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EN-OB Reports & Reviews (30)

• Feb 02, 2024

They keep charging my account when I have no knowledge as to who they are. If I didn't have my account locked, they would have gotten hundreds of dollars by now and I don't know how to stop them!

• Dec 12, 2023

I was under the influence that this was the YouTuber greatness I was not supposed to be charged at all looks to be a major scam after I did some more investigation but I did not authorize this charge it said it was only going to charge a dollar but it's definitely done more than that and this needs to be turned in.

• Oct 13, 2023

I was brought to this non-company ,scam source if you will by thinking it was connected to Jason Stephen Jensen "Greatness". When the $1 trial period that was supposed to be free came in canceled but yet the $49.99 was still trying to be withdrawal.i looked into it the first time and there was a company connect to this site but now not so much.i have watched this man the Greatness do good things it appears for people in need.i do hope this is not connect to him and there are some kind of real people still trying to do what's right but then again who knows.time will tell all. In the mean time I need to figure out how to stop them from still getting into my account to take the $49.99 even tho I blocked them they can still remove such funds so I refuse to put any money into my account until then.

• Dec 12, 2023

I have the same thing happen to me I thought for sure it was Greatness he even sent two pictures of himself then when we hold they were just pictures from like his account like Instagram or whatever cuz I did a Google search on the picture I hope I get my money back too

• Sep 17, 2023

This website continues to try take different amounts of money off my cashapp daily I have it block to were they can't take money but still its everyday several times a day the mist amount is 49.99 I try look up the website and it's all in Chinese I don't know what else to do but it sad I can't keep money on my account because of the fact something needs to be done

• Aug 31, 2023

En ob who ever is behind it get a [censored]ing real job and stop scamming people that actually work for a living. Shove that $49 up your [censored] you wont get me again. Real life piece of [censored]s. My name is brittany from ohio. I hope you get caught and go to the feds [censored]ing [censored].

• Aug 22, 2023

I have no idea who en is but they just hit my account for $49.95. FRAUDULENT CHARGE!

• Aug 16, 2023

I was trying to watch spiderman across the spiderverse with my sister, and when I tried to watch it it told me I had to sign up for the app, so I did. But then after charging me one dollar, it has consecutively been trying top draw almost $50 out of my account.
Free sign up

• Aug 07, 2023

The only thing I can think of for how this even is happening is I was going on trying to track a package site came up asking for a dollar which I noticed it's come off twice $1 then $1 again and now I'm hit with $49.99 for what for what no permission to take this try to reach out to cash app and they're saying that I have to reach out to the merchant which I don't even know where to begin

• Aug 22, 2023

This is exactly what happened to me except I didn’t put my cc info in. I closed the window when I saw the charge but I also just had my cash app account charged $49

• Jul 21, 2023

I need my refund because this is not what I need. And I can't feed my family.this is not right whoever is doing this please give my money back.

• Jul 11, 2023

A charge of $49.99 to a cash app account for no service and or product, and request to be removed from any and all list and accounts. Further legal action will be required if none compliant.

• Jul 06, 2023

I want my information removed from this and cancel my account. I don’t know who it what this is and don’t need it. I don’t understand why it’s even trying to take my money. This is ridiculous

• Jun 26, 2023

They keep trying to charge my cashapp card a fee of $49.95 that I did not authorize

I dont recognize the name and didnt order or sign up for them to hit my account

A Charge of $49.95 was just charged to my cash card im Randall Edgar & I have no clue about what this is I never d I d this so I want this removed from my card & my account now

I am currently have charges that keep coming to my debit card for $39.99 and I have figured out that the first charge for $ 1.00 was right after I had to enter my card number for roku set up just in case they are looking at these post my card is canceled and I have ordered a new card so stop trying to steal my money I worked my [censored] off for and get a job


Not good tried to cancel with company and everyday attacking my account for 49.95 not cool not fair to just to take people's money

I don't know this company. I don't know why you're charging me 30? 995 and I would like to be reimbursed back to my cash app. Please that's all the money I have [email protected] So please put the money back to my debit card ending in 3805

How did you get it to cancel n get refund because this is currently happening to me!


j'ai les mêmes retrait que vous, les mêmes montants.

Ils changent parfois mais il correspondent aux votre.
Avez-vous trouvé la solution pour récupérer le solde perdu ?

Ich habe dieser Firma mehrmals mitgeteilt, dass sie unberechtigte Bankabzüge machen auch diesen Monat wieder! Habe es jetzt satt und habe Strafanzeige eingereicht !

Diese Firma oder auch wer ist ein verdammter Betrüger ! Sie hat meine NEUE Bankkarte verwendet echte Verbrecherbande

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