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Victim Location 44483
Type of a scam Employment

Miss Rekha Vasitta

Active 20m ago


How are you doing today?

I'm doing great! Thank you for asking. How are you?

I'm good. I believe you are available and ready for the interview and briefing ? You will get to know about the company and what the responsibilities entails.


Before we proceed, The position available is full time and part time Virtual Assistant,Data Entry, Customer service and Administrative Assistant. Which are you applying for?

I'm interested in the part-time/ full- time Virtual Assistant position and Administrative Assistant.

Very well then, Let's get started.

Have you ever done an online interview from home before ?

I apologize, I have never done an interview this way before. I am currently at work and won't be home until later this evening around 6PM. Would I be able to interview around that time? I'm VERY interested in this position.

Alright.. The name of the company is DataBees. Just follow the briefing and you can ask questions when I am through, and also let me know when you have finished reading and understanding every line. You will be allowed to ask questions later. With each line just respond with an "Okay''...Clear?

Ok i will be available by then

Clear! Thank you so much!

Hello! I just got home from work is now a good time?


i am Rekha Vasitta, One of the company's Research Specialist and I would be the one to brief you about the position and the company. Please introduce yourself indicating your full name, sex, indicate if you are above 20 and where are you located?

Nice to meet you

Next would be the briefing about the job and I advise you read with care. Okay?


DataBees is a startup based in San Francisco with a distributed team across the US and Europe and offices in India and the Philippines.


We’re calling BS on databases and AI/”mac hine learning” lead generation software. The information is expensive and out-of-date. Usually, SDRs still have to clean up that data and then go prospect deeper because in today’s world buyers live online. Having their name, company, email and title doesn’t cut it anymore to get attention or replies.


What does work are real plays from a playbook, like using a high/low strategy or getting creative with highly personalized emails or video, maybe combined with some direct mail. However, SDRs are still stuck cleaning up data and doing manual tasks, wasting 15-17 hours/week, while the company is losing $30/rep/hour. Super inefficient.


We know that humans are the best way to prospect. We can help you outsource prospecting and other back office support to our worldwide team of over 150 lead researchers, 100% of which have college degrees and are fluent in English and your account manager is in your timezone.


We’re solving the problem of helping your SDRs cut through the noise by getting them the information they need to book meetings.


This is strictly an online job and from home, which means you will be working from home. Hours are flexible and you can also chose to work from anywhere of your choice,the pay is $35 per hour during full working hours and the training is $15 per hour and will be getting your payment weekly via check or direct deposit, if you are employed you are going to be working full time or part time.


RESPONSIBILITIES/DUTIES: Heavy Data entry/Customer services/Administrative tasks Updating client information in computer system Running and processing multiple documents utilizing Microsoft Word, Excel, and Access Inputting purchase orders Other various administrative tasks, Inputs information from a variety of sources into a computer database. May take customer orders and enter them into a pre-established tracking system, Assignments will be sent to you via e-mail or IM and you will report directly to your immediate supervisor.


KEY REQUIREMENT: Applicants for this role will need to be familiar with relevant software packages and have a good typing speed. They will need to have strong analytical skills and excellent organizational skills. They will also need to be able to operate other forms of equipment such as printers and a tape machine. They should also to be able to work to deadlines and use their own initiative


I assume you have no issues with all stated above and can handle the Job duties if you are being hired and trained towards it ?

No issues at all! Willing to learn and ready to work.

Alright. You will undergo a one week training from your training supervisor, he or she will training you on how to work with the programs accurately .Your training is going to be done online through your pc and phone.


The supervisor, who would be attached to you online, he/she would assign logs of duty daily and you would be required to work according to instructions.To know more about the company please visit you have 5 minutes to go through it. Once done do let me know so we can proceed further.

Okay, I’ve gone through it.

Alright. The next section of the interview is called question and answer section. You are required to use your own words structure in answering all questions, also you're to end every answer with (DONE) Letting me know you are on the next question.


Here are the interview questions, your answers should start coming in one after the other as soon as possible.

