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DPS Auto Shippers

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DPS Auto Shippers Reports & Reviews (15)

This is the response from the scammer.

Erica Fenler

Attachments4:29 AM (2 hours ago)

to me
I have received your email regarding the 2006 Toyota RAV4. The car has 97,000 miles, 3.5L V6-cylinder engine, automatic transmission shifts perfectly. The car is in perfect condition with clear title, no accidents, no liens or loans and it has just been completely serviced. The price for the car is $800 (including delivery and handling to your address). I'm selling this car because my child of only 26 years died 2 months ago in a bike accident, the car belonged to my son and it brings me bad memories and that's the reason I want to sell it. Me and my husband travel a lot with our business and we want to make this deal through eBay Motors (Buyer Protection Program), so if you're interested in purchasing the car just reply me your full name, full address, phone number and email address so I can notify eBay. Once that is done, they will contact you in the next 12 hours to explain the entire procedure.
Here you have pictures:
God Bless you and your family!

Okay. if you're interested in purchasing the car just reply me your full name, full address, phone number. Thank you


Money to DPS for cost of advertised motor home. No motor home but they have my $7500 and all contact cut off from DPS and the so called owner of the motor home.

I was really duped and stupid doing this.

- Pinole, CA, USA

Hi there, thank you for your interest in buying my car. My 2011 BMW 335i xDrive Coupe has 61,703 original miles, with a 3.0L I6 cylinders engine, automatic transmission. It is in perfect condition, no need for additional repairs,no scratches, dings or rust. The vehicle looks great. It runs like new and all services are up to date. Also, I need to mention that it was never involved in any accidents. The price is $6,230. It belonged to my husband but he passed away(had a heart attack) so I decided to sell it because to be honest, it's only gathering dust in my garage.I just moved with my daughter in Omaha, NE so I took the vehicle with me and gave it to DPS Auto Shippers to handle the sale.The vehicle is at the shipping company, sealed and ready for delivery. It's quite hard for me to sell it in person because I'm 61 yo and age gets you eventually. But with DPS you'll get 5 days for inspection and if you're interested in purchasing it, send me your full name, shipping address and phone # so I can have them to send you an invoice, meaning more details about how they work. Also you are not obligated to buy it, no pressure..Please see the picture attached in this email!!

You are receiving this email because Ann Foster, has selected DPS Auto Shippers to handle a secure online transaction with you.

Your invoice for 2011 BMW 335i XDrive Coupe is attached to this email in PDF format.

For a better understanding on how to complete your transaction is necessary for you to read the invoice carefully.

The tracking number for the item is: #DPS556885447.

For any questions contact DPS Auto Shippers: +1 (888) 367-0840.

Thank you for using our services!


DPS Auto Shippers

- Salmon, ID, USA

Add posted on Craig's list in Boise for Bobcat CT230 tractor for $3100. I took down phone number and email. Called and sent text. A couple hours later I looked for the same add but couldn't find it. The price of $3100 is way low so I was suspicious from the beginning. But I thought maybe the reason the add was down was a mistake in the price. A couple days later I received a text message that the tractor was still available and to send my email info. I did and the supposed seller sent an email that DPS auto shippers was handling the shipping and I could send the payment to them. The payment would be held until 5 days after the tractor was received. I could send the tractor back within the 5 days and my payment would be refunded. The lady claiming to sell the tractor used the name Sylvia Maria Hester. Her phone number was 208-437-5075 which is an Idaho area code. When I asked if she was from Boise she said she moved to Omaha NE because her husband recently died and she and her daughter wanted a fresh start. Why would you ship a tractor to NE from ID? And then sell it that cheap. This tractor books for about $13,000. I then received an invoice from DPS auto shippers for $3100 and free shipping and insurance with wire fund transfer instructions. By this point my suspicions were thru the roof. I googled the house and business addresses. The house is 16115 Woodcrest Cir, Omaha, NE. This is an actual residence. The business address was 4480 S 90th St, Omaha, NE 68127 which comes back to YRC of Omaha. This info is almost identical to other reports of the same scam with exception of item for sale and name of seller.

