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• Sep 12, 2022

Credit card debt scam

I was called this morning by a lady named Samantha who had a very heavy possibly South American accent and when I called back a man with the same accent answered the phone by saying hello. He didn’t even answer the phone with the company name. They claim that I have had an account with a bank for a credit card debt since 2015 and then in 2020 I stopped paying them which is not at all true. The account that I have with this certain bank I just opened April of this year And my payments have been on time. I called the bank and they said they don’t have any account back from 2015 and that this sounded like a scam and she gave me the website of identity I called the collection agency or the scammers back and she had called my work and asked for my employers bank account information and when I get paid which is not legal. Furthermore if I did have a debt back from 2015 I have a never left the area and I’ve had the same job so why wouldn’t I have been getting bills from them? I let her know that I knew this was a scam and she told me she was gonna have a process server serve me at my place of work so I better have two forms of ID ready and if I don’t pay this today it’s going to be a judgment against me and I’ll have to go to a hearing and yada yada yada. I know the law and this is not how collections work. These people are scammers through and through!

• May 30, 2022

Scammer's phone 3157565492
Country United States
Type of a scam Credit Cards
Initial means of contact Phone

A woman called said her name was Veronica Dixon on Memorial Day and left a voicemail saying she had a client who would not take any further action if I settled today she called my husband said she would be calling my children and my deceased sister in law who had downs syndrome and never have I used her name anywhere she called my sister in law who is alive and said I had multiple credit cards I wasn't paying and she wasn't going to allow me to get away with this and when my sister in law asked questions she hung up I called her she wanted me to confirm my social security number before she could give me any information and when I asked questions like for her to send information to my home she hung up

• Apr 14, 2022


They called about a debt then the man had the nerve to ask am I on probation or parole how rude...I went along and told them I was on house arrest also that i couldnt leave to work because my monitor...HAHAHA the guy got real nasty threatened to take me to court for a debt that is no longer in statute or even collectible. i found this to be hilarous they did have a lot of personal information so i reported them to the CFPB

• Mar 11, 2022

Ugh, what trash!

They had very old and outdated info about me and called multiple family members trying to get me to call them. It sounded just legit enough to warrant calling them back. Good thing I hae to sense not to give out money unless I have something in writing. They had an old email address on file so I told them to email me whatever they have. They said that they could email me a demand, but if they do it will be too late to pay it and I will have to deal with it in court. They had an old email address on file so I told hem to send it there, which they did. It became really obvious it's a scam at that point. The address on the email is in Georgia as well as the area code they called from. Also they had links in the email that didn't work including the Colorado attorney general. Why Colorado if they're based in Georgia?
BBB has them in Colorado with a warning and recommendation to file a complaint against them.
They knew a lot about me and my family. They must do a lot of research to sell their scam.

• Feb 16, 2022

Weird Scammers?

These people called multiple times in one day saying that they were going to come to my house and my job because there were two allegations against me. Never said anything else about the said “allegations.” They just said I needed to call them back. They also called my family members as well! Scared the Hell out of them with someone saying there are allegations against me and they will come to my job and house. Crazinesses.

• Dec 27, 2021


I received a call from this agency they said that I was being sued and that I was going to a hearing if I don't pay today I asked for proof and they were not able to provide it...They don't know I'm an attorney I set up a payment plan with the intent to sue them after my first payment clears. Also, she had the worst English and real nasty attitude with an accent I think this is a scam. But I guess we will see I also contacted all three credit bureaus

• Jun 30, 2022

I am also getting calls from them. Pretty sure it’s an old debit we filed bankruptcy on years ago. They’re saying it’s a credit card in 2017 and we never opened in credit then. I am for the Original contract for the credit card, he said that is what court is for. I told him they were a scam and stop calling me…then he proceeded to call my son and daughter after talking to me.

• Dec 22, 2021


I received a call from them saying they had two allegations against me and were going to file a judgment and garnish my wages. Any legal debt collector knows you can't just go to automatically filing and gaining a judgment. I have rights and have a right to dispute. I asked for documentation to be sent to me and they said they already had. They had all my information. Calm voice but she said some very inappropriate things. She said she'd check with her supervisor but they don't have to send the information again. I said, yes, they do. They wanted me to settle right then and there. After looking further into my documents, I discovered I paid this debt off in 2016. They also said they'd play this recording in court. I said I hope you do. By the way, I'm a court reporter and I work for a judge and I know my rights regarding this. No judge wants a case like this when all I've asked for is the documents. Good luck proving you sent it to me when it wasn't sent by certified mail. They also accused me of stalling.


I received a call from a foreigner about a debt that was not in statue and I already paid it they told me that if I paid it then it wouldn't be here. Very rude and could barely speak English its sad that they are trying extort me out of money that I already paid. I paid it again so that I can get name of the real company which is The Delegates Group but they called from another company name I called bank to get my money back. I will be suing I spoke with a Mr. Sanders he seems to be the only American but he was rude and nasty with me


Victim Location 88345
Type of a scam Debt Collections

I have been called by Delegates Group from the 505 number and threatened with a suit from their client Midland Financial regarding a payday loan I supposedly took out in September of 2011 and went into default in March of 2012. They had a lot of personal information like my the last 4 of my social security number, my phone number, my work number. Was told I owed $826.14 and that I could do a settlement then got transferred to a supervisor then offered a settlement amount of $573.75 had to pay half at that moment, I didn't commit and was given the 1-866 number to call by a certain date and time and if I didn't respond by then, then they would go forward with the law suit against me.


Victim Location 33917
Total money lost $800
Type of a scam Debt Collections

Was called and told that I had 2 allegations against me and if I did not call them they would have me picked up by police. When i called them they said I owed them for loan finance with a bank and had all my information. I was told i had 2 options, i could pay it all at once, or I could pay 25% and pay over time to pay back the debt.

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