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Dxc technology company

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Dxc technology company Reports & Reviews (16)

- Saint Clair Shores, MI, USA

I received two calls (so far) to my cell phone with a message that sounds like a pre-recorded computer generated female voice.

(1) 02/26/2021 09:14 AM ET

(2) 02/26/2021 11:31 AM ET

From: (915) 265-7481

The message states:

"Kindly call us back so that we can discuss your case and take necessary action on this matter.

If we don't hear from you then we will be forced to take legal action against you.

So we would like to confirm some information with you before taking legal action. thank you."

I did not call the number back since it sounds very suspicious.

- Tulsa, OK, USA

Received this via text message

Good day, I am Mr Andrew Whittington from DXC Technology, Our recruitment team ( Express Employment Professionals) have received your resume posted online for the Administrative assistant position. I am pleased to inform you that your resume which was forwarded to our hiring desk has been successfully reviewed and approved. We seek to employ your service as a professional for the provision of professional services in the growth of our reputable company (DXC TECHNOLOGY) You have been selected for an online interview with a representative from the company. Kindly reply YES if interested to proceed further..

To proceed, and know more about the position. You are required to immediately contact the Hiring Staff in charge of conducting the online interview, via Google Hangouts Application.

Visit ( to download and setup ASAP. If you already have one you are to immediately contact the Hr Manager Mr Ford Jonathan via Google Hangouts App ¡ (desk.dxc.onlinehiring¡ with your Job code- DXC 555.

The Interview will be conducted online via Google Hangouts where further details will be discussed. Endeavor to get online ASAP .

Best Regards!

I was going through some rough times and looking hard for a job. I had posted my resume everywhere I could in hopes of getting contacted about a better job opportunity than the one I was currently employed at. They took advantage of my desperation for a better job and told me "congratulations, your resume has been selected, please install Google Hangouts and we will proceed with your interview" It came out that they were trying to get a company base established in Winnipeg but to get started they were going to send me a cheque to purchase the office materials I would need in order to start working for them. I was in a bad place mentally so I did as they asked and deposited a cashier's cheque worth $5600 USD into my bank account and then sent them a copy of the deposit receipt as they had requested. They proceeded to tell me that they would only give me 1 direction at a time. As a current manager I understood this as if you start giving out too many directions at once, it can be confusing. They then asked me when the cheque cleared to pull the money out and deposit into the bank account of the "vendor" At the time this did sound fishy but since they sent me a cashier's check I didn't think it would matter much because in my experience, I assumed a cashier's cheque is like a money order meaning the money is there already. After pulling out the money and depositing it, that's where the issue started. I was told that they didn't give me enough money for the purchase and said they would be sending me another cheque. I received it a couple of days later and this time it was for $8900 USD. I didn't hear anything from my bank for the first one so I went and deposited this one too and sent them a copy of the deposit receipt once again. After a couple of days and trying to login into my online banking and being denied, I decided to call my bank head office. They informed me I would have to go into a bank branch to discuss it with the employees there. I went down to the bank and have never been more mortified in my entire life. When I started inquiring with my bank about what had transpired, they told me that the cashier's check bounced ($5600 USD) and that the second one deposited ($8900 USD) was not signed by the right person and was unauthorized ergo not going through. I asked what else we can do and now my bank is pursuing me for the $6900 I now owe them. I stayed in touch with the original person I spoke with and started asking questions. (fake company rep) I explained to them what happened with both the cheques and they denied it for the first 5 times I messaged them and then they agreed with me that they sent me fraudulent cheques and they wanted to remedy it because they really wanted me to work for them. They had told me originally that the money was sent to purchase a macbook air and all the software programs I would need. They informed me they had the laptop ready for me and sent me pictures of it. (after googling "macbook air box opening") I discovered pictures of "my laptop" posted on Google with the same couch, coffee table and desktop background on it. They told me to reach out to "the vendor" to ask them to give my money back to me as it is that person's fault and not mine. The "vendor" had called me at my work (I have no idea where they even got the phone number from) and said that I screwed him over and his bank closed his account because of the fraudulent activity. After contacting them repeatedly and telling them that I cannot afford their screwing with me and costing me this money that they need to remedy the situation. They sent me another cheque for $13,000 USD which I haven't deposited and I am now dealing with the police.


Hi ***, This is Ron Grace gave me your hangouts along with an invite code for an interview.

Your invitation code


Welcome to DXC Technology Company. My name is *** *** and I will be your supervisor for one week training

Hello ***, My Name Is Ron Green. Nice to meet you

I need you to provide me with quick answers to these few questions


Are you a US. Citizen, if not do you have a Green card?

Are you clean from felony?

Are you clean from hard drugs?

Yes to Citizen, Yes to clean from Felony and Yes from Clean from any and all drugs

Are you currently employed?