- Troy, MI, USA

“Katie” said she was selling a BMW in an online ad on marketplace Facebook with her email. I sent a message via email and then the ad disappeared. She contacted me later saying the car was in another state and we can ship it and I have 5 days to decide if I wanted it. The fake company was supposed to hold money in escrow.

I saw a facebook post about a 2002 tan chevy truck for sale for $2500.00 ,but the person said they were not using messenger to email them at [email protected] so I did. Then finally the person emailed back and i noticed it was a different email which was [email protected]. The email response was just telling me about the truck. I emailed back asking when I could come meet to take a look and make purchase. The facebook post said it was out of rettman ohio which is 3 1/2 hours from me. The person emails back saying Hi again. Then went on to explain that the truck is in omaha,ne and unless i could pick it up there then they wanted to use dps auto shippers and would split the cost of shipping with me... Throughout the email the name of that company was mentioned a few times. The person also was claiming to be Katie Bauman and in the air force. The truck belonged to her dad that passed away and wanted to sell. As we were emailing one another i was investigating of course. Then I received another email saying good news shipping is free to the zipcode I provided. I had called the number on the the website and a foreign man answered saying it was dps auto shippers and asked me for my order number. I told him i did not have an order number and i wanted to possibly use his company and how does it work. He explained it exatly how the email says and the website itself. The website had some things missing that I was looking at for credibility. Then I looked up bbb and saw company did not exist then typed in scam and there were others. Same tactics and company. Buyer beware..

I was looking on craigslist for RV/campers. I found a listing for a 2004 Jacyo Granite Ridge 3100SS for $4,600. So texted the person at (678)806-9628 I added a screen shot of the conversation. The response seem very automated. This was the email: From: Helena Carter Hi,

Glad you are one of the people interested in buying my 2004 Jayco Granite Ridge 3100SS is available and the final price is $4,600. I have a clear title, free of any liens or loans on it, under my name. Only 47,985 miles. Let me give you a few details about it: very good shape, no issues, very well maintained. 6 persons Sleeping Capacity, 31 Feet Length, 1 Slide Outs, 1 Air Conditioners, 1 Awnings, Equipped 1 Queen Bed, Bathroom, Lounge Area, Kitchen Area, Onan MicroQuiet 4000 Gas Power Plant w/120 Hours and much more. Plenty of cabinets for storage. Everything is working properly, runs and drives as it should and have no problems.

I'm selling it at this price because my husband died 3 months ago (he had a heart attack) and it brings me bad memories, so I want to sell it as soon as possible. I also got a new job and moved back to my hometown and many other things have priority now, so this motorhome has to go. If you are interested in buying my motorhome, feel free to email me at any time.

Thank you,

Helena Carter

I thought that was sad, but great deal for me. Weird that im one of the people but it was a great price, and again very automated. I wrote back saying i was interested and when and where we could meet and this is what i got:

( Hi again,

Like i said in my previous email, got a new job and moved my hometown. I won't be able to deal in person but we can do everything through a transport company, DPS Auto Shippers (, they are taking care of everything and they can arrange a delivery to your address, the motorhome being already at their warehouse. The estimated delivery time is 4-5 working days. If this is going to be a quick sale, I will let it go for $4600 with the delivery charges included. This way you will actually you'll need to make the payment to the shipping company and they will hold the founds into their account until you receive, inspect and agreed to keep the motorhome. In this way both buyer and seller are 100% covered during the steps of this transaction. For the buyer's peace of mind I've also added a 5 DAYS REFUND POLICY so if you won't like the motorhome, you'll receive a full refund, no fees or taxes deducted. If the motorhome is not as described, the transport company will transfer the money back into your bank account. If you decide to keep the motorhome after the 5 days inspection period, you will need to sign the owner transfer papers and only then I will get the money from the transport company. I'm sure this won't be the case because the vehicle is flawless.) I thought typos where weird and this 3rd party thing started to weird me out, and not dealing with her directly. The quote "If this is going to be a quick sale, I will let it go for $4600 with the delivery charges included" sounded too professional. The other thing that bothered me was I mention being sorry for their loss and some unique things about me. None of it was mentioned in this response. So I looked into the website and it seemed pretty good so I sent the information. I got back : Hi ,

