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- Union, NJ, USA • May 23, 2023

We received a letter from which LOOKED like a bill. But it's not. Once you read the fine print, you can see it's a solicitation. But for those who have websites, this looks like a legit bill - which if you own a site, there are always yearly fees and such. So these people should be reprimanded and penalized by some means. This is truly devious and needs to be stopped so others aren't harmed.

• May 17, 2023

We recevied postal mail saying we needed to pay $289 for an annual domain listing. While the fine print does acknowledge they "are not a domain registrar" the mail is designed to appear otherwise and is intentionally misleading. Anyone who is unfamiliar with how domain registration could easily be fooled by whether or not this is a necessary service or whether they need to remit payment to maintain their current registration status.

• May 09, 2023

Scammer sends fake invoice for $289 to pay for internet domain name server that can be purchased directly from for $19.99. This is a deceptive and completely fraudulent scam.

- Santa Clarita, CA, USA • May 04, 2023

They try to send you a "bill". They don't actually have any service they are providing or a business. They are just collecting checks from people (businesses) who are not paying attention.

• May 03, 2023

Our Pastor approved the check to Domain Networks, he assumed it was a legitimate invoice.

• May 02, 2023

Domain Networks continues to send us an invoice for a domain which we have with another company. This is criminal that they continue to send us an invoice as if we are due to pay the invoice when we are not using them for our domain. This is a trick and a scam to steal money from us to pay this invoice.

• Apr 28, 2023

was sent an invoice stating we owe $289 for a Annual Website Domain Listing from May 29, 2023 thru May 29, 2024. We have NOT done business with this company.

- Santa Cruz, CA, USA • Apr 14, 2023

Repeated case of fake domain renewal that includes an unrequested domain host update.

• Apr 07, 2023


• Apr 07, 2023

This company has tried several times to get me to pay for a renewal domain that doesn’t belong to them. They have a smart set up when you call the number. The recording says “thanks for calling” .. then it always goes into “please leave a message”

• Apr 07, 2023

Each year, they send me a very convincing looking bill for what looks like domain renewals. Only problem: I use The first time I saw one of these, I thought it was my legit renewal bill. I was almost convinced. What saved me is my being a cheapskate: I ain't paying $289 just to register one domain. That's far more than I'm paying per year.

Also, they're NOT registering any domains: "We are not a domain registrar" they say on the back of the bill - instead they claim to encourage traffic to your domain by adding you to their "directory." What nonsense!

• Apr 04, 2023

Domain Network annually sends out fishing mail made to look like a bill. It is an obvious attempt to fool vulnerable people into paying for their "services." This is a predatory practice from a predatory company.

- Peculiar, MO, USA • Mar 23, 2023

I get a letter from this "marketing service" every year making me think we owe for our domain name. We use Go Daddy and the domain name automatically renews every year. I called Go Daddy yesterday and asked them about this letter and they told me that they get numerous calls a day from customers who get this in the mail from Domain Networks. .

• Mar 17, 2023

The president of our non-profit came to meeting with a bill that she thought was too high. I knew the price was in the 20 dollar range. I researched it and indeed we pay automatically.

• Mar 15, 2023

The company Domain Networks (Website: ; Physical Address: 530B Harkle Road Ste 100, Santa Fe, NM 87505) is a scam company that just sent us a fake invoice in the mail in attempt to scam us into paying for some sort of "service" that they refuse to even fully describe on the invoice. Googling this company and their website, it is abundantly clear that they are scammers. I am attaching a copy of the invoice that they sent to my business for your review. you can see that this invoice is designed with the intent of deceiving companies into submitting payment for what - at first glance - appears to be a "bill" relating to my company's website. It is deceptive in nature and it appears that many, many companies have actually been scammed by this fake invoice from "". Thanks for your time. Please do whatever is within your power to see that this website is shut down on the basis of scamming and/or fraud.

- Cedar Rapids, IA, USA • Mar 08, 2023

We received an invoice that said Marketing Services, Annual Domain / business Listing on We received another invoice for the same amount but for our other company that changed the name over two years ago.

- Minneapolis, MN, USA • Mar 06, 2023

Fake Bill

• Mar 06, 2023

The domain for the restaurant was about to expire and they sent a slip which looks like a domain renewal until you read it. It does clearly state that it is for promotion and advertisement, however it can be easily misconstrued as a domain renewal given the name of the company.

- Lexington, SC, USA • Mar 03, 2023

This company continually sends out a bill to look realistic for web site domains and marketing services. It request payment by a certain date. It is fake.

- East Aurora, NY, USA • Mar 02, 2023

Domain Networks sent what looks like a bill for $289 for Annual Domain/Business Listing. The entire mailing looks exactly like a bill. After looking closely, in small print it states, "this is not a blill. You are under no obligation to pay the amount stated above." This is a very deceptive mailing with the goal of getting somebody in a hurry or the bill payer of a company to go ahead and pay. Very deceptive.

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