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Delta Weapons Store

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Delta Weapons Store Reports & Reviews (18)

303-800-6417 is traced from location: Lincoln Ct, Denver, Colorado. 303-800-6417 may belong to Andy Louisseize residing or working at Denver.


1-303-800-6417 also the phone number of was a scam fake delivery site. They asked for many guaranteed refundable deposits but never delivered anything and will not refund the deposits.


To report this scam go to:

FBI Complaint Referral Form
Internet Crime Complaint Center:

Colorado Bureau of Investigation. [email protected]

Denver Police Department, Police District 2. [email protected]


Big time scam. Placed an order for primers, felt odd for payment and should've cancelled the process then. Paid for expedited shipping, $50 and figured this would cover haz mat as it has with other reputable sites. Then I get a message from a shipper that my package needed "special insurance" that was refundable once the package was delivered. Insurance was $450, more than the order cost. Never heard of anything like this before. Called supposed shipper for their DOT # and got a fake number and can't reach Delta Weapon Shop now. Friends in Buffalo can't find store at the address listed either. STAY AWAY from this company. I've filed a claim with my bank and also called the ATF, NFA and pursuing the FBI for interstate fraud as my account is based out of FL.


Hey, all. Another victim here. I think they are now operating as "Delta Munitions" so be mindful of that outfit as well as Delta Weapons. I am trying to find as many places as I can to rat them out, and will follow the advice here to file a complaint with ATF. Maybe ATF can track them down and contact them -- from the seat of an A-10.


I had ordered ammo .1000 rounds
499.21 with the PayPal fees. I sent them a cancel message and received cancel statement from Deltaweapon’s. But still took my cash


They are actively promoting the sale of Machine Guns in the US and ONLY accepts payment through Venmo & Bitcoin.. Ummm...SURE I'll buy a BRAND NEW one for Civilian use which was BANNED in the 80's...Lol...
While the 5.56 ammo deal is WAY too good to be true 2 ways...supposedly "on sale" for under $0.50 per round AND ACTUALLY have in stock... thank God I found this page PRE Purchase...

Their NEW address per the BBB is a border town in TX vs what their page indicates in NY:

Contact Information

035 1018 Beauregard ave

Saint Angelo, TX 76901

(716) 201-7682

*** EVERYONE NEEDS to report them to the ATF in your respective State.


My original order with Delta Weapon Shop was for Sellier & Bellot small rifle primers. If you search for these primers, there are now several web sites with the same offer as Delta. And, the website graphics and offerings seem suspiciously similar to Delta’s. Could be legit, but I’ll never find out. These people are real operators!


DeltaWeaponshop is NOT located at the address indicated on the Web Site. There is no physical presence for Deltaweaponshop and the address is in not in any way associated with the operators of the Web Site. Please report all fraud to your local ATF office.


Definitely a scam. Like the other experiences described here, placed an order online, paid using Zelle, got an email saying the order was complete. A week later I got an email from Global Line Express. In poorly translated fake legal language, an explanation was given about why I needed to provide $400 for “insurance documents”. Cutting my losses right there. Will pursue some resolution thru my bank, not holding my breath.
One other indicator that Delta Weapon Shop is a scam - they have 3 “customer reviews”, all glowing, but no means for an actual customer to leave a review.
Live and learn.


Paid for my product and then the want insurance money for delivery what a scam. Confronted them on being a scam and then stop talking to me. Looks like I lost my money but hope people read this so they don’t fall for scam. Spread the word delta weapon shop is a scam


Anyone that has been scammed by this crooks please file an IC3 complaint, FTC complaint online as well as a police report. There is a report that this deltaweaponshop scammers are also using a shipping company called Transcontinental postal service and asking for refundable shipping insurance. This is an attempt by this crooks to get extra money. I have also been scammed by the same scammers. . Based on the information complied these crooks are also behind aeroglobalcargo dot com website. transcontinentalpostalservice dot com and possibly damselaestheticsplus dot com, www.kaampharmacbd dot co dot uk. All this websites mentioned have been created within the past year . If you check the date that these websites have been created they have a year or less than a year history. This can be checked on who dot is dot com website. Please file reports to help others and sent this crooks to where they belong. These crooks are reported to be based in UK, Africa and as some reports have mentioned have a thick accent.


