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David Johnson (Dave Johnson)

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David Johnson (Dave Johnson) Reports & Reviews (13)

• Dec 29, 2022

Still scamming as of 12-29-22!

Got a random text message this morning from someone claiming to be Dave Johnson the power ball winner of $699.8 million, supposedly randomly selecting me to win a million dollars. Immediately knew it was probably a scam & googled & discovered these scam results. The scammer claimed Jose Amaya at #15206003162 is the agent I am supposed to contact to give my info to so they can scam me out of whatever bogus fee that i am obviously not going to pay them. This is an especially messed up scam to run during the holidays! Please be careful out there & never give your personal info out to these crooks!
Still scamming as of 12-29-22!

• Nov 08, 2022


They told me my winnings was 30,000 and I needed to pay for the delivery of the money and I sent them money and I'm on disability my husband has 4stage cancer they just wanted more money itold them I didn't have no money they kept telling go get the money I don't understand people like that. I thought you help people they just want to take take they scammer and you tell them no I'm they in text in ya wanting more be I have never seen in somebody in as an cold so as they been I want my money by

• Nov 06, 2022

Tried to scam me through Instagram

Someone pretending to be lottery winner Dave Johnson started following me on Instagram. He messaged me this morning that I won $30K from his lottery winnings. I told him nothing was free and he was a scammer. He replied that this is real. After I responded that I wasn’t sharing my info or sending him money to collect my so called reward. Too bad he didn’t respond. I was ready to tell him to meet me at my local police station to celebrate my good fortune.

• Aug 15, 2022


BEWARE YOU ALL! I like to entertain them up until the part they ask for personal information or money!

• Jul 10, 2022

Scammer's phone Messanger
Scammer's website Facebook
Country United States
Type of a scam Sweepstakes/Lottery/Prizes
Initial means of contact Social media (e.g., Facebook)

Got this friend request from a Dave Johnson on Facebook, saying I was selected to receive part of his winnings of 30,000. Started to reply then got asked for ID and stupid me sent it. Then going further they eventually said I needed to pay all this money so it can be sent. At that time something told me this is not right, so my boyfriend said to look him up and there are scam alerts all over google. So I stopped talking to him/them but they now have my ID. I also have a screenshot of all the messages.

• Jun 30, 2022

30,000 for 1st 2,000 followers on Instagram

Had me pay a fee of 187 then wanted an extra 350 just for the tracking number. Keeps texting asking for the fee.
30,000 for 1st 2,000 followers on Instagram
30,000 for 1st 2,000 followers on Instagram
30,000 for 1st 2,000 followers on Instagram
30,000 for 1st 2,000 followers on Instagram

• Jun 22, 2022

Victim Location 85006
Type of a scam Sweepstakes/Lottery/Prizes

Someone posing as David Johnson the lottery winner from New York is giving away 75000$


I am a victim of thus scam as well. $285.. I have all the text communications and screenshots of my payments but, low and behold no FedEx no winnings. I was even sent an email supposedly from FedEx starting a delivery was pending. I personally want to see this game burn. I sacrificed a day of work waiting for nada. I am livid!


Apparently the scammer is impersonating the real Dave Johnson on Facebook. Be careful and don’t accept a friend request from him. No millionaire in their right mind would want to have random friends.


call from a David Johnson, ref: civil case against me. did not mention what company he worked with or the client. I needed to retain an attorney to resolve the matter to contact him at 833-739-0507


Victim Location 58102
Type of a scam Sweepstakes/Lottery/Prizes

I got an email from David Johnson, supposed to have won $298,000 Powerball in NY. But the picture shows him at a Casino with a winning lottery check. The email says I am receiving this email correspondence from Kevin Patel 513-909-8112, Financial Manager, [email protected] for David Johnson's money w/Nationwide Bank U.S. It says I've been chosen along with four other people for disbursement fund to his foundation. He's supposed to give 5 million dollar checks to five people. The catch is they want me to pay $520 for a courier. He says he's from Columbus, Ohio. He said there are three Nationwide banks in Columbus, Ohio. Yesterday I asked him three questions; how did he get my name, he said he didn't know. Then I asked if he would accept a money order, he said no it would have to be wired. I asked him if he was at home or at the office. He kept talking, I told him to shut up. I asked him to send me a text of the check from Nationwide. Then I told him he was a scammer.


I found him on Instagram saying he was giving 30,000 to his first 500 followers and had videos and pictures of people with the money. He messaged me and everything seemed legit but then he said buy a $70 amazon gift card. If hadn’t said that I would have felt for it. What I wonder is whether people were just using his identity or if he was also behind the scam

Victim Location 30349
Total money lost $1,000
Type of a scam Tech Support

Rec'd call April 30, 2018; advised may have trojan/hackers on my laptop that may affect laptop(2), emails, cell phones, internet router, printer, TVs, etc. and may also affect bank/credit cards. He stated I paid $799 on May 5th 2016 or 2017 to Instant Resolve (vendor for Microsoft) for 3-year service agreement. He requested and obtained access to computer and showed me csrss (?) in Task Manager, and stated that it was a trojan and that all virus protection had been "stopped". Also stated, Anti-Hacking Corporation is a gov't obtained company that would be working on my problem because nothing was wrong with the computer; therefore, he (Instant Resolve Inc.) could only help if something was wrong with computer. He placed me on hold and contacted Anti-Hacking for help. Requested I obtain $499 Google Play card so that Anti-Hacking could install McAfee Norton on each affected item. I purchased two $500 cards, scratched and provided serial numbers via phone; additional cards were not purchased. On May 1, 2018, he called and asked if I had obtained the additional cards. Since I had not, he stated nothing could not move forward because Anti-Hacking had prepared for ALL items (including funds) to be completed. I asked if the $1000 could repair the main items affected. Stated that would not work and no further attempt would be made and funds were lost. I would supposedly, be refunded $499 from Instant Resolve because they could not fix problem; and funds on google cards would be refunded to my credit account after resolution was obtained by Anti-Hacking Team Corp., who would only need to use $499.99 to purchase and install Norton McAfee on each devise ($499 x 4).

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