I received your info for the invoice, and I am happy to see you decided to move forward. I will forward your details to DPS Auto Shippers and they will send you the invoice tomorrow morning. They will send you the invoice, and you will understand the process better once you get it. On the invoice you can find delivery details, payments options and safety plans!

Let me know when you get the DPS Auto Shippers confirmation.


Helena Carter

So im feeling more and more like this is a scam so I looked at the address on google earth and did a street view of it and the company on the Lot was not DPS. So i looked for customer reviews didn't find any... that is crazy! So I found and they had a scam section and they said one way you can check is to look for a motor carrier number on the website all Auto transport companies have them and its public information. DPS doesn't have one. American auto shipping also said to check with the BBB. I looked at other post and they were the same as mine.

- Vineyard Haven, MA, USA

We responded to an add on craiglist regarding a boat that is for sale. The Owner Sylvia Hester told us that we would have to go through an "Escrow" company to purchase the boat. The company sent us the link to their website with wire instructions to send a $7,900 wire and then they would ship/transport the boat to us for inspection. If we didn't like it they told us we could have it shipped back at the Owner's expense. The Owner has refused to give us her telephone number.

Scammer posted vehicle for sale on Craigslist, had contact info by phone text message, responded to text by sending email address claiming car belonged to relative. Scammer then said the car was in possession of third party, DPS auto shipping, that would collect payment by escrow, and would send car for test period of five days.

On Facebook marketplace an RV is listed “Price Reduced Class C 24ft Motorhome” for $3300. Upon contacting the email listed for info and availability the response seemed robotic yet just passable for me to reply again with interest. The person saying (s)he is Lorena told a story of how her husband died 3 months ago and her and her daughter moved out to her parents’ home in Omaha, NE (to start a new life) which is where the RV is located at DPS Auto Shippers. The price also includes shipping (I’m in NY). After looking up the website at first it matched what she was saying and then we noticed the typos throughout. It is clearly fake.

- Las Vegas, NV, USA

Craiglist had an ad - For sale $3,900, 2007 Dynamax (RV) Isata 250 with 25,000 miles. "Glenda Jackson" , the seller, emailed we photos of RV and reason for sale. Her husband passed away in Feb.2018. She and her daughter wanted to begin a new life by moving to Omaha, Nebraska and live with her parents. The vehicle had too many bad memories and she wanted it sold ASAP, therefore, the very low price of $3,900. Her "residential address" on invoice is 16115 Woodcrest Circle, Omana, NE 68135.

Feb. 26, 2018, The listing appeared in Las Vegas Craiglist. When I emailed her that I wanted to buy it, a guy named Alex called me and said I had 2 hours to wire transfer the funds. Afterwards, she called me ( she had a European accent) about the transaction and Alex subsequently called back. He said to print out the invoice and shipping information and to follow the directions. DPS would hold the funds until the RV arrived within 5 days, money back guarantee if I was dissatisfied with it. The Seller would not receive payment until I gave my okay. Shipping costs were to be absorbed by the seller.

When I called several times later, no one ever responded. The phone kept ringing. Both 402-509-7233 and 888-386-5017. I noticed that when I received emails from Glenda there was a strange time difference very early 2-4 am which made me think she was not in Omaha but rather overseas. The wired funds ended up in a Mr. Moss Goeschl account CFCU Community Credit Union, Ithaca, NY 14850 zip.

I grew suspicious and googled the business address. It is legitimate, HOWEVER, the Omaha shipping address belongs to YRC - Yellow Freight. I found their phone number and called. They are NOT affiliated with DPS Auto Shippers. My heart sank. I found DPS on website and called. Their DPS stands for "Defense Property Shipping". I called them as well and they are NOT affiliated with DPS Auto Shippers.

