other numbers I have received this scam from are: 203-308-5485, 203-456-8653

Victim Location 33511
Type of a scam Utility

I get constant calls from EverSource that say things like they can help me pay my bill or that I have a bill due. I have NEVER signed up with or had EverSource. I don't even live in the state they are calling from anymore.

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