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Direct TV Imposter

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Direct TV Imposter Reports & Reviews (20)

- Hope Mills, NC, USA • May 01, 2023

A call was made to my mother, who is a senior citizen, age 84.

She thought she was speaking with her current cable company. The caller asked her for $199.99 to update the system.

She agreed. They set an appointment (4/13 at noon) to come to her home, program her unit and collect payment. No

one came.

They already debited her account via a check they generated on 3/3/23 for $199.99.

$99.95 was taken from her account on 3/23/23.

$110.99 was taken from her account on 4/10/23.

Name was misspelled on first check

email address does not exist, (which is personal, not business)

No call back number

No bill was ever sent

Handwritten processing information on back of check

No signature required, hold harmless under signature

Company in business since 6/9/22, filed in New York

Company email listed as @gmail account....

Memo lines inconsistent

CEO: Usman Umar (connected with Nigerian scams)

**Filed Police Report Case #202302658 was made in Cumberland County (April 14)

**Account closed, Opened new account

**Advised mom NOT to answer unrecognizable numbers, & GIVE NO personal info

Scammer called me on the phone asked if I was—- and—// years old. I asked how he knew my age and he stated he was on the line with the and told me he was from direct tv. Asked me to turn on my tv. I did so. Then asked me to press info and hold for five seconds I did and a system reset came on. He wanted to know how many tvs. Then he said he needed my checking act #. I asked why. He said that they have a new satellite and he was updating my info and that the was on the phone with him verifying. He again asked for my acct info. I stated I didn’t give out that info over the phone. He kept trying to push and I said I was calling the BBZb and Direct T V. He said I had his Tele contact # And his employee number. And his name. Samuel Smith #1996. I hung up and called the BBB. He had a thick India accent.

They offered to give a huge discount on their bills due to covid and expenses through the past two years. Paid them 300 in ebay gift cards. They told him not to go to cvs cause they will question how they are spending. They told him to say personal use if cvs asks. When he put in his credit card in they machine told him to beware of scams. They also wanted to do another 200 for his girl friend

They called to offer to half my Directv bill if I would pay 6 months of my halved bill with EBay gift cards. eBay was sponsoring the offer supposedly. I bought $400 of eBay cards. And gave them the numbers . Then found out it was a scam. Another number they used was 833 588 2735

Recieved a phone call with a man saying he was with directtv and they can offer us half off our montly bill for 2 years and they wanted to go get an ebay gift card and load it with $440 and then call back and scratch off and read the numbers off to him.

I received a text message allegedly from Direct TV regarding 6 months of free service. I called the 866-550-3060 number and was instructed to buy a $300 Best Buy gift card, scratch off the back and to call with the numbers on the card. I eventually lost $4000 and finally realized it was a scam. I've reported this to the local police and to BBB.


- Englewood, CO, USA

The person said he worked for Direct TV and the had changed Satellite location and that they had to see if my equipment was updated. They had me run a series of tests on my actual box and told me they needed to update it. The service wasn’t going to cost me any money however they kept talking about a $45 charge but was absolutely free told me to write down their phone number and hit his extension his name was John Oliver extension J07855 and he worked in the tech department.By the end of the conversation it had gotten to where I was going to have to give them a one time $199 for renting all of my boxes for my TV and wanted a credit card number at that point that was the end of the conversation for me. So beware of the scam!

Received a call from someone pretending to be Direct TV to reduce my bill. It prompted me to say yes and then hung up.

- Imlay, NV, USA

They called saying they was with direct tv offering me free showtime for three months and when I said ya they hung up. They wasn't actually with direct tv when I called they didn't know what I was talking about

- Wichita Falls, TX, USA

I got a call from someone claiming to be with Directv and they offered me a discount if I payed right then over the phone. I called the real directv and they said it was a scam.

These people are calling and pretending to be Direct tv. They have access to Direct tv's customer database. They are trying to sell a fake Direct tv upgrade package for $399.

- Coeur D Alene, ID, USA

He said he was with my cable company and he needs to come in right away to change my box. In a couple of weeks it would stop working. He was going to take my box and give me a better one. I needed to pay him 150. for coming out. But he would lower my bill 30. a month for one year. That is a savings of 360. and I get a better box. I set up the appointment then remembered my cable is with Spectrum no Direct so I called Spectrum and asked if they had to get my box. She was surprised and said the tecs only cost 49. if they did have to come out. She said don't answer your door and call the police. There is nothing my cable company needs from me. Now I am worried and I will be calling the police if he shows up.