1. Do you have a job presently? If yes, what position do you occupy with the company?

2. Are you seeking for part time or full time job?

3. Do you have a military background or military status?

4. What are your greatest strength and weakness?

5. Can you work under stress and pressure ?

6. How would you describe yourself?

7. What is your highest educational diploma ? and When did you receive your highest educational diploma?

8. Are you seeking employment in a company of a certain size and how long do you intend working for this company ?

9. What do you regard as the biggest challenges and opportunities facing a firm today and how to improve services?

10. What do you understand by privacy and code of conduct,How do you handle conflict? What are your career goals?

11. When Did You Have to Deal With Conflict in the Office, and How Did You Resolve It?

12. What do you understand by Disbursement and Reimbursements Of Funds?

13. Do you have an idea of how to use ms excel? What is your typing speed?

14.How much training do you think you'll require becoming a productive employee?

15. Give me 3 genuine and specific reasons why you should be hired by the company ?

1. Yes, I currently work for Fred Martin of Youngstown. I am the Customer Retention Specialist. (Done)

2. I am seeking part time employment. (Done)

3. No, I do not. (Done)

4. My greatest strengths would be that I’m very driven, proactive, optimistic and friendly. My greatest weaknesses would be that I’m at times my worst critic and at times can worry about menial things.(Done)

5.Yes, I currently work in a very cut and dry, fast paced environment. I love the atmosphere, it’s at times challenging and very rewarding!

6. I would describe myself in several words but one I believe would describe me best, genuine. I strive for the best in everything I do.

7. My High School Diploma and I received my diploma in 2014. (Done)

8. Im grateful to be hired from any size company, size doesn’t matter to me. If hired, I plan to work for this company for a long time. This is the perfect job for my family and I. (Done)

9. The biggest challenges a firm faces today I believe, is within the firm. It’s in my humble opinion that communication amongst staff members should be optimal as well as punctual notes and great service to it’s customer’s. In order to improve services, I believe there are outside things you can’t control but we as a firm need to have things within organized and in control to the best of our ability to be as successful as possible. Excuses get us no where. (Done)

10. I understand this company handles a lot of personal information and that the information we handle MUST be kept private, MUST be handled correctly and MUST be handled with care. I also understand there are consequences that come with handling another person’s information carelessly. As for the code of conduct, I understand they are a guideline for employees to implement in action and are set in place to insure an optimal, ethical and successful business environment! I handle conflict well, I’m aware that when conflict arises I may not be able to control the circumstance but I have self-control. My career goals would be that I’d like to one day own my own business. (Done)

11. Conflict I experienced in the office was recently with a salesperson that documented false information about a conversation that was said to have taken place in regards to a follow up about a service issue with a customer that just purchased a vehicle from our dealership. It was documented in our CRM database. I had spoken with the customer on the phone and they said had never spoken with the salesperson before and that their issues were never resolved. I politely called the salesperson and asked questions about the false documentation and as to why it was done. Then, I explained that this was something I was going to bring to my manager’s attention and that it was nothing personal but that because of our careless decisions we could lose a customer. (Done)

12. I understand that disbursement means to give out funds and reimbursement means to give funds back. (Done)

13. Yes! I use ms excel daily! My typing speed is 44 words per minute! (Done)

14. As much as need, I am always willing to learn in order to grow successfully and professionally. I am a fast learner and I’m dedicated to getting the job done well! (Done)

15. I should be hired by the company, I believe, because I am very proactive, driven and honest! (Done)

From the brief glance on our website and all i told you about the company, What can you tell me about (DataBees)?

DataBees is all about “out with the old and in with the new”, saving inquiring companies money and having a team that works well together! We handle the heavy stuff so an inquiring business can have the information they need with up to date technology! DataBees has a very complex system yet simplistic in approach for any inquiring company to get started for optimal results. The steps include, first assessment, set up and finally lead delegation. Also, I read on the website that your able to find accounts, emails, and very hard to find information. (Done)

Well you've been impressive so far and I think you will be a perfect fit for this position. I need you to hold on online because i need to forward our conversation to the Head Dept to enable them see if you are committed and good for this job. The review process will take 30-60mins...Standby and Make sure you are available Okay ?

Okay, thank you!

I am back now and I have your interview percentage scored and consideration stand is available now on my desk..Are you ready to know your stand?


You scored (84%) on the question's answered and for your consideration stand. Congratulations the company has decided to give you a chance for you to work for the company and will like to see your diligence,Charisma,Commitment to this job and be a productive employee.

Wow! Thank you so much!

I’m so excited!

