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Delta Cargo Logistics

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Delta Cargo Logistics Reports & Reviews (17)


I purchased a teacup Yorkie. He was given to this shipper to deliver from Colorado to Florida. The puppy ended up in Los Angeles and had been a money pit since. I have spent over $14,000 for all of their issues. I paid to bypass quarantine, but ended up in there anyway. Got parvo while in quarantine. Had to pay for meds. Pay to get out of quarantine. Pay for paperwork. Pay state insurance fee. The last thing was, that after microchip they would ship the dog finally. They sent me an itinerary but, now they want a renewed crate rent, like now. I am out of money and the paperwork from the original crate had no time limit. It is 3 weeks now and I’m not even sure there is a puppy... Never Use This Shipper... Has to be a scam... I have asked for proof of the puppy, but have yet to get any. Now I get the enjoyment of filing for bankruptcy.

I am now looking for an attorney to, but was told I need one in California.

This company tried to scam me too...all over a bulldog puppy I found on craigs list..their r three listings

This company tried to scam me over a’s so sad

Unfortunately I didn’t do any research on anything first. I purchased a Cavapoo puppy for $650 a few days ago and was given a tracking number after the seller “shipped” the puppy. The shipping company delta cargo logistics fooled me out of paying $720 for a thermal dog crate. From there I was questioning the whole thing. They told me that the crate sent by the puppy seller wasn’t going to protect the puppy from harsh weather conditions. (The seller claimed to be located in Texas though on his website the address is located in California as well as the shipping company.) After getting the $720 paid, they continued with my order. A few hrs later, the shipping company hit me with another email saying that I needed to pay for the puppy’s city permit and pet license in order for them to enter my state. In my head I asked myself “how did they drive from California to Florida that fast? It’s only been 2 hrs.” I refused to pay them anymore money and they threatened to take me to court for Pet Abandonment. I then started doing more research on Delta cargo logistics and turns out it’s all a SCAM! I contacted my bank and they are investing everything in order to give my money back.

On 8/29/2020 I purchased a dog through dk Labrador retrievers. They made me pay through Zelle or cash app. I was skeptical but did not find any complaints about this company online. I paid for the puppy, then 8/30 I get the shipment info from the "breeder" and it is from delta cargo logistics .org... a few hours later I get an email and phone calls stating that I need to upgrade the crate and vaccinate the puppy all for $750. But, it would be refunded when the puppy arrived and the crate was returned to the shipping company. the shipping company ordered me to pay through Zelle as well and when I told them that I could not do that they offered western union or money gram. The foreign man that I had been talking to at delta cargo logistics got angry with me when I told him I would not send the money. He hung up on me.
I had to tell my son that his new puppy was a scam.

They got me too, did u ever get your money back

Looks like I to have been scammed . Was hoping for a puppy which seems dosnt exists. Told like the as many of you need to pay for shipping crate a puppy shot then insurance. Then I think I have no realized I have been scammed. Worse yet my family didn't know yet and will have to tell them tomorrow.


Did you do anything about the people who sold you the dog? I didn't pay the shipping but wondering what I can do about the "breeder

My story is just like most of the others. Bought a purebred French Bulldog puppy from a "breeder" who then shipped it using this company. I was sent a tracking number and everything seemed legit. The shipper contacted me, telling me I need to buy or rent an air-conditioned crate to ship the pup. A reputable breeder would have known to do this. $900 to buy, $700 to rent. If I rent the crate they will refund the entire amount IN CASH upon delivery. The crate is in their hands the entire time, why would I need to rent or put down a deposit on something that I never take posession of? Then they request the money through Zelle (just like the breeder) who offers no buyer protection. Luckily, I did some research before sending the money and found this website. I contacted the breeder to tell them this shipping company was a scam. He said he was confused because he has used them a lot. Then he told me I was going to the wrong address, that it was, Same website. Owned by the same people. Hosted on the same servers. The .org domain name had been registered less than one month ago.


