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DHHS Reports & Reviews (40)

• Nov 24, 2021

Victim Location 77039
Total money lost $5,000
Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

I’ve received a message from one of my friends on Facebook. I went to check it out and it was a link. I really thought it was real so I checked it out and they said they would help me with school. I don’t know how but supposedly friend convinced me. I bought 11 Apple Cards all in different days and with different money amounts. Everyday for a about a week they would ask for payments and I feel like it just wasn’t me I don’t know what happened. Once I realized my friend was hacked and it wasn’t her. I panicked and called 911 and the bank. They said they would get back to me but no one helped me. I’m very worried because that money were my savings from school. I HOPE THIS DOESN’T HAPPEN TO NO ONE ELSE. BE CAREFUL WITH FAKE AND FALSE INFORMATION.

• Aug 31, 2021

Victim Location 98948
Type of a scam Government Grant

This person wants my info&2000 dollars to receive $100,000

• Aug 30, 2021

Victim Location 38852
Type of a scam Phishing

Scammer pretending to be someone from my church to get me to fill out my information from a secondary cell phone text... Wanting me to fill out my information.

• Jul 24, 2021

Victim Location 27886
Type of a scam COVID-19

The scam comes by a Facebook “friend”… the account has been hijacked to appear to be one of your trusted friend. Using the name as “Mark Patrick” as the agent for DHHS. It claims that you can apply for the grant by this link and give your birthday, email address, and phone number. It looks really real and they almost got me- they have my birthday and email address. This is not real! It is a scam and you are trusting because you probably could use the money. The scam says pay a delivery fee from FedEx and receive you check. SCAM. SCAM. SCAM!!!!

• Jul 12, 2021

Victim Location 29229
Type of a scam Government Grant

DHHS is a legitimate government agency. Going to this website looked official. You put in your information and towards the end they tell you that you are approved for $20,000.00 and to text a number to Brett Giroir and give a phone number and he will complete your application.

At this point I suspected fraud and was sorry I had given so much information. People are taking advantage of the desperation others in a desperate time.

• May 15, 2021

Victim Location 62551
Type of a scam Government Grant

They asked me to provide all my info. Name, address, email, phone number, occupation, monthly income, copy of my ID. Said i was approved for a 45,000 grant. Only had to pay a fee of 400. To get the money. I found the info from a friend on facebook.

• Jan 24, 2021

Victim Location 92240
Type of a scam Government Grant

I just recently started using FACEBOOK. A very kind and honest friend from work started interacting with me. He told me he had just won a grant and that I should apply. He had a lady that would as I

Understood help me fill out a request for a grant. Not believing him at first I accused him of pulling my leg. Long story short I gave the lady all my data age, address, income,and a picture of my driver's license.

I feel like an [censored] but my friend whose Facebook account was used is someone I trust and like very much. I didn't give them any money nor was I asked to but I gave them way to much information. One thing to look for is their grammar after awhile of interacting with them as my friend the grammar got worse and worse. At first I thought it just my friends verbiage but the more I pushed it the worse they got. But it was too late by then I gave them enough information to probably sell. They didn't ask for any processing fees and being suspicious I didn't open any links sent to me. I do feel like an [censored] for not realizing it was a scam right away. Now I know hope it`s not too late.

• Dec 28, 2020

Victim Location 44103
Type of a scam Government Grant

I received a Facebook Messenger from DHHS.Department of Housing. Offering a $50,000 Government Grant. $1200 fee for a $20,000 grant. Their phone number is 641-715-7587. I did not send any money. I know it is a scam. The Government does not ask for money.

• Dec 09, 2020

thru a friend ...said I qualify for a government grant...after a time he wanted me to pay the fed ex driver a fee for the money to make a long story short, There was nothing right about this.

• Dec 09, 2020

I also received FaceBook message, from a friend. that claimedshe just got 50k in cash from the DHHS, and my name was on the list to be a beneficiary as well. The person at that number texted about being a FaceBook winner and to call this agent at (308) 571-6573


Type of a scam Government Grant

man named david smith from DHHS contacted me for Government Grant I just needed to supply all my personal details as well as cash of $500 for deliver and I would receive $1500. He contacted me through facebook messagener

I got a message from a cousin who I haven't spoke to in some time now. We were never that close and last night she sent me a friend request on facebook messanger. I accepted and then she started telling me about this grant money that I could win by texting this number 530-288-7588 and telling them that I was interested. I did, and a few minutes later a person text me back saying he needed information from me and would let me know in minutes if I had won this grant money. His wording was a bit of as for my cousin. I never known her to have such poor language before. At the end they said I had won the money and that I would have to pay $400.00 for shipping for them to send me the check. I felt a fishy about the whole deal from the get go. I then asked my cousin who was trying to be so encouraging about getting me to do this, and the whole time. I thought why would she be getting a hold of my out of the blue like and be so quick to get me to do this, and with such poor wording in what she said. I then said sorry not interested and turned phone off and went to bed.


I was notified that I had won a hundred and fifty thousand dollars if I paid 3500$ delivery fees I was notified by a Facebook friend that I was on a list to receive a grant in that amount I talked to the same man as my winnings I had to have 500 $ in Amazon cards for fed ex when they brought my check I am 100% disabled and don't have that kind of money Mr Cole Milner was the man I contacted I could use definitely that money desperately I'm about to lose my home to a tax deed sale I am 65i have no where to go! Thank you


Victim Location 85743
Type of a scam Government Grant

friend messaged me via facebook saying the department of human and health services gave her 150k for no reason

10/14/2020 Received supposed message from my cousin via Facebook Messenger. BS antennae activated. I haven't known cousin to use Messenger. [censored] asked if I knew about DHHS Subvention. I replied "no" and checked Bing, where I saw this Scampulse page (thank you). My cousin is working and doesn't need a grant and the verbage wasn't her tone. [censored] sent a phone number for the agent that "helped" them. After I could not reach my cousin by phone, I asked [censored] a question about my cousin to which they responded incorrectly. I blocked account and reported it to Facebook. Messages were removed before I could take a screenshot.


I got a message from a friend on Instagram. I thought it was real because how could my Veteran friend scam me. They told me to send them $500 for the delivery fee. Then they said go to the store and buy ebay cards. That's when I knew it was a scam.


Victim Location 39209
Type of a scam Government Grant

He is pretending to be on messenger asking ppl to send money once the inquire bout the grant talking to friends acting like I'm n desperate situations and need money

I received a FaceBook message, supposedly from a friend. "She" said she just got money from the DHHS, and my name was on the list to be a beneficiary as well. There was some messages back & forth and I soon realized I wasn't talking to my friend. I never called the number they gave me. These people are very aggressive in their attempt to fall for their scam. Wish there was a way to stop these people from trying to rob people of their money.


Victim Location 98926
Type of a scam Healthcare/Medicaid/Medicare

I received a FaceBook message, ostensibly from a friend. "She" said she just got money from the DHHS, and my name was on the list to be a beneficiary as well. The person at that number texted about being a FaceBook winner, not a QHHS beneficiary. I texted back my "friend," who gave me ANOTHER number to text. THIS "agent" used all caps and misspelled words. I did not share any info beyond my name. NOW I cannot reach any 800 numbers on my phone. I am trying to reach Consumer Cellular to report this.

Victim Location 43609
Type of a scam Government Grant

Wanting information to get a grant....

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