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Debt Collections

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Debt Collections Reports & Reviews (61)

• Nov 01, 2022

Loan Account # A067/2020

Due Amount- $978.00

Settlement Amount-$600(November 11th 2022)

We already contacted you several times regarding your unpaid loan account but failed to receive any response from your side.

We are ready to file a lawsuit against you and report this to major credit bureaus and inform the IRS regarding this lawsuit.

Before proceeding ahead, this is your final chance to settle this debt outside the courthouse.

We just want to know your clear intention in regards to the above mentioned loan account whether you are willing to take care of it or not?

We are also willing to provide you with a payment arrangement or one time settlement according to your convenience.

Please respond ASAP as you have two business days to respond.

• Oct 25, 2022

Affirm has sent me multiple emails trying to collect $228.82 for a 3/22/22 purchase via Amazon. They will not send me a bill or answer what the purchase was. Then a letter mailed on 6/6/22, does not have that information either. It does not even have a telephone number. Amazon says to beware of them and not give any information. Amazon also says that I made no purchases in March 2022. When I go on line to try you get a customer service number, non are listed. When I try to contact them through their online electronic help number, it fails, Now they have sent my account to Tue Accord (866) 611-2731 a collection agency who will not answer questions.

I am 72 years old, well off and have NEVER not paid a bill or have even been delinquent. These people are SCAMMERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

• Oct 19, 2022

This has been going on since September. Saying I have a payday loan and that they are a debt collector. I don’t have any payday loans!! They have my home address, phone number etc. I looked at the email address that all emails where sent to me from. And it’s a gmail account… saying that I had the choice to pay in full or break it up in to small payments over time.. they even went as far as to send me an invoice to a link where it could be paid! Told me they contact my place of employment and I could face jail time for failure to pay.. they do not provide a phone number that can be called in the email. Only time a phone number was listed, was on the invoice that was sent to me.. I ran a phone number that was given to me via the invoice.. And it does not come up with anything.. Obviously if it was a valid debt something would be sent via mail! Not email!! This group needs to be shut down!

• Oct 11, 2022

This facility contact me and left a voicemail stating that some certified mail had been returned. They left a call back number and a reference number. When I called, they identified themselves as a mitigation firm that was trying to settle out of court for an account I supposedly had. I requested documentation so that I could investigate and he scheduled another time to call me back the next day (today). I received documentation via document processing review and sign from a "Do not reply" ([email protected]). Document Processing [email protected] has requested your signature.

I have obtained all 3 copies of my credit report and none of them list the company name or account number. When I called me today I informed him that I have no proof of every owning such an account and he asked if I checked my reports b/c the info was pulled right from there. When he called today, caller ID showed "Private." Also, the credit card they claimed I had was supposedly a Citibank and was spelled (Ciitbank). The letter was addressed to me (name) but used an address that I've never lived at. He also verify my social, DOB, and full name.

• Oct 10, 2022

As I reached out to this number a lady answered. I asked her what her company name was(She hung up).

I called a second time, rang several times. Male answered telling me I have a outstanding unpaid debt and if Id like to pay this debt now. I wasnt polite. This debt he was feffering to I already paid and settled in full with another company. Unfortunately I still didnt get the name of this company that is seeking money for a debt I already paid...

• Sep 29, 2022

I received a letter from B&G Zhang Properties out of Winnsboro, LA. Envelope post marked Shreveport, LA. Inside the envelope had a bill from Canyon Estates Community Assoc. For billing questions it said to call 800-414-9455. That number is for the company Mission Association Financial. The document goes on to say please mail payment to: Canyon Estates Community Assoc, C/O Otis and Associates, PO BOX 80037, City of Industry, CA 91716. Also included in the mailed enveloped was a Community News brochure from Canyon Estates.

• Sep 28, 2022

On September 21, 2022 I was left a message from what sounded like a pre recorded message from phone number 1-208-593-6716 Boise, Idaho at 1:09 P.M. saying (This message is for my name and it seems we have exhausted all resources to try to reach you in regards to a collection matter in our office. There were several attempts by the creditor for you to respond and handle the situation. This has been our attempt to get your attention on this account before it has been deemed a delivered account to evade this issue. Contact Karen Miller at 1-833-486-0392 if you wish to gather more information to handle this account.) When I listened to the message on September 22, 2022 I called this number and a lady answered by saying hello. I asked to speak to Karen Miller and she said who is this. I told her I was my name and then she started screaming at me and said my last four digits of my social and said right and I said yes and she said see ya in court and hung the phone up. I called the number back with Mr. Anderson answering the phone. I asked to speak to Karen Miller and he hung up in my face. I called back again and Justin answered the phone and I asked what Company was this and he said Recovery Management, so I asked for Karen Miller and he hung up in my face. Everyone answers by saying hello (no company name) So I called back again and Karen Miller answered the phone. I started speaking fast telling her who I was and I wanted detailed information on what she was talking about. She said she would see me in court with Easy Money and hung up. I tried calling back numerous times and no one would answer the phone anymore. I then called the Better Business Bureau in Birmingham, Alabama and reported this problem and was told this was already a reported scam company. The told me to go online and report this. I do not no anything about owing or anything about these companies. No one has ever contacted me by mail or phone about Easy Money or Recovery Management. I don't have any derogatory reports or anything bad or outstanding on any of my credit reports. I'm afraid my identity and social security las been stolen. I have also reported this to Equifax, Experian and TransUnion. When doing this I found that I was involved in a Breach with Equifax. My personal info was exposed. I don't know what to do about any of this. But I'm really scared about my Identity being stolen and how it could affect my future.

