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Duel Cash

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• Feb 26, 2024

I made my first account and by level 2 i noticed the scheme starting so i made a second accout and kept teack of all the funds all the way until level 10/1-2. I put 2900$-3000$ in real money in this game, and only ever withdrew 10 dollars and won 200$ which was recycled into playing more matches. I'm not gonna complain at all, it would be waisting my time. All I have to say is I've put in 3000$ in deul cash, and only won like under 200$ so far which went back in the game. I have gathered info in the corporation that is the cause of this scheme and I'm contacting the better beaural of business. And I'm filing a lean on their company and would like to pursue legal action against the company owner/s of deul cash for this criminal behavior. And yes I say criminal because where I reside in the state of Louisiana, online gambling is illegal. And they still let me play. Anybody else with proof of phishing or scemes,, and wants in Pease email me at [email protected], with your current situation and proof if u want it on this case. One more time "they let me gamble online In the state of Louisiana where it is illegal to gamble for any type of currency online" im pressing charges so anybody else who wants in. Your time is limited. Shoot me emails. & let's stop this bs.

• Oct 14, 2023

Good for fun, but not for money. After 8 months playing, I do the the withdrawal for my USD 1100 earned, via Paypal. The FAQ say that the process take "5 to 7 business days". After 2 weeks, I write to support and they requested personal information and a video of me playing a game making a big highscore... I send all, and after 2 more weeks nothing happens. New ticket so Support, with 2 months of messages saying "sorry for the delay", but they never paid me.
SCAM: They never pay
SCAM: They never pay
SCAM: They never pay
SCAM: They never pay

I played there about a year ago and after running into some luck (and A LOT of playing...between 50-150 games per day) after 3-4 months I was up almost $400 in my accout. So the problems came when I attempted to withdrawal half of it. First they went silent for nearly two weeks before I started complaining. Then they began requesting documentation that I was very uncomfortable giving to them (but eventually did)...then I got a notice from them saying i was banned for cheating and my funds would be frozen. They even threatened legal action against me. I was furious knowing that hadn't cheated and that they were doing just that to me.

After numerous back and forths and them even saying they'd allow me to stay but would keep my funds, I said FU and left. I reported them to the Better Business Bureau® and never looked back.
Of course a few months later they contacted me and told me my account was reestablished and welcomed me to come back (screenshot attached) apology, no explanation...nothing. It took me several months before I'd log into my account to check it out. I was shocked to se that my funds were still there. I thought, wow, maybe they've seen the error of the ways. So I started playing again for a month (50-150 games per day) and decided, I better withdraw some of these funds before they go and lock me out of my account again. So, about a month ago I requested a $300 withdrawal and was told it could take up to 3-5 business days. Well, here we are again. After multiple messages back and forth and everytime being told they will process my refund in the next few business days...24 business days later they still have my money.

They are a complete scam and fraudulent group of people. They now have monthly tournaments for a handful of games that are paying out around $1000 to the top three winners. I was in the top spot with just hours remaining and a lead on 2nd place by a couple hundred points (these tournaments paying out on the number of times you play, not the scores you obtain)...sure enough in the last couple of hours I saw about 5 players point jump hundreds of points knock me down to 6th place. Meanwhile I played the entire time.

Then I started lookiing more closesly and discovered that the same 6 players placed in the top 10 of all 5 tournaments like this which is just not humanly possible. No one person can play that many games.

I realize they reinstated my account because they needed players like me to make them money since they keep 1/3 profit from every game. If I'm playing 100 games per day @ $1 entry fee, they receive $30 per day in fees...that's nearly $1000 per month. But these [censored] are so greedy that they're going to try and keep my winnings on top of that.

Oh yeah, and since I gave them all my personal information a year ago, I've to cancel my credit cards twice for unknown charges. coincidence? maybe.
Confirmed there is criminal activity at DuelCash

deposited £35 originally won abit withdrew £50 so was happy in profit. Withdrew a further £100 with no problem. Next up tried to withdraw £150 which they paid me $50 complained with no successful outcome. Have a £350 withdrawal pending but now my browser wont let me go on site as its infected with a url: Phishing. I've not lost anything but will be plenty that have. Stay well clear is my advice. Shame really as love the games and cant find anywhere similar

They deleted my points on several games to 0. And im waiting for months for my withdrawal. They also blocked me from the community chat, because i asked other players about their experience. At the support im getting similar answers, like from a A.I. very strange.

much the same as previous complaint , moved over from royal games and made 3 withdrawals of £20 each time , no fuss then i tried to withdraw £60 at the end of January and they need ID etc for a security check , took six weeks for them to request but I sent no problem but still waiting now . a further 2 withdrawals totaling £250 also pending . everytime I query with the support mechanism im told it will be a few working days . they have had 5 months ! Im currently playing with their money but i will not deposit again until I receive my winnings

Friday 7th Jan 2022 I have just been blocked for fraud! At the beginning of December in 3 withdrawals I withdrew about £250. I was then sent a request to verify my id. I sent photgraphic evidence of passport, driving license and utility bill and iban number for my bank. I kept playing games and wanted to withdraw another £400 but today i was sent my initial deposits . three totalling $45 and my account was blocked. This is making me feel really sick. I played on the site which folded in December after a year of issues with paypal. i was taken in. skill games are all i play. Is there any comeback - can anyone help?

DuelCash claims to be a skillgaming site ( a place to play video games in daily tournaments for money) but they refuse to pay out any of the players' winnings claiming they cannot verify their identities even after loads of personal information (passport, driver's license, utility bills, etc) was given to them. I have over 130USD withdrawn from my tournament winnings in July that they STILL haven't paid out. Their website is fishy also. Links don't work. There is no address or phone number. They claim to be in California but that cannot be confirmed either. They claim they pay out all withdrawals but they have yet to send any players the full amount of their winnings if ANYTHING. For me, it has been 3 months and they still haven't paid out my winnings which they owe me. Also, Duelcash have been harassing players on other skillgaming sites ( & demanding the players join their site.

I have contacted other players who also haven't received their tournament winnings yet and it seems this is their typical tactic.

1. Steal players from other sites by claiming affiliation and a 'bonus' when signing up to Duelcash.

2. Pay a few small withdrawals to inspire legitimacy.

3. Request enough ID documentation to steal identity.

4. Once obtained, block the user and go silent, hoping they give up and vanish, while they still have the ID documents.

When the site was new, the founder tried posting some fake positive reviews on Trustpilot, however, these were quickly moderated and taken down. It seems they're up to the same old tricks again with the recent surge of 'positive' reviews.

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