I ordered a hormone booster online and it was mailed as a discreet package through Delta Cargo the next day I was told it had been opened and there was an illegal substance found inside. I ended up paying over $3,000 to get the package to my house and it was never delivered despite all of the work and money I spent. do not pay this company and single dime

Back in June of 2019 I had came across a guy on facebook who sold pets such as dogs and cats for awesome prices. We then moved the conversation over to Snapchat. He messaged me about 3 times a month with offers.
April 2020 I thought about purchasing a beautiful English Bulldog. I then spoke with this guy and made the purchase of $300 through PayPal. Once done and supposedly sent in the mail, I received an email from Delta Cargo Logistics with my tracking information. I thought I was set. Well the Company sent me another email about an unpaid $250 insurance fee on my discreet package saying I had 48 hours to pay it. I did as instructed through PayPal. A few days later no package and I received an email about being required to put a restricted stamp on it. I had 48 hours to pay the $450 fee, also paid through PayPal. I thought finally I'm getting somewhere until I received another email saying they "opened" the package and found illegal material. Then stating that they would fix it and threaten my life for $3000 and to send it through Bitcoin. I wasn't understanding why there were illegal things in my dog crate. They gave me no choice just 48 hours to send the payment. No shipping company would have you buy bitcoins and transfer the money to them. I was stupid and sent it. Yesterday I received another email asking for a clearance fee of $1500 also to be made in bitcoin which I didn't pay. Only 1 man answered the phone when I called 440 941 8761 the number listed on there website. A Nigerian man picked up everytime and who refused to let me talk to anyone else, wouldn't give me his name, was rude, and pushed me to make payments in short amount of time. When I told the seller what was going on he urged me to make the payment as well. The seller then got mad at me when I said I wasn't going to pay it. Did my research finding out the company is a scam and then used a universal tracker on my package and seeing that it doesn't exist. Once I pointed out that this was frad and a scam they both ghosted me.


We found an ad on craigslist (sorry never trust craiglist) for a french bulldog puppy (11 wks old) and discussed to pay $850 and to pick it up in Indiana. The morning that we talked to the seller about what time we should pick it up he said he had to jump on a flight to Texas but would be will be willing to ship it. We said okay and asked that he send us the tracking number and carrier so we could verify ourselves before we sent the money. He sent a tracking number an hour later saying it was from Delta Cargo Logistics. We then went to the website he sent the tracking number for which looked decently legit called the customer service number (440) 941-8761 and talked to a rep that assured us the package was a french bulldog. Being cautious we said we would be happy to send the money once we received the dog. We sent him our address and names plus a picture of our mail to prove it was our address and told him if he doesn't receive the money within an hour of the scheduled drop off time he is welcome to call the cops. He then got very upset saying he needs the money now or he will call the airline to stop the shipment. We said it's very reasonable for us to pay for this once we've received it and offered a safe third party site Paypal to handle the transaction but he insisted on using Zelle which leaves no insurance for either buyer or seller. We then insisted the seller call us to discuss payment over the phone and the two voices (one from the seller and one from the customer service rep at the shipment place) sounded exactly the same (Nigerian accent). Also, the seller was texting us off "text free" numbers that when you call it says they're text free numbers on the voicemail. THIS SHIPPING COMPANY IS A SCAM and not registered under the better business bureau and any major cargo company would be accredited. Luckily we didn't end up sending any money because we did our research but we wanted to put this out there so no one else gets scammed. Always make sure you ask a lot of questions and definitely don't put down any deposits!

- Grapevine, TX, USA

Purchase of fake pet, shipping company tries to scam you out of money after they arrange for cheap shipping of animal.


Had a package with them that might’ve and might’ve no been discreet,they asked for a $430 fee then I will get the delivery
Then they asked for 780 for insurance needed to proceed my sucker [censored] looked into it and I was pissed and paid for it ..THEN THEY ASKED ME FOR 3,710 dollars to proceed why and the hell would you need that much money to proceed with a shipment ,Then they keep trying to bribe me saying I need to pay it ..It will be refunded back to me after delivery but the truth is the delivery or your item doesn’t exist ..I hope this helps you guys ‭

- Westminster, MD, USA

After finding out I was scammed into buying a kitten that did not exist. A person from this company with a hard Russian accent contacted me on the phone and emailed me at the same asking me for a refundable insurance fee of $590 for the kitten, that did not exist, to be released and shipped to my home. I told them they would have to contact the seller for any money. They also sent me an email stating the same in writing demanding the refundable insurance fee. They did not contact me either way again after I told them no. By then I knew I got scammed all the way around.

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