As of Right now I'm laid off. So no

Every question and answer is recorded for quality assurance purposes


How did you get your previous jobs?

Typically Walk in.

What were your main responsibilities? Achievements?

For the past 2 years I've been a cable installer. My main responsibilities were keeping time frames, interacting with customers, climbing telephone poles and running lines from the pole to the customers house and lines inside the house to provide internet and cable TV services. Previous experience was in a call center working with Medicare clients and helping them out with insurance and questions they might have about their insurance. I've also worked in the records department of Alticor.

Achievements, Employee of the month for no time missed and always being on time to my jobs. Highest retention rate. Customer service.

Have you been in the military before?

What type of jobs have you had?

Are you willing to work flexible or long hours?

No military Training. I've done CNC programing, Call Center, Warehouse and Cable/Sat installations.

I am willing to work Flexible long hours.

Do you have a HP laserjet printer, copier and scanner?

Do you have a check printing experience

I have never printed Checks and my printer is a Canon Laser Copier scanner.

Are you seeking employment in a company of a certain size?

How long do you intend working for this company?

What Financial Institution(s) do you operate with?

No preference on size of Company

Time frame, depends on what the company can offer when it comes to pay rate and work

Right now I use a prepaid greendot card to have my checks deposited onto.

Are you seeking a Full time or Part time Position?

Tell Us why you feel you are the right person for this Job?

From the questions I asked Grace and the answers I was provided I would be looking at this full time.

As for why I am the right person, I believe my computer skills and my time in the records department at Alticor provided me with the skills needed for this position. One of the things I like about it is the ability to work from home in an office where I can still interact with my family. I'm punctual, accurate, and I'm a go getter. I Love to learn new things. I've been in an position where confidentiality was the law. I feel that I would make a great asset to your team for those reason.

How would you like to be Paid? Weekly Or Bi-Weekly and is it through Direct deposit or Wire Transfer?

Weekly or Bi Weekly either is fine with me and I'm used to Direct Deposit, never got paid through wire Transfer, though I do know how to do it.

What bank do you operate with?

What do you understand by privacy and code of conduct?

Did you have a credit card?

What is your network carrier?

Greendot Financial, I've dealt with Hipaa complience before and understand the information you can and can not give out to both client and family over the phone, also the security measures needed to verify identity. Code of Conduct your represent a company at all times and your actions and reactions not only reflect on you, but on the company as a whole.

no credit card and carrier is att

Employee Verification

I need you to provide the following information to input into our filing system.

Name :

Address : ( Physical Address )

City :

State :

Zip code:

Cell # :

Prepare your resume

I will give you feedback tomorrow. Let’s hope for the best

Ok, I will get it sent to you tonight, I'm on my way to a Thanksgiving feast. Thank you for your time

You should send it tomorrow when I get back to you

Oh ok. I will wait then.

At 1stphorm with other models

Lol. Just kidding

Have a great thanksgiving feast

Good morning Ronald W. Green

Good morning, sorry it took me awhile to get back to you

After due consideration and answers you provided during the interview session

Forgive me for being a little lost, but after due consideration what?

The good news is you have just been confirmed qualified for this position....

What is my next step?

You have done well so far and Congratulations the company has decided to give you a chance for you to work for the company and will like to see your diligence Charisma Commitment to this job

Myself and the entire Board of Directors welcome you to DXC Technology Company

You will work 45hours in a week. Is that okay with you?

Thank You very much! And 45 hours is great!

You will be receiving your duties online everyday and I will always be online to assist you with any difficulties

When does Training begin?

Once again I welcome you to DXC

This is the list of the working materials that will be delivered to your home address

Apple Laptop

New Apple IPhone7

Laser Printer

Fax machine



Laminating machine w/5 Cartridges

And you will also receive iMac computer as well.

Ok, didn't know you provided any of that stuff

When does training start?

As soon as possible

Also I want you to know that The company will be providing you with the funds you will be using in purchasing the softwares and materials that you will be working with from the Vendor and it will be paid by our financier by making the deposit Via Direct Deposit to your Bank Account or Top Up to your Debt on your Credit Card to cover all expenses

Ok, are you going to be sending me the information needed to get you the account information?

I am going to send you the policy and conditions of the company to your mail

Ok, I will be waiting for it then.

Hello. How are you?

When can I expect to start this training?

You should have begun your training already

But you went out of the blues

Maybe in the yellow lol

Hmmmm..... Nov 24th at 2:52 I send you a message saying I would be waiting for the policy and conditions. Nov 24th at 5:38 you send me a message (out of the blue) Hello, How are You. Typically I would get a schedule of Training events, at time frame. Anything. Am I wrong, or am I supposed to sit here all day and night?

Ok, whats the next step

Need you to provide me these:

Account number

Routine number

For funding

Now I'm taking it there is a list of things that I need to buy with these funds correct?


