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- Mountain Center, CA, USA

Magazine Fraud

This information is a recollection of the events around March 27, 2017. Very distressing to learn that my credit card information and name, address and phone number were all sold to Discount Magazine group by a tooth whitening company.

The week or 10 days around the end of March I kept receiving phone calls from a certain “888” number. I finally answered it. I was told thank you Mrs. So and so for your excellent record of paying for your magazines, blah blah blah. Please feel free to use us as a credit reference. I responded that I am not receiving magazines – there is one called NewsMax that I did not order. I never signed up for any magazines nor do I plan to. I hung up.

Again I received more calls. I don’t answer most of the time. Then again I answered and the same conversation ensues…basically like the one I’ve written about in the previous paragraph. More phone calls I ignore.

Finally I thought I need to get to the bottom of this. I finally answer and the same programed speech as before is told by a young man on the line. I finally ask “when did I sign up for this magazine program?” When you bought the tooth whitening kit”. I replied “I cancelled that tooth whitening kit. I never sign up for magazines online”. Oh yes you did. Mame you need to be more careful when you order things online. You did sign up and you will be held accountable. It does and will hold up in a court of law. Just because you cancelled the tooth whitening kit doesn’t cancel the magazines.” Then I said “cancel the magazines I am not getting them nor am I wanting them”. “sorry mame” he said “ you can’t cancel.” He then said something to the fact that I was on the hook for 48 months.

“What!?” I was flabbergasted. I can’t cancel and now I’m being charged for 48 months. “How much am I being charged for?” “I don’t know mame – anywhere from 60.00 to 100.00 a month.” “What? I’m on social security and can’t afford that, ” I started crying. “Well Mrs. So and So this is what I can do for you. I can put you down for only 30 months and along with that I can make it so it doesn’t renew itself. Is that better? Now Mame I’m going to give you over to my supervisor so he can authorize what I just talked to you about.” “okay “ I said.

“ Yes very nice but I didn’t order magazines and I can’t afford them!” “ Well Mame I am going to get your subscription down to $30.00 a month for the 30 months! How is that for you Mrs. ___. “I can’t do that! “

Well it continued on until I was given 30 months at 19.99 a month. They said I was being recorded. I ended up speaking to three different people trying to get it as low as possible. I was to receive an email as to give me the chance to order the magazines I wanted and the verification that this wouldn’t be renewed automatically after 30 months. As of this date a week later I haven’t received any such thing. They asked me if all the information they had was correct. Then they asked about my credit card and asked if the last four digits were correct and I said “ I don’t know I don’t have the card in front of me!” I was getting angry in my tone. “He said “its okay Mrs. ______we have the information anyway.” And if I renege on payments it will revert to the $60 - $100 a month for 48 months.

I finally hung up and knew I was scammed! But only after talking with my daughter and my husband did I really know what to do. Call and report the fraud to my credit card company. To which I am doing.

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