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Deltron Support LLC

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Deltron Support LLC Reports & Reviews (11)

- Signal Hill, CA, USA

I called Amazon help (number found on google) about an undelivered order. The Amazon rep said I had over $2000 of orders from someone in England and had a firewall breach - there were 26 people looking at our computers and referred me to Deltron Support, The fixed the problem in 1 1/2 hours and charged us $400.00 to be paid by check and 2 years firewall protection for $700.00. Once they were off my computer I was able to google them and find I had been scammed.

- New York, NY, USA

Amazon Prime said that my account had been hacked. They sent me on to Deltron who fixed my computer and charged me $999.99 for 3 years service. I am now being called posing as Microsoft to return my money.

Name on the Check : Deltron Support LLC, Address: 1360 Bakers Ridge Rd, Morgantown, WV 26505, USA

Amount : $999.99 USD

Customer ID : ***  Invoice: ***( Memo For check)


Email: [email protected]

TECH NAME : A*** ***

- Marina Del Rey, CA, USA

I got charge of Amazon prime of $99.99, so i called amazon. They said they are amazon employee and I got charge because someone is using my amazon account from foreign country and they authorized the payment. After that they said they cannot do anything from their side but as i am amazon customer so they will check by my computer that how hackers got inside my informations. So i gave them remote thinking that they are Amazon, but after tricks and they showed lot of foreign address on my computer and told me to fix it i need to pay $1999.99(for all devices and network security for lifetime). As i trust amazon i gave them my check informations and after that got to know from best buy that they are [censored] scammers. Moreover that while i was reporting this to BBB, i noticed that their are many people who complained about this company so i want to take some action against it. And all positive feedbacks and reports are posted by them itself. Because i also talked to their all technicians and they just talk and when i asked them about security, what they installed and what they did, they keep repeating that its virtual network security so i cannot see that but if i have any problem i can call them. Their english is also so pathetic.

- Hamilton, MT, USA

My Paypal account was hacked. and in making contact with Paypal they referred me to Deltron saying they were connected with Cisco. And would be able to help me in dealing with having been hacked. They then got on to my computer and checked and found that i had been hacked. And followed by installing a permanent virtual network security firewall for all devices for $1699.99. Currently I have been contacted by them wanting to refund the money in some form that i do not understand. I am telling them to send me a refund by a check, and they say that they cannot do that. So that is where I am at.

- Pontiac, MI, USA

I called Amazon about a package I didnt receive and was told my account was hacked and transfered me to this company who said they handled things for amazon I know I should not have let them control my computer but thought it was part of Amazon. They wanted payment by echeck and I said no then wanted a copy of the check I would mail and I said no. Then sent me an invoice to send my payment

I thought I was calling. I thought I accidentally purchased audio versions of the kindle books I wanted. The representative told me "Not to worry" we'll take care of it. By the way, 5 people in Russia are using your account. One of them purchased and iphone7 for $744.00. He needed access to my computer to resolve the problem. I allowed it. It was more complicated than he expected. "Have you heard of Cisco. I had. "Let me route you to them" Instead I was given to Deltron Support LLC. They worked for several hours. In the end, he told me that would be $299.00 and sent me an e-mail invoice for that amount. He wanted a check over the phone. I told him I didn't have one and said it would be 10/3 before I was able. He left a message on my machine today asking about the payment. I called Amazon and the *** County Sheriff's Department and informed them of the scam

I called a number that I thought was Amazon Customer Service. It turns out it was not. Whoever answered the phone acted as an Amazon representative. I was inquiring about returning an order I had made. He said he would help me. in the process he tried to email me (he said) I did not receive the email (he supposedly sent). He then said I was having trouble with my account and he want access to my computer so he could check it out. I let him and he of course found multiple problems where I had been compromised. He then said he wanted to connect me with a company who could solve the problem. I agreed. After they scanned my computer and did some repairs. (things I could have done with disk repair). They wanted to charge me for the work. I agreed initially. I was immediately reconnected with the Amazon representative. He used the chat option to contact someone at Amazon and did the job of returning my order that I had made with Amazon.

Being very suspicious I contacted Amazon at a Seattle number. They told me that this has happened before and had a list of companies etc...

