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EMBCC Patient Services

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EMBCC Patient Services Reports & Reviews (23)

• Nov 10, 2021

I had a bill from 2019 that took almost a year and half to get resolved due to my health insurance company initially filling out-of-network and it was suppose to be in-network. It was caught after I started getting a bill and after MANY AND MONTHS of phone calls from me and my health insurance company it was finally resolved in Spring of 2021 but not after I was turned over to a collection agency and even was contacted by a Lawyer. After my insurance company made many phone calls and sent documentation after documentation it was resolved and letters to the collection agency and Lawyer were sent stating it was all in error to closed the accounts with no effect to my credit. NOW after several months with a balance of zero I get a bill in Sept 2021 for MORE than the original bill was for saying I owed. Then when I called I was told my account had a $0 balance to ignore the bill so I did and I received another bill in Nov 2021 saying it was past due and when I call the rep said I have been turned over to a collection agency! What in the world!

My name is Forrest Lear the account number is 04X62808376 This needs to be RESOLVED IMMEDIATELY or I am going to contact my lawyer! You can reach me at 501-269-9113 Thank you.

• Sep 02, 2021

Scammer's phone 3156644866
Scammer's address 219 main street
Scammer's email [email protected]
Country United States
Type of a scam Debt Collections
Initial means of contact Text message

Got a text didn't say how much money I owed or what hospital I supposedly have been to other than to keep receiving billing texts

• Sep 02, 2021

Recieve text "You have an account with EMBCC for a medical provider seen at a hospital. To receive billing text msgs reply C. Reply STOP to stop texts. Msg&data rates apply"

No-one in my family hasbeen to the hospital for several years (probably at least 5 years, maybe more). I don't want to agree to receive more texts, and I don't know what provider they could possibly be referring to. Has anyone been able to genuinely find out if they are a scam, or maybe just have the wrong number?


So my son went to the Ochsner er that is really not an er. Got a bill so he sent it to workers comp cause that's what it is. He has a piece of mail coming to the house today from this company. Can't wait to see what it is all about. But more so how do we know if this K Foster person that keeps replying to these posts isn't part of this scam. They sure are trying to get everybody to pay.


I received a bill for $20.78 from Congress Emergency Group. I paid the amount by check #1768. The check cleared my bank on December 4, 2020. Stop sending me this same bill because it has been paid. I will not be issuing another check because the amount has been paid. Now I see other patients reporting that this site is a fraud. What the hell! Fix this problem!


Initial means of contact Not applicable

Always get an itemized receipt from the hospital and from EMBCC


If you do not pay it it goes to your credit. So if anyone knows how to dispute let me know please


If this is happening to one what can they do to get this out of there name? What I was told by this company is that when you go to the hospital it is one charge and than a physician's charge as to blood work etc but I thought the hospital would charge you all in one. The representative stated so everyone could make there money. I have a high bill of 2,349. Could anyone tell me what they did about it? I do not have that kind of money besides i paid my hospital bill. This is really ridiculous!


The company does discounts if paid in full and they will work with you. The departments charge separately like xrays, ambulance, labs sometimes. You can get several bills from one hospital stay.

Very unprofessional. Couldn't even answer simple questions. This the 3rd call I've received from them and I don't know the person they are looking for but does that stop them from calling? NO! They just move the account to another department and call again. When I ask to speak with a supervisor, was put on hold for 19mins 31secs and they still can't get a supervisor. I have all the calls recorded and will be filling an official complaint with the FCC. These are the type of people that help to fuel the scammers calling.


I had a visit to the hospital and I self payed the visit and they sent to me a bill of $2,461 That’s crazy bull[censored], they should tell you how much before, no one ever mentioned it before! I’m so frustrated


I just received this text not sure what it’s pertaining! Does anyone know?


It's for provider billing, verify it with the hospital you visited.

I received the same one. Anyone has any idea?

Just got an outrageous bill for my son's broken arm... I have paid all bills (we are self-pay) with the ER, x-ray tech and specialists and they came to be about $800 total. This EMBCC sends me a bill for $7,658! No way! It was a simple fracture that was adjusted and we were sent home within a couple of hours. I have rolled up my sleeves investigating this company in found many fishy details... Numerous bills online show different medical groups at the PO Box 650292 Dallas, TX billing address. The one listed for me is Lake Springs Emergency Group LLC (shortening to LSEG for this post). The LSEG is for our local Lewis Gale center (of which I went to their affiliated popup ERs) but their corporate office is in Louisiana (we are in VA)... No affiliations with this Dallas TX and they normally do all their own billing. I searched the phone number on this EMBCC bill and there's a complaint from 5 years ago about a scam call from "Microsoft" however, when they call back it is a medical billing provider. Something even more fishy: Bill is in MY name and not my son, no other details about visit except the broken up charges of $1416 for "Emergency Provide Charge and $6242 for "treatment of fracture"... (Thus totalling to 1/3 of the total charges of my son's BIRTH)... Both websites on the bill were put up in 2020 - notorious scam breadcrumb. Also there are BBB complaints out the wazoo for "EMBCC" and "EMBCC Patient Services" where comments all have their own fishy tales to share... Do we need to get the FBI on this? Who takes them down?!

• Apr 16, 2022

I've not gotten my mail yet, but saw this incoming from the usps informed delivery and did a Google search on the company. Looks like I'm in for a fight. Same problem (though my son needed surgery for his arm, they did reduce it, there), same ER. Visit was covered 100% by my insurance. Not looking forward to this idiocy.

• Dec 31, 2021

I was seen at LewisGale ER, and now this group is contacting me. I’m not paying anything until I see the itemized bill.

There corporate office is in Louisiana, and there billing office is in Dallas. It's provider billing, not a scam. Emergency visit are really expensive and have always been, so why are so many people surprised by this? you can get several bills from one visit, and if you don't pay your bill then it will end up on your credit. I have personal experience with this. The company is legit.

I just received a ridiculous bill from these same people. I had gone to the ER at Lafayette General and sometime later I received a bill DIRECTLY from L.G. dated 06/19/2020 with total charges originally $2700 with an approx 50% adjustment and now I only owe half. But then I get a bill from this EMBCC dated 6/24/2020 for $2200, and almost immediately I thought to myself, these people have to be some "Hustlers" because I looking side by side at both bills. Too bad its the weekend but that's okay. I'm going to scan both these documents, and you best believe come Monday, they are gonna get an ear full from me. Then I'm gonna file a complaint against and report their [censored] to as many people I have to! They must think we're "Boo Boo, The Fool"!

Victim Location 65065
Type of a scam Other

I called them to ask what this was about and they gave me little to no information. "Just pay what is due and we will take care of your account for you" and it says DO NOT mail back payment, pay online.

Victim Location 70065
Type of a scam Fake Invoice/Supplier Bill

I received an invoice from EMBCC Patient Services - remit to: Kenner Emergency Group LLC, saying I owed an emergency room fee. The actual facility my son went to was paid off and they do not out source their bills. This is horrible and have no idea how they got my sons information to send this bill. When I called them I told them I knew this was a scam and the lady on the phone said "ma'am do you have any other questions".

It's not a scam and will end up on your credit if you ignore paying the provider billing.

what happened in the end ? Because I got a bill like that too and the insurance says its real . That i was paying for the md visit and to see a md is a seperate bill

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