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Dish network

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Dish network Reports & Reviews (16)

- Winters, TX, USA

Received a call stating they were with Dish Network and I needed to pay for them to change my satelite feed or I'd lose service.

- Bullard, TX, USA

Dish (foreign accent & ph# is from a foreign country) called asked for her Dish pin# and last 4 digits of her SS#. Supposedly someone is coming out this morning bc her DVR had to be replaced bc she wouldn't be able to get the local stations. She thought this was true bc of the scrolling message that subscribers would not be able to get other stations

I am reporting a scam that happened to my Elderly mother who has dementia. She received a call from someone claiming they were Dish Network stating her receivers were old and no longer were going to be supported and wanted her to upgrade. They had her get her controller for Dish network and got the serial numbers, etc. off them. They asked for her pass codes which she gave them. Then they wanted $199 to upgrade both receivers. They insisted on her CC numbers otherwise they were going to disconnect her service. They kept pushing her to have a technician come out and replace them. She did end up giving them her Social Security number but no credit card numbers. I called back the number and asked for the guy that talked to her. Michael Johnson. He had a thick Middle Eastern accent and spoke really fast. I had to ask him to slow down. It didn’t take me long to figure out he was a scammer. I called Dish Network and they verified that it was a scam – they did not call her. I then took precautions with them to secure her Dish Network account.

The number this Michael Johnson is at is 888-634-1866. It sounded like a call center. I hate that they prey on the elderly. Thank you.

Caller claimed to be with Dish Network. First called to set up appointment to install new receiver. Never asked for address. Then called later in the day to say they could upgrade while we were on the phone instead. Then wanted payment by check for installing software.

We have gotten many calls from this number. They ask us to go to our Dish receiver and tell them the information on the unit. They say they want to make sure we have up to date equipment. Our guess is they are trying to create fraudulent Dish Network access. We called Dish Network - they say they would not call us, plus they have the information on our equipment in their system.

Was setting up new service and told me I had a bill due I said this is new services and they said did you have a account before well yes three years ago they said you pay 200.00 and you are set up with out seeing a bill I did then after I thought that was it they said ok now we need 151.00 dollars I was like for real yes they said so I did because I paid the 200.00 and waited no services set up call the same set up services again so I did no serices on the set up day then set another date to come out still no service after one week and then I had to disputes then still been one month no service no money of the 200.00 . ??

I called Dish because it sounded weird, They told me it was not them that called me.

- Muskegon, MI, USA

The caller is a foreign person who speaks broken English. The caller is asking for the credit card number and expiration date of credit card that I have on file with Dish Network. I was told to Western Union money to this individual to cover my monthly Dish bill.

- Kuna, ID, USA

I received a phone call on Tuesday March 22 and again on Wednesday March 23, 2017. The caller ID says Dish Network and the phone number is the correct number for Dish customer service. The caller asked if I used Dish as my TV provider. I suspected it was a scam when they asked that question. The caller who was hard to understand said my service would be stopped in 5 days unless I took immediate action, I did, I hung up the phone. I looked up Dish Networks up customer service number, the same on on the caller ID. They said I had no problems with my account. I told them their number was being spoffed

- Provo, UT, USA

A man called on a very bad connection claiming to be from Dish Network. Had an Asian-Indian accent (or that region). Kept muting and almost disconnecting multiple times. "Can you hear me?" They said "Hello" multiple times. And I did say "yes" at least once and "okay" once. Then finally asked about "You have Dish Network, Correct?" I don't so I said so. They said "Sorry. Thank you for your time." and hung up.

OH, and your questions down below? Did I lose money? I don't know yet.

On February 1, 2017, my wife received a telephone call from someone saying they were from DISH network, who is our satellite television provider, saying they were checking on problems with the network. "Is your television and satellite receiver on?" the caller asked. The response was "YES." End of conversation.

Ten minutes later, television news from Green Bay is reporting widespread reports throughout Wisconsin of similar incidents (Can You Hear Me Now,) with people being charged for purchases they did not make, and when disputed, the scammers say they have the recorded "YES" as the authorization for the purchase.

The next day I called DISH network to let them know what had happened. A check of my account showed numerous attempts by unknown persons to gain access to my DISH account, the attempts were not successful due to my password and security questions. Thank you DISH for your assistance!

Call and stated they were from Dishnetwork. Said because of programming changes, our equipment was to old and we would loss service in 2 weeks. We had to upgrade our equipment to keep receiving their service, new equipment would be sent after we paid 150.00.

They gave our address and the last 4 digits of our credit card. Told them no. I called Dis and it is a scam.

Received a call from Dish Network stating that they wanted to upgrade my service for no extra charge. I said that would be great and then they said they wanted me to send them $150.00 I then hung up on them I called dish and they said that people was using their number to call people I'm very concerned since I did give them the last 4 numbers of my SSN

A women came to my door and asked if I was with Direct TV and I said yes. The women stated oh that's great and sold us Dish Network. I gave her a check for $50.00 for a one time processing fee wrote out to her. I also had to give her my credit card info to do a one time $1 processing fee to see if I was real person. I asked her to hold the check until the third of next month, she said ok. The check was cashed the next day. I called Dish Network and they had not record of an employee with Ellen Anderson. Her phone number 530-933-8219

We are Dish Network customers. Tonight we received a phone call from Dish Network. The caller ID had their 800# and it said Dish Network on the ID. The caller said that they were updating their equipment and that they would have a Dish Network installer come to "our door" on Tuesday morning between 8 and noon to install. If we didn't update our service, our service would be cancelled. He had us go to the menu on our remote to verify what service we had. When we gave him the numbers he said our service is the old system and we would need to update. He said that he would need either a credit card number or debit card number by the end of the call or they would cancel our service. He got our name and address and security # with Dish but needed the credit card or debit card. We didn't give it to him. While he was on the phone, we called Dish on another phone to verify that this was legitimate. They said they never call customers about something like this and they never charge for upgrades. The person on the phone sounded like he was from India and we could barely understand him. When we found it was a scam, we hung up.

- Missoula, MT, USA

Dish Network regarding upgrading equipment because of new technology. Bring new equipment to home and then the billing department will call to get a $150 deposit fee for new equipment.

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