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E-Loan Reports & Reviews (10)

I recieved a text saying I was approved for a 10K loan I had applied for and to retrieve my phone number all i had to do was call a number to continue the process. The thing is I never applied for a loan to begin with. I knew it was a scam right off back. 

I have received a text 3 times from this company and I have not applied for any loan.When I receive this text it is being sent to 10 people including me at 1 time.Below is a copy of the text I have received every time.Thank you

Received many texts from the phone number offering a loan. I called the number and spoke with a man with a Nigerian accent. They told me I had to pay several hundreds of dollars before I could get the $5000 loan. They asked for my banking login info.

- Baltimore, MD, USA

I applied for a loan and some how they called me and email me to advise me I was approved for a $7000.00. Then they ask me for my checking account information. They then proceeded to advise me they will puta dollar amount in my in my account and then I have to send the funds back to them. Once that done they add $7000.00 in my account.

Well I I’m a person who has been out of work for nine months who has fallen into a lot of debt and bills overdue and I went online to apply for a loan through a company called E I received a call from them saying that I have been approved for $4000. I was told that I we have to pay a one time fee of $150 so that they could send me the money through Western Union Western Union at Walgreens only allows you to except $300 so she said that she would break it down into two parts and she had to give me two verification numbers and in order for her to verify the numbers and activate the numbers she would need an additional $350 I will still wasn’t able to get the money through Western Union so I had to change and go through MoneyGram so she gave me two new numbers for money gram I was told that in order for her to activate the numbers I now would have to pay an additional $600 I ask her to give me my money back because this was a scam I was told that it is not possible so I went and got the card and gave her the $600 with the promise that I would receive all of my money back once the loan went through so instead of now $4000 I would be getting $4900 in return I was told that the numbers had been activated and I could now pick up the money when I arrived at MoneyGram the numbers didn’t go through I called her back and she said to me there was a problem with those numbers so I would need to give her an additional $500 for two new numbers and like a dumb dumb I gave her the $500 she said now you can go and pick up the money it’s ready I went back to MoneyGram and security went along with me to the counter and checked out the numbers each number I was supposed to receive $3000 apiece the numbers were there but the money was it I repeated the process checking the numbers out for 24 hours three times and no money I have been scam when I tried to call the numbers back all I got was a message that stated the number you have called is busy $1800 later this took everything I had left keep your eyes open they’re out there I don’t know what I’m going to do from this point but I hope that Our government can find and crack down on people like this they are heartless wicked evil uncaring people deceptive and I do believe in karma they will get what’s coming back to them. The voices that were on the other end of the phone or that of an Indian dissent I know that there’s a lot of people out there familiar with these calls please keep your eyes open and watch and listen carefully if you receive a call like this hang up immediately and report this scam!!!

- Lubbock, TX, USA

Asked me to purchase a “verification voucher” to receive a loan which turned out to be a Google play card.

- Rayville, LA, USA

I tried to call and received a loan and once they told me I was approved for the loan I paid the fees for the loan out of my bank account then the operator came back on the phone and told me I need to pay a addition 500 dollars for the loan after I paid 850 dollars so after I said I didn't have another 500 dollars and to cancel the loan request and put my money back in my account she told me she wasn't doing that and I need to pay them 500 dollars this place is straight scamming people out of their money

- Columbus, OH, USA

I found E-Loan online after applying for a loan online. I talked to Sean Black, and Stanley Marshall, and Mr. Kenneth Stalinsky. They contacted me using these number: 202-902-9128, 646-330-4758, 646-358-4030, 646-657-1361, 202-852-9896. They told me I was approved for a loan for $3,000 on 8.2.17. Then he gave me an agreement for a $5,000 loan, now he's offering me $6,425.00. He told me he would deposit $975 into my checking account at PNC Bank. On 8.2.17, he deposited directly into my checking account $$496.20 and $479.35 under "Mobile Deposit". He told me take withdraw the money, for insurance, in case I had to go to the hospital, I would be insured. He told me to send it back to his company, E-Loan. He told me to go to Walmart on E Main, Whitehall, OH to buy iTune gift cards in the amount of $500, then $300. Then I bought another card for $175.00 from Turkey Hill on N Cassidy, Columbus, OH. After Turkey Hill, I went back to Walmart, and the Walmart rep at Western Union said she didn't feel correct about the transaction. The money was withdrawn on 8.3.17.

I had PNC Bank help me with online banking on 8.3.17. My social security check was to be deposited on 8.3.17, and it was pending on the 3rd. Then it got deposited. Then PNC took my social security check to cover for the money I had withdrawn. I had no money left in my account.

I am closing my account. I am filing a police report.

Today, 8.11.17, he asked for an additional $300, in order for him to give me the codes to pick up the loan. I didn't have the money, I borrowed it from my uncle. I have bills to pay; insurance, car loan, etc. As well as pay the bank back.

I received a text message from this company stating my loan request had been approved and to call them to verify my personal information. In order to set up an automatic bill pay, I was told I needed to give them the user name and password for my checking account. I informed them this information was NOT necessary to complete the action and they hung up on me.

- Denver, CO, USA

This company offered a loan only if I went to a nearby store with money to meet someone to show proof I had money to repay a loan. I became suspicious and asked the agent not to call me back. he called back and stated if he can have my wife for a night for $10,000. I became angry and he argued with meand used foul language before I hung up.

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