Scammer's phone 716-201-0782
Scammer's website
Scammer's address 2495 Main Street, Buffalo, NY 14214
Scammer's email [email protected]
Country United States
Type of a scam Online Purchase
Initial means of contact Email

Two orders were placed online, for ammo that totaled around $700. Invoices were sent via email (see attached), and the payment was made via Apple Pay. Someone from Delta Weapons even called to confirm the order. A few weeks later, they had a 'Shipping company' call requesting another $400 for insurance, that would be refunded. The shipping company was called, but the website has now been taken down as of 10-15-2020. We went to the location that the website claims as their address - 2495 Main Street, Buffalo NY 14214 - there is no business by this name in the building. Currently phone calls and any inquires are not being answered, and no merchandise has been received.


The website is back up and I fell for it . But I’m dealing with PayPal . But there not any help. I filed with BBB . And next with the FBI
But nothing will be done and we all will be out of the money

SCAM SCAM. My boss orderd rounds of ammo - two invoices, which were promptly sent, and they even called to discuss the order. The issue started when their fake shipping company called and wanted $400 more for insurance on the shipping which would be refunded. Their delivery company "Fast Express Delivery" disappeared from the internet on 10/14/2020 - We did get an email from [email protected] and a gmail account ****, also resolving as Delta Weapons. The Gmail account belongs to a person from India. We do not know if the gmail was highjacked or he is involved, but we did send him a courtesy email to let him know of its association with the Internet Fraud. We also sent a local friend to the location in Buffalo that the website states as the address - there is no business in the facility, and the local NY Police, confirmed that Apple Pay, Apple Cash, or PayPal would never be used by any authorized dealer of ammo or weapons, its actually not allowed (so we have been told). We lost $700 to this Internet Crime.


I lost $500 to them but I’m fighting with PayPal to refund me . My next step is to report PayPal for not stopping the payment when I spent the whole weekend talking to the say it was a scam.

SCAM. I orderd 1000 rounds of 223 ammo for my AR15. They told me that my insurance money was returned to my account. FALSE! and that I had to send another $500 in order for my order to be released. I did some research to find out that the address they use belongs to SPRINT SPECTRUMLp, a phone company in Lockport, NOT Buffalo. Their delivery company "Fast Express Delivery" disappeared from the net after a few of my calls. I called 1-303-800-6417 and I had a conversation with someone with a real thick Hindu accent who wanted me to send more money to a different G-Mail..NOT! BEWARE! SCAMMERS! 10-14-2020 11:53pm.


Sorry man - us too

Victim Location 70068
Type of a scam CryptoCurrency

We tried using Pay Pal....but they said they will only take the money email to them from Pay Pal "Friends & Family" only. Pay Pal told me that if I did it that way I would not be insured if I didn't get the order. The guy at the business said they are too busy to fool with credit cards, etc. After talking to someone at Pay Pal, they said it was in my best interest not to respond to the email, which I did not. Also, I used virtural chat on website with them: Me: I don't see anywhere about a guarantee if don't receive my purchase the way that you want me to send you the money that you want. I need a guarantee in writing, there is nothing on the website about a guarantee. Him: What do you mean? We have a 30 days guarantee or money back Me: I mean if we don't get our purchase.....Him: Yes You get fully refunded. Me: I see nothing on the website about that Him: Well we are telling you now. Me: It should be posted on websiteToday, 12:06 IThis is a red flag to me! He sent a text to my husband, then had to email it to me to get the transaction done. Haven't heard anything from them again after all this humbug.

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This site can’t be reached

Shady, yet now dead: once upon a time this website was reported to be associated with Delta Weapons Store, but after several inspections we’ve come to the conclusion that this domain is no longer active.

This site can’t be reached

Shady, yet now dead: once upon a time this website was reported to be associated with Delta Weapons Store, but after several inspections we’ve come to the conclusion that this domain is no longer active.


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