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Email Scam

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Email Scam Reports & Reviews (12)

- Kinder, LA, USA • Sep 12, 2023

I received an email saying I won a kitchen appliance and I had to pay only the shipping. Once I paid - I then received an email saying thank you for entering a drawing to win the appliance

• Aug 21, 2023

Here are pictures of what they sent me.

• Aug 10, 2023

[email protected]

[email protected]

Hi, Did you receive my previous email that I sent you about your funds,

the sum of $10.5M which you authorization Mr.Camil Zettl to receive on your behalf?

Yours In Service

Mr. Paul Abbate

Director Fund Recovery Team

- Lincoln, NE, USA • Jun 26, 2023


Good day to you, Am writing to confirm if you did received my previous email? It's urgent Please check your inbox or spam folder and get back to me. Sincerely Suzuki Koichi HR Consultant Dongwon Pipe Company Ltd Co., Ltd. 28, Bukbisan-ro (Ihyeon-dong) 6-gil, Seo-gu, Daegu, Korea

- Decatur, GA, USA • May 28, 2023

Email stated got access to my devices for PORN and adult websites. I never use adults websites and don't know who this is.

- San Jose, CA, USA • Mar 25, 2023

The scam came to my email from a trusted friend's email address. The scammer asked for Amazon gift cards to be sent to [email protected] and gave instructions to purchase $200 worth of gift cards (2 cards, $100 each). I thought it was weird, so I contacted my friend by email and asked if it was her. She answered yes and said that she was trying to help a friend's daughter who had liver cancer get what she needed from Amazon. (I should have called her instead of emailing her!) Then, I received another email saying that the friend's daughter received the cards but it wasn't enough - she needed three more $100 cards. Between the two emails, I went outside for a walk. When I returned from my walk, I had a voicemail and that second email. The voicemail was from my friend. All she said was my name and then she hung up. I heard that, saw the second email and tried to respond to the second email quickly. I felt like she was rushing me because the email had said that it was her birthday and she wanted to surprise her. The email also said to say that the gift cards were from me and that she would explain to the friend that they were being sent on her (my friend's) behalf. I ended up not losing out on the additional $300 because Amazon called me to alert me that it was scam activity and they recommended against processing the order.

- Conway, AR, USA • Mar 02, 2023

Someone has been using my email address for months on the site to order fashion items, mostly sports shoes.

For months I have been reporting the messages as spam but today I received a message referencing a specific order. SO I reset the account's password and contacted my local police department. I have not yet contacted EXCEPT months ago I told them to unsubscribe me, yet (obviously) the messages did not stop because they were order related. apparently allows hundreds of dollars in orders without verifying the validity of the email address. At this moment there are two delivery addresses listed in the account. I'm leaving off the person's name here, but it's two forms of the same name (Tommy and Thomas with the same last name).

**** ****** **** *********** ******** ***** ** ************ *** **** ***** **** ************ ** ***** ** ************ I have taken screenshots of the site and will have them available for a police report. Since I have no evidence any of the items are delivered to Arkansas my local police may have no interest.

• Feb 15, 2023

I received an email from our website inquiry page. The man, Terry Turnstall wanted to make a donation but needed to wire the money to our bank because he is in Mexico. He asked for all the banking information under the charity's name. I responded that he could mail a check or call with credit card info. He declined and insisted he needed the banking info for the $8200 donation. The email conversation ended there.

- Lafayette, LA, USA

My social security number is being use in Texas and they will have me arrested if I don't work with them. They call from all kind of number. How do I get this to stop?

- Bend, OR, USA

First I got a threat to pay $7,000 for looking at porno online see attached below. Then I got a call from the fraud division from my bank. Onpoint Credit union that someone had tried to use my debit card to buy gas and set up an ebay account. This happened after ordering material samples online from JJ's House of fashion. I have contacted local police and the FBI.

The threats keep coming in on spam which I delete and empty trash. Here is a copy of the email I keep getting. I do not use that password anywhere

- Stockbridge, GA, USA

This is a personal mail directed to you and I implore that it been treated as such.

I must solicit your Consent and assure you that I am contacting you in good faith and this proposal will be of mutual benefit. I Beau Layfield Solicitor/Counselor. I represented the Late Nelson Peoples until his death, hereinafter referred to as my client who worked as an oil explorer in East London. Him and his immediate family member was among the victims of the AF4590 crash including 109 people on board and five who died on the ground when the plane crashed into the Hotelissimo, on Monday, 31 July, 2000. UK at the age of 57 years.

Late Nelson left behind a deposit of One Million Two Hundred And Fifty Thousand United States Dollars only (US$1,250,000.00) with SANTANDER BANK PLC. After some years Nelson died, the Finance Company contacted being his Private Attorney with regards to this money that have been left unclaimed. This according to them is the policy of insured circumstances. So I was advised to inform Late Nelson's next of kin to contact them in other for him/her to lay claim to this inheritance funds. I have searched for a very long time for Mr. Nelson's extended relative whom shall be claimant/beneficiary of this fund in this Finance Company that has been left unclaimed and all such efforts have been to no avail. I have to inform the Finance Company about my fruitless effort in locating my late client close relative or his next of kin.

The Board of Directors of this Finance Company has recently adopted a resolution and I was given 21 official working days to locate the next of kin to Late Nelson regarding the claim of his/her inheritance or forfeit the fund as an abandoned funds. Well I have reasoned to use a legal means to present a next of kin of my deceased client since I have been unable to locate one, this is legally very possible and would be done in accordance to the law of land.

On this note I decided to search for a credible person that bears a similar last name. In the process of my search using the search engines, I found a lot of persons with the same last name as my late client but I was urged to contact you, that I may with your consent, present you to be the "Trustee" as my late client's family member as to enable you put up a claim to the bank in that capacity as the next of kin of my client.

I do sincerely sympathize for the death of my client but I think it is unprofitable for his funds to be submitted to the Government of the United Kingdom or some Financial Institutions. My aim is to retrieve these funds and let it be claimed by any of the deceased family Lineage. For this reason I seek your consent to present you as the next of kin to the deceased since you have the same last name. This is giving you an advantage of getting the funds in his offshore account transferred to you and at the completion of the transfer of the inheritance fund to you. Can I trust you?

Like I said, I require only a sincere consent on this. If this proposal is acceptable by you, do not take undue advantage of the trust I have bestowed in you. Kindly get a hold of me if you are willing to go ahead so may give you the contact information of this Finance Company where this fund is lodged and inform you on how we can proceed. I look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you.

Warm regards,

Beau Layfield Esq.

Sent using Zoho Mail

- Macon, GA, USA

Email - DO NOT REPLY TO THESE EMAILS - THESE ARE SCAMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dear Friend

My name is Mr.Michael Osei, I am a banker. It is true that we have not meet each other in person but I strongly believe that where there is no trust no friendship in every business.

I have a deceased customer’s pending fund whom you share the same last name with, I am his personal finance adviser before his accidental death, that being the main reason why I alone working in the bank here know much about the existence of this fund and the secrets surrounding this money.

But before I disclose the full details to you, I will like to know your interest and willingness to assist me by reverting back to me with your information like Phone number for easier communication and your contact address.

Thanks and hope to hear from you soon

Sincerely Yours

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