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Department of Treasury

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Department of Treasury Reports & Reviews (33)

Caller said my husband was wanted in Texas

The number: 18665470501 called my husband and said they were from the Treasury office and that they needed the last four digits of his Social Security number. I had him hang up immediately after they asked for his SSN.

I received a voicemail from an individual stating they were from the department of Treasury. The message stated that this was a second attempt to avoid initial appearance before a magistrate judge or a grand jury for federal criminal offense. It left a number to call and contact a representative. I called back and was connected with a man with a very thick  accent. He was very difficult to understand. But he told me that my name had been linked to a car that was rented and recovered with 2lbs of cocaine inside. They then raided an apartment linked to the name and found that they had opened several bank and credit card accounts under my name. He said that they needed to cancel my social security number and issue me a new one.

He then began asking about my current bank account and how much money I had in said account. This made me feel very uneasy and I became upset. I asked to speak to his supervisor. When I was transferred to the supervisor, he was very rude asking why I didn't understand what the previous man had told me. I told him that he was very hard to understand and this is very upsetting information. He proceeded to go through the account of why they had opened an investigation. He then proceeded to ask me about my current bank account and the status of the account-- how much money was in the account? I just paid rent and bills and have nothing in my account at the moment. He asked again where I keep all my money and I told him again in that bank account, but there is nothing in the account. Then he hung up on me.

said I owed irs money and warrant was issued for my arrest

- Oklahoma City, OK, USA

Received ~3 calls in last 24 hour period from same number. Did not answer first 2 times. Voicemails were left but chopped only saying to call said number back.

Answered on most recent call. Automated voicemail saying that the Department of Treasury had a warrant for my arrest out and legal action being submitted against me and that I should call the number. All automated, no further indication of what the call might be in regards to.

- Montgomery, AL, USA

Recorded message said it was from the Department of Treasury and that there was a warrant for my arrest. Was directed to call a phone number in order to avoid further action.

I received a call from 209-854-4846 claiming to be the US Department of Treasury. He said I owed back taxes and if I didn't pay I'd be arrested. He told me to purchase gift cards so I made three withdrawals from Chase Bank and purchased 55 $500 giftcards. I had to go to several Dollar General stores to purchase the gift cards.

Received a phone call from automated system stating that is was the Department of Treasury and if I did not contact them immediately that there would be a warrant out for my arrest.

Called my husband n said he "won" a $15,000 Grant for being unemployed n all he had to do was take a code to Wal-Mart to get the money. I would not let him go. Knew it would cost money n was a scam. Had a friend check the number n was a internet generated number.

I received a call and did not answer it. The call went straight to voicemail where the message was relayed via a lady computer generated voice. The message clearly stated that, they were the department of treasury and that I was served with a legal lawsuit and a local warrant was procured in my name. To prevent this from occurring I was to call the number 346-600-8827.

- Tacoma, WA, USA

The number left a voicemail claiming to be from the department of treasury

- Macon, GA, USA

Mr Robinson received a call from someone claiming to be from The Department of Treasury. The stated that he had been selected to receive a large amount of money, but first he had to go to Walmart & purchase a prepaid card & load money onto the card. When he asked questions they hung up.

- Sikeston, MO, USA

I received a phone call from a man stating that he was from the Department of Treasury stating that I won $10,000. They told me the FBI is listening in and this is not a scam. They have been calling and texting me ever since. They told me it was not a scam and I better answer their phone call every time they call. They have also called and texted from a 620 phone number.

- Jackson, TN, USA

Phone call x 3 offering myself to obtain $9000.00 from the Treasury Department. The Male on the phone was of Middle Eastern Desent. He was informed he could keep it, that I am independently wealthy. LOL. My dad and uncle were WWII vets and my Father in Law is retired Navy among many friends enlisted during the years. I hope you guys find these people and put their *** under prisons

- Aurora, CO, USA

These "people" pretend to be the IRS/department of treasury and say there is something wrong with your taxes, that there is legal action pending against you. The voicemail is robotic and threatens the phone call as first contact and that ignoring it will result in penalties or worse.

- Kingston, TN, USA

I received a call from Hawdy Lawrance advising me that I'm receiving $8700.00 from the Department of Treasury. I was to obtain a money gram from Wal-Mart or Kroger, then call them with the information so they could wire the funds direct to them. I was to pay $250.00 that was refundable at a later date.

- Spokane, WA, USA

I received a call with an automated voice message telling me to contact the number on the caller ID immediately due to a law suit being filed against me from the Department of Treasury. Approximately three days earlier I received the same message from area code 717. I have ignored both.

Please investigate. Thank you

- Twin Falls, ID, USA

Received a call woman stated her name was Sharon Stone and she was from Department of Treasury said that you needed to call 346-867-0989 and if you did not call that they would issue a warrant out for your arrest

On the 11th of April my wife was contacted by a person saying they worked for the Department of Treasury , he told her that she was privy to $7000 in some form of tax gift. The talker said she needed to go to another number to insure the money , she called them and the lady she talked to said she needed $250 to get this cash. My wife did not , and she hung up. I am writing this to inform you of this scammers number , so no one else gets told this lie and gets ponzied

- New York, NY, USA

They stating that they are fro. Department of trasurey. Stating I am being sued. And must pay before the end of the day to avoid an officer arresting me from my home.

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