They called me with a promotion for reducing my monthly charges for my Direct TV services to 49.95 per month and asked me to buy an Amazon Gift Cars for 300.00 and call in with a verification code. I checked with Google and saw it was a scam so never followed through with their instructions.

Received call on my mobile phone from 800-531-5000. Man with heavy Indian account said he was with DirectTV and they were running a promotion, monthly bill goes to $62.50/mos. but had to listen to the promotion. After hearing what the promotion covered then transferred to promotion manager (also had an Indian accent but not near as heavy) who would give me a promotion code (DTV021812), had to call back to 888-393-7104 and give that code for the price, which would be in effect for 2 years, no contract. (RED FLAGS BLAZING, GOOGLED DIRECT TV SCAM AS HE WAS TALKING) All I had to do was go to my local drugstore and buy a $250.00 Amazon gift card, call that number and give the number to them for my 4 mos payment. If i paid within 24 hours, I'd also get a $100 Visa card. Then I could continue using my current payment method after the 4 mos of no monthly payments. Conversation ended after I told him I didn't believe him.

I'll have to admit it sounded very convincing at first but I wanted to hear everything because there's always a catch, which is exactly what the scammer guy said!

- Allen, TX, USA

Mark Benson 1.855.771.7376 ext 709 contacted me with a AT&T / Direct TV promotion of $60/month for 2 years with no contract. 5 month paid upfront paid with a Green Dot Money Pack ($300) and $60/month for 2 years. Once I purchased a $300, I was instructed to call accounts payable at 855.663.5123 with Green Dot Money Pack card information and with promo code of (M8870) and I had only 24 hours to take advantage of the promotion. Once I denied offer, scammer said I would be charged a $200.00 cancellation fee.

I then received a phone call from the "real" Direct TV provider stating that someone had called in to cancel my Direct TV subscription.

- Bonita Springs, FL, USA

Direct TV phone offer to get premium channels for 2 years if you pay 4 months up front with an Amazon gift card.

- Wesley Chapel, FL, USA

Called my cell phone. Direct tv promotions dept. special offer. Told me to buy $300 amazon gift card to prepay my direct tv bill and my bill would be reduced to $59.99/mo. (With all premium channels). All i had to do was call this number (888)901-9134 extension 1 with my amazon gift card and use this promo code (CXDTV8007). He knew my direct tv acct number, my name and address. He called from (800)531-5000. He sent the promo code via text from cell # (352)388-4781. When i asked his name, he started saying “hello? Hello? Are you still there?” Like he could no longer hear me. He hung up and called back and steered the conversation towards what i needed to do to get this offer.

Scam. AMAZON GIFT CARDS ARE ONLY USABLE ON Not usable to pay other bills or merchants.

Got a call regarding a special deal from Direct TV supported by Amazon. Needed to pay $300 for 6 months of Direct TV using an Amazon card. Then get the remaining 19 months of Direct TV for $60 per month.

Received a call from Erick someone who work with Direct TV phone number

1-888-520-8021. He

offered her a full package for $300. She have to pay 6 month in advance for this offer. He offered the full package for 2 years at $59.99 paying with Amazon gift card. Then she have to call him back and give him the card number.



A man called (supposedly from Direct TV satellite TV service) called me. Yes, I already had service with them at the time. He offered me a much better rate of $60 per month (about 1/2 my current amount) if I would agree to the new deal, go to a store and buy an "Amazon Gift Card" for $240, and then call him back to redeem the gift card / money over the phone.

*I was suspicious, so I said "I would think about it" and call him back later. Meanwhile I called Direct TV, and somehow they put me to a man who said it was a LEGIT deal! No kidding! So, I did indeed buy the $240 Amazon Gift Card, called the initial man back, and redeemed it to him over the phone.

Well, I calledDirect TV back the next day to ask a question about it and the Direct TV people said they'd never heard of the deal and it turned out to be a SCAM. The scammers even had my account #, payment dates, and other info. HOW!!!?? How did they get my info? Hack Direct TV ... or have an inside man? I feel very stupid or falling for it none-the-less. Never again! Ill stop doing anything over the phone or on the WWW, I guess. Beware people. Remember -- if it sounds too good to be sure, it probably is! The world is full of cheating, mean, no hearted, hateful,, lying, deceiving sons of bitches!!! The DEVIL has a special place in Hell waiting for each one of the,... a place in the corner of Hell thats nice and VERY-HOT and full of lots of PAIN!!! Non-ending pain where they get constantly cheated and lied to and tortured and burnt like bacon in a hot frying pan.

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