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Domain SEO Service Registration Corp

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To whom it may concern:

Dear madam/sir,

I found the email below fraudulent and misleading.

The story is the following:

Few years ago, I purchased the domain through GO DADDY (domain host) and I am paying for this domain exactly 64 USD yearly.

This year, in July, the domain will approach the expiration day, therefore I have to pay the 64 USD to GO DADDY to continue owning the domain.

Yesterday, I have received the email below and I rushed to pay it as I thought that this email was sent by GO DADDY company and that the domain will expire in a day. After I went through with the on line payment, I realize the email below is a fraud and that the email was not sent by GO DADDY company, as they did not ask me for the GO DADDY customer number and they did not ask me to login into my GO DADDY account.

Please note the following:

The company I am talking about is:

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Domain SEO Service Registration Corp.

1000 Fifth Street

Suite 200 - G9

Miami Beach, FL 33139

Email: [email protected]

Tel: (954) 320-4679

Fax: (954) 320-4679

1. The email below received from this SEO company is a SPAM. I have never ask for their services. I have never subscribe to receive their emails. I have no idea who they are. I found out from my credit card provider that they are located in Florida, based on the phone number they provided (954-320-4679). I have no idea from where they have my home address, home phone number and e-mail address.I have no idea what technique they use to have their email evade going into my Spam folder.

2.The way they design the heading of the email is to make people think that this email is sent by the domain provider: ":PHARMACHEMISTRY.COM EXPIRATION".

3.The email below was sent with a sense of URGENCY to make people act quickly. The email was sent on May 10, 2016 and they were mentioning that the next day on May 11, 2016, the domain I own will expire. Expiration of what? when I have never ever asked or I have never ever been aware of their services or of their existence as a company.

4.They design their whole email to scam people into believing that the actual domain registration is expiring and therefore to trick people into paying for their unsolicited services.

5. Moreover, when I realized that I have been scammed into paying for services I have never ever requested, I contacted GO DADDY company and informed them that the company below is misleading people into paying for domain registration. GO DADDY confirmed that they never heard of this company, that they have no idea who they are or what they are doing and that they have no business partnership with this SEO company and that most probably I have been scammed and that there is nothing they can do.

6. I have contacted also, my credit card provider and cancelled the credit card as I was afraid that this company will make use of my credit card information even more. As stated above,based on the phone number provided by my credit card, I found out that this SEO company is located in Florida (954-320-4679).

7. I contacted the number above and left them a voice message explaining them that I do not authorize the payment as I realized they scammed me and that GO DADDY company never heard of them and that they never asked them to contact me and/or to ask me for payments on their behalf. Also,I told them that RCMP and Florida police will be informed in regards to their activity.

8. Moreover, somebody from this company immediately contacted me home and in a complete aggressive way asked me why I left them a voice message and what is my problem. He refused to identify himself, but he asked me about my bank account number and for private information, claiming he want to refund me the 64 USD I just paid them. I told him that I do not know with whom am I speaking and that I am not that stupid to provide him with my bank account information after they just scammed me once. He simply hanged up the phone.

I hope somebody will have the time to look in to this.I will do my best to persuade any avenue I can in order to recuperate the money they "stolen" from me. I am also in the process to contact RCMP Canada and Florida police. I will do everything in my power to stop this "SEO company" into spamming and misleading people and into taking money from other people for their unsolicited services

This company sends an email through your website form indicating that they are your domain registrar and asking for payment to re-register your domain. It is worded very similar to what a domain registrar would send before releasing your domain upon expiry, with a little extra scare in there to get you motivated. They are misusing the's logo a long with many other trusted verification sites. Don't pay these people. Notice that the email is coming through your own web form instead of directly from the company. Check who you registered your domain with if you are unsure.

"Domain SEO Service Registration Corp" uses PUBLIC DOMAIN INFORMATION to find out which domain names are expiring soon and contacts each company to threaten to cancel their domain name if they do not renew with them --- This is a SCAM. They want you to freak out and pay them money so they can hijack your domain name from the company who does currently host it (and they probably don't even do that much!). DO NOT RESPOND to this fraudulent company or give them any money. They are using public information against you when you registered your domain name. What can they see? Do an Internet search for "WHOIS database" and you can enter your domain name (www) and find out exactly what public information scammers can see about you, your business, mailing address, phone number etc. that is not being hidden or screened from the public. You typically have to pay an extra fee with your hosting company or domain name purchaser to shield that information from the public, typically costs $10-$20 per year and is well worth it! Also, this fraudulent company uses the BBB logo with A+ rating on their website, which is also fraudulent, and I wish BBB would come down on them for it!

- Clearwater, FL, USA

"SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the act of effecting change in search engine rankings with use of on-page and off-page factors that let search engines better understand the clear intention and theme your website is trying to convey. SEO helps structure your website in such a way that search engines can read categorize and rank it accordingly. The clearer we can let the search engines know about what your website is, the more search engines will place trust in your website that it is the best fit for a particular keyword search, and therefor deliver you up on the first page"

We pay someone else every 2 years for this service, never have used anyone else, but they're telling me we have.

Submitted a request on church website stating that our domain is expiring and needed to pay them an exorbitant amount of money to renew web services. We do not host our website or domain with this company.

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