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Direct Energy

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Direct Energy Reports & Reviews (12)

- Wayne, MI, USA

changed my gas company to them, said they were from consumer energy

- Grand Rapids, MI, USA

Twice today I had employees of Direct Energy knock on my door stating that they were visiting me on behalf of DTE Energy, my natural gas supplier. In both instances, they told me they were concerned that I was being overcharged for my natural gas bill due to a "surge in the area" and to check my bill for the fee. In both instances, I told them that I've had a previous representative from Direct Energy visit me this winter and that my situation was fine and handled. Both representatives told me that this was not the case and that DTE Energy sent them again. I told both about how I have already contacted DTE Energy regarding a previous representative from Direct Energy approaching me and that it is a legitimate fee and that I was not interested in what they had to offer. Both representatives continued to push me to consider Direct energy as my alternate gas provider. I asked both to see a permit, and neither were able to provide any kind of documentation of a permit. At this point in both conversation, I asked them to please leave the property. One left afterward, the other asked if I would fill out a survey for Direct Energy so that he could be paid. I told him that I would not.

Two gentlemen, around early to mid 20's showed up at my door about 6pm. They told me that they were from Direct Energy and wanted to explain the overcharge on my gas bill. I let him talk a bit more about them being a supplier for gas for my local energy supplier Consumers Energy and that Consumers has been overcharging customers for the last year for gas. He then asked to see my most recent bill so he could verify my information. I asked them for identification, they did not have any. I asked for any documentation regarding the over charges and contact information for Direct Energy. They did not have that either. I asked them to promptly leave my property and they did so. People will need to be warned in Kalamazoo, MI!!!

- Toledo, OH, USA

Knock on door at 625 PM on 7-13-18. First thing that I am told is I am not here to sell you anything. I b

Here to help you. 2 guys claiming to be representing Direct Energy wanted me to get either my gas or electric bill to make sure I was not over charged like my neighbor "Tim" down the street. Only one guy spoke. I told them this sounds fishy to me. He then said don't you understand we need to update our records so this overcharge will not happen to you. I thhen told them no I do not know or understand what you are talking about and that I would call Collumbia Gas to check on this. He then told that they have nothing to do eith this. As they started to leave he turns around and yells "we will be back tomorrow dwe have to update your records". I then yelled back 2 or 3 times" don't come back here. Even then he said he would be back. I then shut the door. After that I checked online and this seems to be a nation wide scam. That is why I wanted you to know what happened to me.

- Ypsilanti, MI, USA

Man came to door unexpectedly. Said he was from Direct Energy and asked to see a copy of my most recent DTE energy bill. He said something about a gas recovery fee that may have been charged to me in error. I declined to give him the information. He was a bit pushy about wanting to come back another time.

Door-to-Door sales agents convincing to reduce the charges of the current bills (Comed & People's Gas) by removing "supply" charges section of the bill statement. Where in reality, they enroll you as their own customer so they will become the supplier of your electricity and gas. Their rate of utilities are higher than your current ones. The agents will sign you up as a client without your knowledge and they will disguise it under a fake reasoning like "reducing the charges of the current bills". They only give you 3 business days to cancel the transaction without a penalty and you have to mail the notice of cancellation to their headquarters in Oklahoma. All of the time constraint is to trick the new customer into staying with them (fear of penalty charges) and giving the customer hardly any time to think this over. All of the sales agents show legitimate ID cards from the company and have all the equipment/documents to prove their whereabouts. It was difficult to pinpoint their sales pitch was illegitimate. Don't let them inside your house and never ever show anyone your bill statements.