Ok, do you have the list?

This is the list of the working materials that will be delivered to your home address

Apple Laptop

New Apple IPhone7

Laser Printer

Fax machine



Laminating machine w/5 Cartridges

And you will also receive iMac computer as well.

Ok, this is a list of stuff that you are delivering to my home address, not a list of stuff that I need to buy with the money that your are providing. Your exact words was software that needed to be bought

Not all. Some will be bought by you from the funds

And you will also be directed on what to do

Ok, what about this Training schedule that I never got, since it was supposed to have already started I'm sure I have some catching up to do.

You will be directed on what to do

Ok, and I'm awaiting direction, which is why I'm asking you, my training supervisor

We need the online access of your account. In order to monitor the funds that would be paid by our financier

Yeah.... Not really gonna happen..

You do understand why I'm very leary on all of this correct? Possibly if this was done a little differently. Like through a video chat, a phone conversation with actual company letter head ect. Maybe you can ease my worries a little?

- Humble, TX, USA

First [email protected] emailed me saying I applied for a job with them and that they need me to click a link to do a credit check. I researched the email and saw it was a scam they stated they were paying $30/h.

Just got a message from ?7197993236? stating I applied through indeed but I do not. They then told me to download google hangouts and add mailto:[email protected] for a I’m interview. I researched the email and saw it was a scam.

- Hayes, VA, USA

Goes by Linda cynthia emails about a job and trys to get info to apply for credit cards saying you need to get iTunes gift cards totaling 100 $

- Robstown, TX, USA

Was contacted through Face book. User name was Kepler Rita. Offering me a legitimate work from home opportunity@ $20 per hour. I was instructed to do an interview through Hangouts app. I was told to add the email " [email protected]. After a series of questions, they told me that I was selected for employment. My main tasks were based on purchasing software, materials, monitoring accounts and transfers. Picking and mailing out packages, process transactions & run errands to get supplies. They kept asking if I had a credit card so that I could use to purchase materials. At that point I started to think that this was sounding fishy. I told them I had no C.C. and that I was under the impression that they were to provide funding for purchase of materials, and that I would not have to pay out of pocket. After not revealing C.C. info, they asked me to go to a Navy Army Federal credit union & that their accounting officer would contact me with further instruction to obtain a debit card. I called Navy Army, and they told me that i would have to open an account in my name. I saved the entire hangouts conversation.

- Salt Lake City, UT, USA

I was first tagged in Facebook about an at home job opportunity and I contacted Julieann Pacheco and she claimed she was with lyntela and told me to contact this email [email protected] and once I did I was told to contact a Cynthia Peller through Google Hangouts there she had me go through the steps in Western Union to send someone by the name of Mary Grace Torress in the Philippines $1,670 from some random bank account that was given to me. When the transaction was cancelled Cynthia contacted me again saying we are going to use a credit card now. That is when I stopped all contact with her.

- Bartlett, IL, USA

I have been diligently looking for an admin position with the ability to work from home. When I was contacted by Jo Mason and asked to interact via a Google Chatroom after my resume was found on LinkedIn I didn't think anything of it. Many companies I have spoken with lately utilize online chats and electronic interview services because it saves on company resources. I did engage in the chat even though it seemed too good to be true because why wouldn't I want to work from home for $30 per hour. However once I was asked to electronically deposit an emailed check and purchase very expensive equipment I started to do some research, I printed the chat and saved a copy of the front and back of the check to send to the necessary authorities if need be. This is a scam, I emailed DXC via their website and through a FB chat to let them know it occurred.

Currently looking for work and had correspondence with DXC Technology for an interview and hiring for a position. Our initial conversations are as follows. Jo Mason sent me numerous checks to purchase office supplies, laptop, printer, etc. to work remotely from home. Checks were sent via email which were printed out, deposited in my bank(s) for this purpose. I have copies and printout of pending/deposited checks. I was then to send payment to their vendor: Louis Jeter, Huntington, WV, 25701 for payment of supplies. Many transactions were made in good faith. I received a job offer letter, contract, which I did not sign. Once most of the transactions were completed and my LifeLock, Chase Bank and Bridgeview Bank locked my accounts. Although the amounts were deposited and withdrawn, DXC Technology funds were blocked as "forgery" and all amounts stolen from my accounts. I have enclosed a partial statement of amounts that were stolen from me. I have all documentation including "chat" conversations along with WU and Moneygram transaction IDs.

Hello good day, this is Ms Jo Mason from the firm (DXC TECHNOLOGY COMPANY)

Hi Jo Kathy here

JO MASON ([email protected])

I believe you are here for the job interview and briefings where you will get to know all about the job position as well as the company information and history?

