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Document Delivery Services

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Document Delivery Services Reports & Reviews (15)

• Nov 30, 2023

They are shameless in their attempts to swindle people out of their hard earned cash. Failed attempts on my end but they tried. I gave them a super hard time and played their game for the ball in my court and played harder. I called them out, talked so dirty to them made them hand up many many times I called them over and over had cuss thoughts yes ... My pleasure. Then I blew their phone lines up over and over and over again for hours on end not like I had anything better to do anyway and they kept answering every time until they got completely disgusted breathe at me on the phone talk nasty said things I don't want to mention that they wanted me to do to them and I just laughed and said I'm going to call you back and over and over and over again and I just say the word over and over and over until they hung up then I call him back and I did this like I said for hours I stopped them from calling me and you can do the same just reverse this call him back over and over and over until they get tired of your crap it's time everybody fight back these damn scammers anyway...

• Oct 10, 2023

dot head it was very difficult to understand him trying to deliver documents from LAM legal department wanting to confirm I would be home to get served I advised him his company name would not pull up on google and asked for call back number which was a cell number in my own city. I asked for his call back number I said id did not have caller ID that question stunned him and he hung up

• Oct 04, 2023

This company called, asking if I would be home to sign for a document. They claimed it was from a type of property company. I called the number that they gave me (855)682-1859, and it would not work at first, it kept auto hanging up. After another minute of waiting, I tried again, and this time it was answered by someone in a call center (you could hear the typical noises in the background),

This person then transferred me over to "an administrator", who was a snarky jerk from the get go. Very sarcastic, claimed he was "legal" and that I had better listen to him. He refused to give me the reason for why documents were being sent to me. I told him they were all scammers and that I would be accepting nothing from them.

I eventually got into it enough with him that he hung up lol.

After that I called the real company they were claiming to be. This company said that he had heard of this happening before, and that it was a bunch of scammers.

Don't trust these people. Hang up on them, block them, report for spam.

• Aug 10, 2023

Call came in as "anonymous" and left message saying "Ah yes, this message is intended for (daughter's name) my name is Sandra with Document Delivery Services and we've been hired to deliver certified documents to you in regards to a complaint that you're named in, we do have some questions regarding yourself as well as your property on (her street) to address this complain being filed against you, you need to contact the firm directly handling your case. They can be reached at 888-684-2996 and reference pack number ..." When calling them back the first time they ask you to hold and never come back. I called again and they said, "Ple[censored]d." put me to hold and never came back. I called again and it immediately went to music so I called one last time to try to reach someone and they threatened me for calling more than three times and said they were now filing a claim against me. I've save the voice mail and have documented this for a claim against them with the FTC as I'm on the do not call list as well. They also called my son and then finally my daughter. She owes nothing, has no claims against her and told them if they have something to deliver, then just deliver it, no need to call. They called her on her business line which usually recorded due to her position in her company. She's checking to see if it was caught.

• Jun 29, 2023

Someone called looking for my husband. Said they were calling from Document Delivery and a package keeps being returned. He verified my address but he said it kept being returned. First of all that is skeptical. I asked what the package was about and he said its a complaint against my husband. So I asked him to mail the package again. He said he will text me the details. In the text it listed my husband's name last 4 of SSN a file number and to call 877-871-1604 a law group called Allen Wentz and Associates located in TX. I couldn't fund them in Google or social media. I spoke with a representative who spoke in very legal terms. He said my husband has a collection on an auto loan for $6202.00 and they can settle for about $4000.00. My husband has no collection if he did its been paid over 12 years. They said he needs to pay it otherwise a levy will be placed against our assets. They knew my husband's full SSN our mortgage and current auto loan company and where we bank. So I thought this was legitimate. When they called back I said I am hiring my own attorney and they said they will check backin a week.


I've received numerous calls and text messages from a place claiming to be 'DOCUMENT DELIVERY SERVICES'.
And now they are making attempts to contact me by making calls to my son, who lives in a whole other state and time zone away from me.
This is the message we both keep receiving:

Xxxxx xxxxxx
AKA: Xxxxx xxxxxx
AKA: Xxxxx xxxxxx
AKA: Xxxxx xxxxxx

( Xxxxx COUNTY )

(877) 649-3449




They are very persistent! It very annoying! Isn't there anything that we can do to stop these harassing calls and messages?


