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Received an invoice via fax. We never signed up for this service, so I called the number. It just beeps and hangs up. The website looks so genuine. This is a scam and these people should be called out.
The invoice amount was 98.80 - as many people have reported here.


Received a fax for SEO/Link Building service in the name of our company with an incorrect billing address of 115, Ridgewood Dr, Landenberg, PA 19350. I searched for the company and found it added in 2018 with no complaints. I did a whois on the domain and found it registered only this month. (Oct 2022). It also has the website as There are other scam reports on this company out there, I'm not sure it's appropriate to add them here, so search google for Delta SEO and scam. The fax caller ID was: 13392108602 / SAUGUS MA.

No way this isn't fake. Never heard of them. And they show up here to boot.


Received an invoice for $98 via my fax number. First I googled the address and realized it was an office in a line of stores. When I googled the company I found this was scam.


We recieved an invoice by fax. We don't use this service.
They have our name & URL wrong. We don't do any bills by fax.
Called the 800 # & I got a busy signal (called out of curiosity)
Sad you have to watch for fake invoices on top of everything else.


Fake invoice for web services in the amount of $98.80. We have never used this company, and again, all of our information listed on the invoice could have easily been sourced from our website. I was about to scan and send the invoice to our actual website company, but decided to Google them instead, and found this site with all of these scam complaints.


Yep, we also received via fax a legit-looking scam invoice from this crooked outfit.


Faxed me a fake bill. What a joke. Never heard of them or used their 'services'. Absolute knobs. $98.80 bill bs.


As a business that receives a number of invoices and having a good tracking system of all vendors, we were concerned that we had somehow overlooked something. The invoice was specific to our business website address, and was put forward as a service to promote our website listing. It claims that we had made a payment last month, and that we had a payment due by the end of this month. We called the number listed on the "invoice", which is an automated line telling you to go to the website. This immediately aroused suspicion, and so went to the BBB website, and had it confirmed that this was a scam.


A faxed fake invoice for our domain address. $98.37


Our accountant received an Invoice from DeltaSEO for a little more than $98.00. The invoice arrived via regular [postal] mail; not email, which made it seem more legitimate.

The accountant came to me [as IT Director], because this was the first time she had seen such an Invoice and wasn't sure if it was a bill she needed to start paying. I checked with our website guy, who we actually pay to do SEO; and he says that he had not out-sourced or used DeltaSEO; and I knew that I had never hired or even heard of this company before. Our website guy suggested it looked like "snail mail SPAM"; and I think he is right.

The invoice did not contain any business details not freely available on the internet; so it would have been very easy for them to grab basic info about our company and website and then add it to a fake invoice.

I went to the website noted on the invoice, to see if I could find out more about this company. I found a phone number. But, when you call, you get a message directing you to send an email. Naturally, this seemed a bit dodgy. I mean: Why would you put a phone number on your website that only has a message directing people to send email? Companies that don't intend to take phone calls, DO NOT stupidly add their phone number to their websites. So it seems likely that the phone number is there, because it makes the website look more legitimate. If not, there does NOT appear to be any other reason for it, unless I am missing something.

Either this company is yet another scam or they simply have no idea what they are doing. Since we are NOT clients of theirs, I cannot imagine that they might accidentally send us an invoice that was intended for one of their legitimate customers. But that is what we would have to assume, unless we conclude that this company is [most likely] a scam. And, even if they are a legit company that actually does real work, they still sent us what appears to be a fake invoice. So I thought I would report it.

Given the relatively low invoiced amount (less than $100), I would NOT be surprised if accounting departments might end up simply paying this bill; rather than trying to take the time to confirm its validity. And this might be the very nature of this scam: I think they are hoping their fake invoice reaches a lazy, over-worked accounting department who, given the relatively small invoice amount, isn't going to bother checking the validity of the payment, before sending. And, if enough accounting departments do this, I imagine this might be a good business for DeltaSEO.

If DeltaSEO turns out to be a legit company, then they need to make a few changes, so they don't look like a scam. And the first thing they need to do is to ensure they don't ask people to send them money, when they are not owed anything, because they have provided no products or services.

- Grand Junction, CO, USA

Our business received an invoice from Delta SEO via fax. Under "Service Summary" there are 4 bullet points itemizing general services they supposedly provide dealing with search engine optimization - not work that was actually done. Our business never retained this company's services, yet they created an account # for us with a due date to pay the amount listed on the invoice. Invoices typically are mailed and not faxed, which was the first red flag. It looked like a legitimate invoice and the invoice amount was not unreasonable. We then called the phone number listed on both the fax and their website to find out what the invoice was in regards to, but it is only a recorded message stating that we needed to send them an email with any questions and they would respond promptly. Per the fax and website, there is no way to communicate with an actual person via phone and no way to leave a voice message - another red flag. Our company did send three emails over a four week period asking them to provide us documentation of work done and/or any agreement or contract we signed authorizing them to provide service. No one ever responded and we did not receive a second invoice.


DELTA SEO claims to offer a Search Engine Optimization service. we received a fax showing a current amount due of $98.37. we did not recognize them so called the number 800 675-6162 to request copy of invoice and got a recording that directed me to the email address [email protected]. I emailed them for a copy of invoice and a W-9 request and got both back which i will attach. When it was discovered that NO One in my company had a record of authorizing this service, I requested an initial request of work by us from them and have yet to hear back from felt like a Scam but i saw they have a beautiful website and looks legit. But then i googled them and found the has a record of a similar negative experience that we have. so i decided to tell our story so others will be WARNED!

- American Fork, UT, USA

We received a phony fax/invoice for SEO work on a static website that was never performed or approved.


This business sent us an email invoice stating that we owed them for work they did on our (corporately owned and operated) website. With some research I found their address to be a shoe repair location. When we tried the phone number listed, it went straight a voicemail voice speaking French.

- Bloomington, IN, USA

Received fake invoice by fax.

exact same amount as previous report... We did not hire anyone for "search engine optimization"

- Portland, OR, USA

A company named DELTA SEO sent a fax that looked very much like an invoice, claiming an amount due of $98.37. It was addressed to a former company name we no longer go by, but is still associated with our website. We have never used this company, never had a contract with this company, and I strongly urge everyone to stay away from DELTA SEO. They've been reported to the Federal Trade Commission for fraudulent business practices.

- North Highlands, CA, USA

nothing to add

- San Luis Obispo, CA, USA

Fake invoice faxed to us with an address for us that is over 10 years old. Says to mail a check for $98.37 for one month of "current amount due" but doesn't say what it is for.

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