Robo call: Disruption of services in the next 30-45 minutes. Press #1 to speak with a live representative at our billing and collections department. I didn't answer the call, it went to voice mail. They are spoofing Center Point phone number.

I received a “Primary notice for garnishment” FROM UNITED LAW FIRM. There was no attorney name or information regarding the amount owed just saying pay $1385 or settle account for $850 today. I asked for clarification on what debt was for and they gave me payday loan companies. I called each one to verify if money was owed to them and was told no….that this was a scam! Not sure what next step is?

They’re threatening me using derogatory language, calling me five times a day literally everyday I have all the proof in my phone , I’ve asked them to remove my number , to stop calling but they just start calling me more !!

They called by 73-year-old mother in reference to a debt that occurred in 2002 on a mobile Home. The man asked her to settle/pay the debt by phone $6500.00. He also said if she did not pay, he would take her to court and take her car. He had her current address, name and the last four #'s of her social security number. This company also called my sisters business and asked for my mother's PO Box #. I called the company at 866-846-0464 and asked for the company address, they would not give it to me and by the end of the call he said "you sound like a person that needs to be sued" he knew my name, company name that I was calling from my office phone and my bosses name. I ask several times for his company name and fax number, he refused and then hung up on me.

Scammer sent an email, stating an arrest warrant will be sent out if I don’t pay my pay day loan off. I needed to get a American Express Rechargeble card and put 200 on it today. Stated if I didn’t pay, the law suit would be in affect August 30. I asked to see original loan agreement and nothing else sent.

These people leave this threat each time:


When I block the number they are able to call me without having the phone ring. They constantly call even when I skip their message on my voice mail. I am debt free, by God's Grace.

- Sedro Woolley, WA, USA

Leaving msg that I am being sued. I spoke to a person who would not give me his name several months ago. Told me I owed money from a credit card but had no information other than a dollar amount. Told him I never had this card, and there is nothing on my credit report as I keep an eye on my credit report every year, He did tell me the debt was from 2006. OK This is 2019.Told me If I did not pay today over the phone I would be sued. Would not give me a mailing address or fax number. So I Blocked the number. Now several months later the same place different phone number is calling and leaving msg on family members phones saying I am being sued. I called the Alternative Resolutions Services back, spoke to Mary Williamson who hung up on me when I asked for the mailing address. This is the most horrible harassing crime. Seriously can people just randomly call anyone they want and leave threats of lawsuit towards a person on other peoples phones? The original phone calls from months ago are disconnected and were from a different state, but the message and voice is the same as now. I have spoke to an attorney. Yes this is a crime. They must provide you their registration number (must be registered in the state you live), mailing address and detailed information about any said debt. They cannot contact third parties and provide lawsuit information. Hopefully one day dethese people will be caught. Until then I cannot find any way to stop the calls to family and friends!!!!! No way to find address, no business license, no way to correctly lawfully write to them to stop harassment. Have never owed the debt they stated. Just randomly searching for anyone with my same name.

Fake debt collections from Callahan and Associates  Agent stated I owed approximately 5,000 for a vehicle that was financed over 18 years ago. Said that actions were being taken to seize my 2019 state and federal tax return. Complete BS. She had my name and address and said they had previously sent something in the mail which was also BS. Someone needs to stop this kind of shady, disgraceful leeches that we allow to function and operate under that flag I defended for 21 years while serving in the Army.

- Columbus, OH, USA

Call this number or face legal action was the message left.

Received multiple calls and each time it left a voicemail that I will be taken into custody as there are four serious allegations on my name. It then said to call to discuss case before any legal action is taken against me. The area code originates from Milton, FL and I am in Atlanta, GA. The voicemail also starts as if it’s already halfway through, so whoever recorded it missed the beginning of their scam.

Hello ***, I have tried to call you for the discharge of your debt. I have your eligibility requirements. Please call me directly 855-899-7877 stop2stop This is the second text I received.

A woman called me on my cell phone and didn't leave her name, she said that I was being sued by a Payday Loan company and that I owed $400 for a payday loan that I allegedly applied for in 2012, in the summer. This is the second time that I received a call from this number, she also left a case #273647, she claimed that she was representing the Loan company as their Litigator. I called back and I got a message stating that the mailbox was full and I couldn't leave a voice-mail. I also looked up this telephone number she called from and it was "invalid", I also did a search on yahoo and couldn't find out who this person was, I don't know how they got my cell number, I didn't get a payday loan back in 2012. Please advise me on this matter.

- West Babylon, NY, USA

They continue to call and say that i owe them money for yellow pages even though i have canceled the account years ago and they are non stop calling us. They told us to call 18776825310 extension 618 and speak to Bill Parks

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