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Data Check of America Inc.

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Data Check of America Inc. Reports & Reviews (7)

They said that I had a NSF check for $6 from 1997 and they wanted me to pay $178 after fees. They threatened that this would be turned over to an attorney and I would then owe attorney fees on top of the $178. They said I can make 2 payments of $88 and they would send me a pay off letter. They also said that I have been sent to Check Systems. It scared me a bit so I gave them my debit card info and told them to take out the $88 on my next 2 pay periods. After doing research and calling the bank the check was from I cancelled my debit card. This is unacceptable behavior, they call my phone at least 3 times a day and I finally answered today. Hopefully I caught the scam in time before they suck my account dry.

- Decatur, GA, USA

I have been receiving call from these people have been contacting me regarding a returned check from 10/2003 to *** **t. At first I was suspicious because it has been 13 years and now they called me for a check that I don't recall even bouncing. Never the less I figured it was past some statue of limitations. They would never tell me what the statue of limitations are, all she did was guide me to a website and gave me an account number. I pulled up the picture of the check but there was no NSF on it or insufficient funds on the check. So I told her that I would investigate it. I looked up the company and it came up as a scam that had been running in California. The same thing. They were trying to collect on debts that were very small that were 13 years and older. So I am reporting them because now they have started in GA where I live. They have all of my information and trying to collect on an noncollectable debt. In addition I called the bank that the check was written from. The nice lady told me the statue of limitations on a bad check (which didn't bounce) is 2 years. So please do something about this because I am tired of the harassment.

This company has acquired information on a $6 debt from over 20 years ago from a state that has a statute of limitations of 6 years. They call 20 times a day to our cell phones and discuss the details of all this debt to anyone that answers the phone without regard to federal regulations of divulging personal information to a person not involved with the debt (HIPPA). They have been told not to call and they still call. They claim that the debt is now $300 and that we must pay it. They have no legal right to do this and they are not following any regulations about sending us letters or proof of debt. They are not negotiating. They are a scam and should not be allowed to do business in the USA.

- Sacramento, CA, USA

The rep called from stating they were from Data Check (approx. 2-3 months ago) and that in 2008 I had written a $15 check to *** * *** (for kid school portraits). The rep. claimed that the check was unpaid and that Data Check had purchased the 'debt' from *** * ***. He claimed I owed the $15 plus over $180 in late charges. Due to the amount of time that had lapsed (over 7 years) my bank no longer had the records, nor did ***. I was also informed that the statute of limitations on an NSF check (had that been the case) has come and gone. When I spoke with *** * ***., they informed me that I was not the first person to call about a recent Data Check issue. No document was ever sent (or received) stating that I owed anything, although this company seems to know my old address, my phone number, etc. Once I realized that I did not owe any money, I stopped taking their calls and began blocking each number that was used. Today, I inadvertently answered one of their calls and was yelled at by the rep because I was 'too happy' - as she wanted to know 'why' I was laughing, because 'this is NO laughing matter!' I quickly realized who was on the other end of the phone, yet did request that she identify herself, instead she hung up on me. I have done the research and this fraudulent company is not new, people like myself are blogging about this daily, yet they are still out there calling!! Please help do something - their website looks legit, they sound almost legit, people are probably paying them - which is a tragedy! After looking over my phone bill, I have over 50 calls these people... And that includes me blocking number after number.

This entity calls numerous times and when the call is answered, it goes to a computer generated messaging system. The number that appears on caller ID is from Alabaster, Alabama. If, in fact, you do happen to get someone on the line, they have personal information such as SSN, DOB and banking account information. They state that within 24 hours they will be turning the check into the District Attorney for collection and will discount the outstanding NSF check if paid within the 24 hours.

I have been taken for $196 dollars supposedly for a NSF check from 1996. "Data Check of America" provides what appears to be a real website and the collection process begins there. I have case numbers, payment approval numbers, "system removal" numbers and my bank statement showing where the money was collected.

I had no idea that this was an actual scam based on the personal information they had in their possession. What is done is done, however, they are still trying to contact me and collect more money.

I received several calls on my cell phone and at work. It is a large office and the recording did not ask for a specific person first. It was very demanding, but one day I decided to push 1 to speak to someone to tell them off. He told me that he was from a debt collection agency and and asked did I know someone by a certain name. It happened to be me. He asked several questions about my past address and ex husband to verify. He told me that his company had a check that I presented to *** *** and it had bounced so he needed to collect the money. He texted me a picture of the check. It was written 20 years ago. He said they had sent several notices but the address was no where I had lived, conveniently. I proceeded to ask questions about how he got my new cell phone number and new work number but could not find my new address? He went on to tell me that there were fines, possible jail time, liens. He said that I had a few days before it went on my credit report. He said that if I could pay with a debit card today he could wave all the fees. He said if I did not have a debit card I could get a *** prepaid card. I was suspicious the entire time and got all of his information, which he readily gave. I told him that I would check into it and call him the next day. I called my bank, the bank the check was drawn on and the credit reporting agencies. I did not give him any of my recent identifying info. I saw today that they have several complaints. I truly believe this is a scam. I have not received another call at work

Data Check of America. Scam. Debt collection from 14 year old NSF check. Trying to collect $200. Past statute of limitations. Not on your credit report. DO NOT PAY. Their Compliance Department. 888-221-6373. One record of a person getting a refund. Collection agencies repeated calling is harassment, and you can sue them.

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