Myself and the entire Board of Directors welcome you to DataBees!

Thank you so much! This is an amazing opportunity and I can’t wait to start!

Alright.. You will work Full Time from Mon-Fri 8am-4pm and Part Time will be Mon-Fri 8am-2pm, Which preferred position will be most suitable for you?

The Mon-Fri 8am-2pm works best!


Starting salary of which you will be paid $35 per hour during working hours and $15 during training hours.


What Bank Do you Operate with to see if it tallies with the company's official salary payment account ?

Seven Seventeen Credit Union

BENEFITS : DataBees has significant experience in providing accounting and auditing services to established 401 ,403 (b), pension, profit sharing and health and welfare plans. Benefits for eligible worker include: Health, Dental, Life and AD&D Insurance, Employee Wellness and 401k plans.Paid Time Off and Holidays with Generous Company Discounts.

Okay, great! Will I receive these benefits even if I’m part time?

You will be eligible to this benefits after one month of working with the company Okay?

Okay, great!

All this will take place regarding when you working materials have been made ready and delivered to you..Is that clear?

Yes! What exactly is being sent?

In the mean time i need you to provide me the following information.

Name :

Address :

City :

State :


Cell # :

Active Email ID :

So they can be registered for proper documentation and also send you the position letter of agreement.

Ok. You will be updated once it as been registered for documentation

Okay, great!

Hi Shaunna

I just sent you the contract letter of agreement which you are required to fill, sign, scan and email back to me so i can forward it to the head dept for final documentation.

I believe you can get it done right away and join me back online here to proceed with further briefing on how to get started ?

Okay, I’m reading all of the information now.


I responded to the email with “I accept the offer”, I don’t have a printer/fax machine at home yet. I attempted to fill out the form by clicking on the page.

I can't find the signed page and you did not include your professional reference.

I just emailed my references back to you now. I don’t have a printer/fax machine at home yet, would I be able to fill, sign, scan and email the form to you tomorrow while at work?

Or is there another way to sign the form via email?

You can get it done tomorrow if that will be more convenient.

Okay, thank you so much! I’ll have it done first thing in the morning!

Alright then. That will be all for now.

You are required to report online here at 8 am your time tomorrow morning to proceed with further briefing on how to get started and more.

Have a wonderful night!

Okay, thank you so much you too!

Good morning, Miss Rekha!

Good Morning Shaunna

How are you doing today?

I'm doing good, thank you for asking! How are you this morning? I'm at the office now about to scan and email this information back to you.

I am fine thank you. Please let me know once done.

Just sent everything over!

Received. Please standby


Sorry for keeping you waiting Shaunna

You're okay!

I believe you are available and ready to proceed with today's briefing on how to get started?

Yes! I'm ready.

To enable you start training and work properly, there are working equipment and software's which are required for this job and position this is because you will be working from home and you will not be using any of your equipment due to the new version of software's that is required for this job.


You will be provided with the following office equipment below for the set up of your Online mini office at home.

Brand new Laptop with the company logo on it.

Microsoft Lifechat Headset, Model: LX3000

All in one printer,scanner and fax machine

Mini office stationaries Laminating machine w/5 Cartridges Fellowes Micro-shred Confetti-cut paper shredder


Work Crosschecker software

Software for accuracy, Speed of data processing, Time Monitoring, and Effectiveness,(4 in one Zebra ZM 400vvBarcode Printer, Cards, Net suit, and briefcase e.t.c

All at no cost to you.


I do believe you are familiar with most of the software programs?

Yes! I'm so excited!

Alright. For this equipment's to be acquired,the company will be sending you your start-up funds via "CHECK" from the company Bank/Financier which will be deposited by you. You are to take your signing bonus fee and the rest will be deposited into vendor(shipping agent) account or be sent to the vendor in charge of your mini office equipment for shipping based on delivery area.


The funds are coming through you for you to get your legal signup bonus and also for you to make the payment directly to the vendor because all receipts and tellers are always kept in records for payroll analysis in the accounts department for all workers.

Having your direct contact details will also enable the vendor be able to assist you with support when necessary and it will be easier to get supplies in the future or upgrades when necessary.

The company will shoulder the bills regarding the full office set up you will be needing to become a productive employee. Understood?