So supposedly document delivery services called my phone was looking for a good friend of mine and said that they had this number for her which I know is BS and that they were trying to deliver or they were a delivery document service and that they had mailed documents out a month ago some other bull crap and they left a number and name 888-392-0954 total scammers when I told him that they were scammers and hung up on him they called me back and left some dumb voicemail like somebody's really going to fall for that crap! They couldn't even pronounce the county right.


Forgot to add that I checked the VM Header and the local phone number they called from was 954-477-7928. TOTAL SCAM..! BEWARE!

Thank you for sharing this! I received the EXACT same message from the same company Document Delivery Service with same 888 phone number. They could not even pronounce the name of the county they "claimed" I lived in. The person who called was Jim Harris and he said if I did not return their call within the next few days they would move forward with their proceeding. Of course , I was a little alarmed but at the same time it seemed too phishy and vague which prompted me to google the phone number and company name. I'm so glad I came across this site to reconfirm this is a scam!

These people are doing everything possible to get to you. They are attempting to call me by reaching out to ex-husband of now 12 yrs. Voice message provides a reference number starting with DA-792xxx, left by Riza. Riza mentions Miami Dade County, regarding complaint made against me, that has been forwarded to their office. Failure to response will result in the department proceeding without my consent and that this call has been logged and submitted as proof that I've been informed of this matter. Phone number left is 877-629-5131


phone number 877-629-5131 threatens to take you to court over non-existent credit debt, unless you pay them a minimum monthly fee. never had said card, credit report clear of defaults or collections. can not find number listed anywhere.


called my work phone and claimed to want to set up process serving. Company name given was Document Delivery Service representing Phoenix Litigations. Neither have website information. told to call 877-629-5131. no reverse search available for either phone number. first number originates in Roanoke Tx. i did not call the phone number given after extensive web search


I got a call from 828-202-1965. The voice message was as follows: Good afternoon, this message is for '(my name)'. My name is Mary Davis and I'm calling from document delivery services. Our office has been retained to advise you of a pending civil complaint stemming from (she references a County but I can't decipher). At this point it is imperative that you contact the issuing firm due to no response on your behalf. The number to reach them is 888-912-6021. Your file number is 264654. Please be advised this is a time sensitive issue.'

Both numbers seem to be picked up by the same male. When I called, he says he's with Parker & Schultz. He knew my name based on the number I called from, he knew my birthdate and asked me to confirm my social security number which he said to me. I didn't confirm it but it was correct. I monitor my credit closely so I'm not too alarmed but he seemed to know a lot about me. He said I owed on a citibank credit card ending in ****(I've never had a Citibank card). I told him that no legitimate company would tell someone to confirm their SSN and read it in its entirety to them and that I've never had a Citibank card and he got a bit agitated and said it'll be handle in court and hung up. They also called my sister with the same message about me so maybe got her info off of facebook. I assume he would've asked me to tell him my address for the documents to be delivered but not sure what the scam is. I assume he would've said he could take payment over the phone and then would have my billing address etc. But I stopped the call before it got that far.


Several members of my family and I received multiple calls from a number within our area code. The person on the line claimed they were members of the "Document Delivery Service" and needed us to contact a "Frontier Group" with the account number she gave us in order to deliver legal documents addressed to my uncle (who has been deceased for over 10 years). When I pressed her for information regarding the legal documents she said she had no idea what was in them, as she was unable to open "someone else's mail" - the only disclosure she made was the "account number" and the phone number of "Frontier Group." I called the phone number and an Alexander Brown answered. The woman stopped calling after we called her out that it was a scam, but vulnerable groups would have been an easy target for this confusing scam.

- Gallatin, TN, USA

A private number has called myself and my husbands phones. Both times left a message looking for me. It was a woman who identified herself as Mel Cooper a manager at Document Delivery Services. Said they had been attempting delivery to my residence in (city, state) - but couldn't even pronounce the city name. Said I needed to call Daniel Padilla at 844-823-9298 and give him a corrected residence address or schedule some other means to receive these documents. I googled the number and found this site and comments along with numerous others claiming this was a scam caller. Then I googled the guy's name to discover he is a Filipino actor/recording artist. Finally I googled Document Delivery Services and see it's a library linking system to obtain references, copyrights, and other electronic media sources between libraries.

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