The 402-509-7233 number belongs to (phone operator).

Surfing the web, I discovered that a Candice Summers Scammed an individual with a 2006 Freightliner Columbia Flat Top on Nov. 8, 2017.

The reason for her to sell has IDENTICAL WORDING as Glenda Jackson, hubby died and she has bad memories, etc.

And an Erica Fenler, who happens to share the same residential address of this Glenda Jackson "sold" a 2005 Javco Designer to anothere victim.

Hi ,

Thanks for the reply. So our current situation is that my daughter and I decided to go for fresh start so we sold the house and moved to my parents in Omaha, NE. We are trying to start a new life. The boat is here in Omaha, stored with all the paperwork at the shipping company (DPS Auto Shippers) and ready to be delivered to its new owner. I want to use their escrow and transport services as they offer 100% protection and insurance to both buyers and sellers. The best part about this is that you have 5 days to try it out prior to making any purchase and if by any reason you find something you don't like about it, you can send it back at my expense. If you are interested in knowing more info about how it works, you can reply with your whole name, address and phone # so I can notify DPS that you are my selected buyer, and they will contact you right away with all the details, with no obligation to buy it.


On Wed, Feb 28, 2018 at 7:03 AM, Nicholas *** wrote:

Hello Stephanie,

Is it possible we could speak on the phone?

My cell number is xxx-xxx-xxxx, I am very interested in your boat and I intend to make a purchase in the next two months,


Nick ** ***

From: Stephanie Howe [mailto:[email protected]]

Sent: Tuesday, February 27, 2018 8:12 PM

To: ***

Subject: 1999 Sea Ray 340 Sundancer

Hello There,

Thank you for contacting me about my 1999 Sea Ray 340 Sundancer .The boat is in great shape & immaculate condition and I’m the original . It has no damage,or hidden defects. I have a clear title, under my name. The price is firm, $3000. I’m selling it because my husband died 1 month ago (he had a heart attack) and it brings me bad memories so that’s the reason I want to sell it asap. My daughter and I decided to sell the house and so we moved with my parents in Omaha, NE trying to start a new life.If you are interested in buying it or if you have any questions, please reply to this email.

Thank you for your interest.

- Memphis, TN, USA

They posted an ad on craigslist for a food truck priced at $5500 dollars. I called the number attached to the ad but got no answer until later when I received a text from a guy stating that he was just trying to help his mom sell the truck, and he asked for my email so she could contact me. Later I receive an email from what seems to be an older lady. She goes on to tell me that her husband just died and she is really trying to get rid of the truck because it gives her bad memories. I didn't get suspicious until she told me that should had a shipping company that would transport me the truck and stated that I would need to pay the company before they shipped to secure the payment, and then I would have 5 days to see if I liked the truck and if I did the company would release the funds to her and if I didn't I would be given a full refund.

- Demopolis, AL, USA

DPS Auto Shippers - Order ID# 5534278957

Dear Harvey ***,

Thank you for shopping on DPS Auto Shippers! Your total amount due is $3,000.00. More details about your purchase are included below.

Item Title Estimated delivery Quantity Insurance

2005 Jayco DESIGNER

5 days

Free Shipping & Handling

1 Yes

Price: $3,000.00

Shipping Tax: $0,000.00

Order Total: $3,000.00


Name: Erica Fenler

Address: 16115 Woodcrest Cir

City: Omaha

State: NE68135

Country: United States


Name: Harvey ***

Address: 209 S Walnut Ave

City: Demopolis

State: AL 36732

Country: United States

Howto make the payment:

In order to complete the transaction you have to pay for your item via Bank Wire Transfer.

Through Bank Wire Transfer we can guarantee you a full protection in this transaction because your payment is wired into one of our

verified trust accounts, in this way, we are able to secure your payment until you receive your item and you inspect it for 5 days.