The transaction with Amazon was legitimate . He had just contacted Amazon through my account now that he was on my computer.

Needless to say I have not sent them any money. They were very good at what they did.

The Amazon worker in Seattle said you should never use an phone number for Amazon that you got by googling it. These numbers are set the by scammers.

- Walnut Creek, CA, USA

I called Amazon to discuss an undelivered package. Someone took the call and almost immediately stated there was a bigger problem, suspicious activity on my account, consisting of 5 purchases made from overseas. Somehow Deltron was able to hack into the phone call. Over the next hour various techs tried to take me through a way for them to access my computer so they could "clean it up". They assured me they would take care of the 5 purchases. Finally I was told we were not having any luck and I needed to work with Cisco who would figure out how to do this and clear my computer. I didn't learn there was no Cisco until the end of the interaction when I received their invoice. I agreed to pay Cisco $299.99, although they tried to talk me into more for a longer time period to use their services. During the next couple of hours the computer screen had lots of activity, at which point they called and said all was well. I became suspicious when I said I would change my passwords and they said not to. They sent an invoice (and that's when I learned it was a company called Deltron Support LLC). They asked for information about the check I would send, tried to have it sent immediately. I hung up and checked them out on Scam Tracker and found lots of other people with the same story. Needless to say I did not send them a check.

- Fort Lauderdale, FL, USA

I was calling Amazon about a charge, the individual who answered said tehy were AmazonSupport and lsitened to my problem. She pulled up my computer information and told me that 9 others had access to my Amazon account and I needed to take care of it immediately, not to use my computer on line, nor do any online banking. She repeated this numerous times. Transferec me to another "tech" who said she would have to transfer me to Cisco's. She transfered me to Deltron Support llc. Same story about my computer and showed me all this display of supposed attempts to enter my computer. Need to get it cleaned up immediately, cost $699.99, when I finally agreed, after going through the scare tactics again, they said I need to buy an extended program, or it would take longer to fix my computer. I agreed to a 3 year extentions, not they are charging $1,099.99. In an hour they were done, never showed me any evidence of the work done, tried to sell me a life long warranty for $2000. I sent them a check for the $1099.00, but on the following day after some research, I didn't want to do any business with this company. I sent them 2 emails, letting them know that the invoice would have to be changed as I was no longer interested in the warranty, and I spoke to a tech Monday, 2/13/17 at 8:00 am. Another explanation. I called them again tonight to let them know again that I had stopped payment on the check and a new invoice was needed. They bvegan to sceam and yell so I hung up. They are very hard to understand and when they yell it's impossible. I had a friend check, and nothing had to be done to my computer, it was fine. They misled me from the beginning, used scare tactics to get me to use their service, and now don't want to listen to anything. This company is a bad company, can't say they are a scam, but they are close to it.

- Grove City, OH, USA

I was trying to call Netflix for a problem with my smart TV on 2/4/17. The person I was routed to identified himself as a Netflix employee. He stated that he could not fix my problem but would route me to someone who could. The next person stated that the problem was not the TV but in my computer system. He then showed me all kind of problems in my computer and stated that all my computers, smart phones and smart TV's were affected and that getting a new computer would not help. They would fix the problem for $348.99. I agreed and they worked on my computer for about 20 min. and said that the problem was fixed forever. I was then directed to a so called supervisor to make sure that I was satisfied. The supervisor stated that this was only a temporary fix and it would cost me an additional $1,500 for I lifetime fix. I then realized that I was being scammed and hung up. I then called Netflix again and got a real employee of the company on the line who verified that they had no record of my call that day and stated that they never would direct me to an outside vendor and that I had been scammed. My TV still did not connect with Netflix with the so called fix by Deltron Support LLC.

Deltron Support LLC tells the person that they have been hacked & requests remote access to the person's computer. They instruct you to pay for their services for $249.99 which supposedly covers cleanup & resolution of viruses, etc. They require you to pay by personal check or money order, which can only be mailed. Once they gain remote access to your computer (you must allow it), they feign 'cleaning up' files & talking about virus protection, etc. The particular tech we dealt with then uploaded files from "passwords" and also several personal photos from the computer - and even made comments on how beautiful the teenage girls were in the picture.

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