KATHY That is correct. I currently work remotely for a $7 BN Indian base IT infrastructure sales company as their EA for approximately 100 people globally. JO MASON ([email protected])

Good. Let's get started. I'm multitasking and I want you to know that your quick response is highly appreciated okay ?

I have somewhat reviewed your company website already online

yes. please go ahead

JO MASON ([email protected])

DXC TECHNOLOGY COMPANY Based in Tysons,VA. This is an online work from home position. Also the working hours are flexible and you can choose to work from anywhere of your choice, Let me know if you are interested so we can proceed ?


JO MASON ([email protected])

Ok. I am Ms Jo Mason, Chief Director of Human Resources for DXC TECHNOLOGY COMPANY, while we are about to start with the Job Briefing and Interview, I would like you to Please introduce yourself indicating your full name where are you located ?

KATHY Kathleen Derrick aka Kathy. I live 25 miles west of Chicago in Woodridge, IL

JO MASON ([email protected])


Transfer data from paper formats into computer files or database systems using keyboards, data recorders or optical scanners.

Type in data provided directly from customers.

Create spreadsheets with large numbers of figures without mistakes.

Verify data by comparing it to source documents.

Update existing data.

Retrieve data from the database or electronic files as requested.

Perform regular backups to ensure data preservation.

Sort and organize paperwork after entering data to ensure it is not lost. Online from home, Can you handle these duties effectively if trained towards it?


JO MASON ([email protected])

The working hours are flexible and you can choose to work from anywhere of your choice. The pay is $30.55 per hour during full working hours and the training is $25.55 per hour and you will be getting your payment weekly via check or direct deposit working 20 to 35 hours weekly. If you are employed you are going to be working as a full employee.Next is your interview questions and you are to answer each questions asked briefly, I will ask you few questions now,once done answering any questing you are to end it with DONE. are you ready?


- Dallas, TX, USA

This lady posted a job position on facebook she then gave us the email address of someone else who was supposed to be in HR in the company we went though an interview through Google hangout asked to get a number where to call and address and she didn't response unfortunately we fell and gave them our personal information. There seems to be 2 people but could very well be 1 or more.

My cousin was contacted via LinkedIn for a work from home position as an administrative assistant. This wasn't too farfetched as she has been searching for administrative positions in different states because she is trying to move home. The alleged company that reached out to her was DXC Technology, which is a legitimate company. The people reaching out to her used real names from people on the website and created a page that mirrored the actual company page. She went through an "interview", which was a 10 question google chat conversation. The person, who posed by Jo Mason, would relay my cousin's information to the Department Head and would ask her to wait until her return. She, of course, got the job and was sent a check for $1450 to cover the expenses to purchase a computer and other supplies. They gave her instructions of how to deposit this check, explicitly telling her to do it via mobile banking. She needed to use this specific online vendor to purchase her materials as well. The address of the company on the check matched DXC Technology's site address as well. These scammers went all out to completely replicate this company's image. We reached out to the company via Facebook messenger to confirm this was indeed a scam.

I was approached by a Jo Mason through the website Upwork. We completed an online interview through Google Hangouts. She offered me a position and advised she would send me funds to purchase necessary equipment. It seemed very odd. But they connected me to the actual DCX website and seemed to know everything about it. I provided my name, address, and phone number. But luckily that was all. According to the actual DCX, a lot of scams are used in their name.

- New York, NY, USA

I was applying for jobs on Merlin. I was shortlisted by this company where they set up an interview strictly through instant messaging through google hangout. The interviewer had many spelling mistake and grammatically incorrect sentences throughout. They told me they would send me a check to buy supplies to work for their company. Despite the fact that I had no accounting experience, they hired me on the spot without question, told me I could work from home, and would have benefits. The interviewer seemed very robotic and would not talk to me face to face. I tried to search his name on their official site and couldn't find him anywhere. Furthermore, there were no job listings of the position that was claiming to be offered. Him and the person who set me up with the interview had no interest in making me feel more comfortable about the position. Very sketchy. I have also read previous reports of this company scamming other people. Be careful out there folks!

- Far Rockaway, NY, USA

I was contacted a bout a job i sent my resume to on then we did a interview on when i got the job they said the would sent me a check to buy the supplies needed for the job they emailed me a check for mobile deposit after the first check cleared the had me WesternUnion the money to there supplier 2 days later my bank went negative the money and i was informed it was a faud check

- Albany, TX, USA

Micheal Philips initially contacted me via fb message to offer me employment. I have been searching for online jobs so I'm hesitant but I talked to him about it. He then gave me the [email protected] address to email for an "interview". The interview took place over Google hangouts and they asked me questions. Name where I'm from how old.. if I could do the job if hired.. after the interview process he told me they need me to get all these computer programs but they would pay for them. Then asked for my bank routing number account number login password and security questions and answers. I told them no that's a red flag. They said it's to monitor funds. Still don't believe them and not giving it to them.

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