You can complete the Bank Wire Transfer online, or in person at the bank.

Ready to pay for your item?

Call our Financial Department at: +1(402) 509-7233 and request the wiring instructions.

Please Note:

For security reasons our Financial Department keeps the validity of the payment instructions available for 2 business hours only, so

please request the wiring instructions only when you are ready to proceed with the payment.

Please use the wiring instructions received from our Financial Department, otherwise your payment will be rejected by our system.

Once the bank wire transfer has been made, you have to confirm your payment by calling us at: +1 (402) 509-7233

Payment Guarantee Policy:

Buyer and seller agree the terms:

Both parties agree to terms of the transaction, which includes a description of the item, sale price and 5 days for the buyer's inspection.

Buyer paysDPS Auto Shippers:

The buyer submits payment in full via Bank Wire Transfer. In this way, we are able to hold and protect your funds until you inspect the item.

DPS Auto Shippers ships the item:

Upon payment verification, DPS Auto Shippers automatically begins the shipping process and submits tracking information. DPS Auto

Shippers verifies that the buyer receives the item and the inspection period begins once the item is delivered.

Buyer receives the item:

The buyer has 5 days to verify the item and the option to accept or reject. Return delivery will be at the seller's expense, if needed. DPS Auto

Shippers has the obligation to refund the Buyer in full, in case the item is refused, in maxim 24 hours.

If the item is accepted, the Buyer is obligated to e-mail or fax a scanned photo copy of the following documents:

- scanned bill of sale signed by the Buyer

- scanned title signed and notarized into the name of the Buyer.

The seller ispaid by DPS Auto Shippers:

The transaction is complete.

Verify an order's eligibility:

DPS Auto Shippers sends an invoice to a buyer only after our Department has verified all the following information:

-Paperwork of the item, including ownership and clear title.

-Seller's information and proof of ID.

-Possession of the item that is being sold. We do not initiate a transaction until we have the vehicle stored in our warehouse with all the


-The item is currently stored in DPS Auto Shippers storage facility #10 Omaha, NE.

DPS Auto ShippersBuyer Coverage:

Buyers who pay for qualified physical goods using DPS Auto Shippers are eligible for a coverage up to $20,000.00. DPS Auto Shippers has

built up a base of millions of satisfied customers over the years through an intense focus on being responsive to their concerns and acting

quickly to resolve any outstanding problems. The vast majority of customers never need to use theA-to-ZGuarantee reimbursement

program, but for those who do, the guarantee claim gives customers a greater sense of trust and confidence in shopping from the broad

range of sellers.

For any questions contact DPS Auto Shippers at: +1 (402) 509-7233. We are available at the following hours:

6:00 AM to 10:00 PM Mountain Time Monday through Friday

6:00 AM to 6:00 PM Mountain Time Saturday and Sunday

© 2018 DPS Auto Shippers., 4480 S90th St, Omaha, NE68127

- Grand Rapids, MI, USA

I saw an ad on Craigslist for 2008 Cadillac CTS for $3100. I contacted the seller who texted me saying his mom was selling the car and forwarded my email to her. Her name is Erica Damler. She claims,

"Thank you for contacting me about my 2008 Cadillac CTS. It has 62,719 miles, automatic transmission and was never involved in an accident. The car is in excellent and immaculate condition. No hidden damage or defects. I have a clear title under my name, free of any liens or loans. The price is firm, $3100. I am selling it because my husband died a month ago (he suffered a heart attack) and it brings me bad memories, so I want to sell it as soon as possible. My daughter and I decided to sell the house and we moved with my parents in Omaha, NE trying to start a new life. Let me know if you are interested in buying it or if you have any questions."

After some back and forth emails, she informs me that the car is with her in Omaha and will need to be shipped. She wants to use DPS Auto Shippers. I hadn't heard of them and upon research, I can't find anything legitimate about the business. I did find a post on Facebook that was using the same DPS Auto Shippers and it was a scam.

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