NOTE: All software programs are to be purchased from a local software vendor, which the company's new staffs have been buying from for years now. So you will be notified of the local software vendor you are to purchase the software programs from as soon as you have the funds ready to make the purchase Okay?


The software vendor will be responsible for installing the software and any updates and patches. They will also need to perform manual data backups and secure the data to meet the company's standards as well as branding the items with the Company's logo.


The company can prepare the check in two (2) different ways, which is via mailing to you through USPS/FedEx, also it can be prepared in PDF format for mobile deposit through your bank app and PDF format check to be sent to your email for you to have it printed out as it is more faster and efficient.

The mobile deposit it's as easy as snapping a photo.

Open [email protected]®.

Enter the deposit amount and choose your account.

Take photos of your endorsed check.

Get confirmation of your deposit.

Which method do you prefer?

USPS/FedEx, I prefer.

Please standby

Hi Shaunna


I just got an update now that for now due to not much employees scheduled for payment, the company is not mailing out checks this week or next but only issuing check in PDF format for mobile deposit only. I believe you have no issues with that?

Yes, I'm not entirely sure how to do that. Would I call my bank to walk me through?

That won't be necessary as i will provide instructions on how to get it done correctly Okay


Alright. All you are to do when you receive the check is to have it deposited into your account immediately and the funds will be available in your account within 24hours or the next business day. Is that clear.?


Once funds are available in your account I will be referring you to the authorized vendor which every employee have been making purchase from for years now. You will be making payment to them and they will have all needed shipped to you for next day delivery to enable you can start working as soon as possible.

okay, great!

NOTE: The handling of the Company funds and properties such as the Check is your first and number one physical task to be given to you by the Accounting department, Therefore you are to follow all instructions accordingly so as to have good conduct and this will show how attentive and committed you will be towards your Job as well as how reliable you are when handling the company's funds..Is that clear.?


Are you comfortable with all I have said,and should the check be sent to you ? Are you very reliable with company funds ?

Yes! I'm going to my email now.

How would you like your name to appear on the company's check?

Shaunna Freeman

All we need from you is good work and trust and you will enjoy every moment working with us. Please be on standby while the accountant prepare the check.

Sure! Please, this offer has been so great and I'm so excited to work with the company. Is it possible, because this is my first time with the remote interview process that I can speak with someone from the company this feels too good to be true. Just as a precaution for myself before I give my banking information out? I'm just a little nervous that's all.

Alright then. You will get a call shortly.

Thank you so much. Is there a specific phone number?"

Victim Location 10546
Type of a scam Employment

Dear X

Please find attached PDF documents, containing your contract of employment.

Kindly note that It's important to take the time to carefully evaluate the offer, so you are making an informed and educated decision to accept the offer.

You are required to review, sign and return back compulsorily with Three Professional References(Name and Phone#).

Soniya Jain. | DataBees

Research Specialist


Mail: 2443 Fillmore St, San Francisco, CA 94115

Sent from Melissa Isabel Garcia , 914-987-8977, on call Professional Educator.

Begin forwarded message:

From: Soniya Database

Date: May 15, 2019 at 6:06:23 PM EDT

To: [email protected]

Subject: HELLO

Good Afternoon

I am Crawford Bowlan an online recruiter and resume database register-er/distributor. I am glad to inform you that your resume posted on {} has been reviewed by the HR Dept at {DataBees} and you have been shortlisted for an online interview with one of the company's Research Specialist, Miss soniya Jain.

The position available is full time and part time Virtual Assistant, Data Entry, Customer service and Administrative Assistant.

To participate:

If you do now have a Gmail Address, you required set up an account with GMAIL and download Google Hangout Messenger on your P.C or Mobile Phone and add the Research Specialist, Miss soniya Jain on this ID {[email protected]

}. You are to message her for the Job Interview on google hangout messenger through that username and she will be online to discuss the Job Details, Pay Scale,Benefits and company during your online interview and briefing which will last for about an hour.

Your verification code is (DB/1313), this would serve as your identification number throughout the online hiring process.

Interview Schedule: Online.

Interview Manager: Miss soniya Jain.

Paid Training is Available.

You are to contact here at your convenience but note that your swift and timely response matters a lot in this beneficial position and feel free to contact the hiring manager at {[email protected]}.

I wish you the best of Luck with the Interview and we look forward to having you on the team.

Best regards,

Resume Database


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