A group of 3 scammers came to our house last night during dinner claiming to be with our utility company and demanding to see our electricity and gas bill. My elderly parents-in-law were expecting work to be done on their furnace, and the individuals deceptively implied that they were there to help with it. It was late and my in-laws were both tired, and so they were convinced to provide copies of their latest utility bills and signed something to register for a change of electricity and gas providers, with a $99 penalty for cancellation. The individuals also captured a lot of other personal information on an iPad. When asked for contact information they provided two phone numbers - one which did not work, and another which went to an obviously self-recorded voicemail attempting to mimic a carrier's "this number is no longer in service" message, but with wording mistakes that made it clear it was amateurish mimicry. They called afterwards and we asked them to cancel the registration, but they hung up on us as soon as we asked. We then tried calling a number we found online, and were told that they couldn't help because it was a "third party company" who came by our house on their behalf (despite those scammers have Direct Energy lanyards) and the information wouldn't be in the system for a few days... which, after reading about this scam more online, goes beyond the three day cancellation grace period that they apparently offer but don't advertise anywhere. Most recently, they came by to try and get additional paperwork signed, asking my learning-disabled brother-in-law's age, and attempting to get him to sign on behalf of his parents. Fortunately I was around and told them that we were not interested in any of it and demanded that they delete any information that they collected. One of them grinned and walked away - my guess is that they'll be back to try again.

In short, a confidence scam to try by any means possible to get you to switch utilities, by pretending to be affiliated with your currently utility company and taking advantage of the elderly and disabled.

Two men stating they were from Eversource wanted to make sure we knew about a rate increase from Eversource and were asked to let everyone know that they were able to get a cheaper rate as well as a free Hulu subscription for the year. The salesman filled out all of my information on his iPad and gave me a blank paper copy of what he filled out. He asked me to get a number from my Eversource bill and to check to see if I was notified of the rate change. However, my phone wasn't loading the bill. So he called Eversource instead and asked me to ask that person for this number. After the contract was filled out, he called this other number which required me to answer a few questions.

Man with Direct Energy ID knocked on door and explained he was with DTE Energy and wanted to confirm billing; he asked for copy of bill.

- Jackson, MI, USA

Direct Energy has been knocking on my door and the doors of my neighbors to have a "charge" removed from my Consumers bill that some of my neighbors are seeing on their statements. Stating they were the company in Consumers and the customer delivering the gas. They wanted to see my consumers bill which I did not show them. Unfortunately they preyed on my elderly neighbor lady who showed them her bill. The door to door people were unable to give me a business card just a personal phone number. The persons name was Anthony

- Kalamazoo, MI, USA

Two representatives from Direct Energy came to my door stating they were conducting a survey for Consumers Energy and wanted to see my gas bill. Although they were very evasive and would not admit it, it soon became apparent that they did not in fact work for Consumers and instead were trying to slam my gas service with Consumers.

- Dearborn, MI, USA

Residents in Dearborn, MI received a letter from Direct Energy HOME WARRANTY AMERICA, PO BOX 500, Lincolnshire, IL 60069 offering a free 12 month trial of their heating and cooling repair essentials program. The letters are dated June 17, 2015 and the contract starting date is, June 14, 2015. Each letter includes a personal contract #. Upon reading about Direct Energy's questionable business practices, we contacted DTE energy and were informed to contact the BBB, and to not call this company back. DTE said Direct Energy will switch your gas services without authorization and in turn increase your energy bill. DTE will have to then bill a termination fee. Direct Energy has come door to door prior posing as DTE prior to this mailing saying there was an error with the utility bills and asking to see a copy of the utility bill; which allowed them to get account #'s from unassuming customers. Anyone who provided this information was switched without their consent. They even had DTE credentials. DTE aware of the situation and has been escalated. They are asking that customers do not call Direct Energy, file a BBB and local police department complaint. If one calls about this "free" offer Direct Energy will try to get your DTE account # and or bill you for the "free" protection plan at a much higher rate. It also automatically renews without consent of the customer. DTE already offers their own Home Protection Plan and customers may risk thinking this communication is from DTE, it is NOT. We could not provide copies off all letter nor the full letter due to names and addresses.

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