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Dani Kasim hair stylist

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Dani Kasim hair stylist Reports & Reviews (2)

• Jul 26, 2023

Also claiming to be a porn star. Dani Daniels, When I first met her she was a hair stylist. When I used Google lens on her pictures she sent me it turned out to be the porn star I now know exists and is one. When confronted that's when the pornstar and rape stories and other stuff came about. Now she's the solo and primary caregiver of her crippled from the neck down grandmother whom she cares for by herself and needs money. She is many different social and dating platforms which I found due to Google lens for photos. Lol Thank for that btw google people. I have thousands of msgs over the course of 5 months. Between Facebook and chatt app

• Jul 26, 2023

This person is claiming to be the porn star Dani Daniels that she is actual Dani Daniels that her ex-boyfriend whom she found out was homosexual and having sexual intercourse with his male cousin is apparently mad about her leaving him due to being insestual and gay. He is therefore taking pictures and videos him and her made as a porn star he was her pimp and manager or something like that and that he used to drug her and force her to do porn videos she got raped by him and other people and was drugged often raped often. Gang rapes often. She is now a courier for a black man that pays her to make drug runs for her to care for herself and her grandmother, but he is not been paying her for sex or runs, and now she needs money to take care of herself because her mother father and all her siblings died in a plane crash on a business trip to London. When I found out the pictures and videos she was allegedly making for me and confronted her about it and ended the long distance relationship I was in with her and stopped sending her money. I sent her about 1000$ ok reached out to the actual porn star Kiera Lee orsag with proof which j still have and she told me the b[censored] is not her. Block her dont be scammed. B[censored] is not her. I reported to whom I believe is this actual person that is an identity theft victim the porn star Dani Daniels and the many other accounts but the girl I'm talking to is claiming those are fake accounts that her ex is making with her stolen porn videos when he got left for being a black male homosexual who has sex with him male cousin that she does not and hardly did ever receive anything from this man which I informed her that would probably be considered rape and sex trafficking. I am willing to co-operate with any legitimate law enforcement agencies that take this seriously. The phone number I was given for phone calls with each other is 616-557-6552 the ID I asked for that was given to me by her says Danielle Kasim. The phone number I found is a Michigan phone number like she said she is from but instead of Grand Rapids Michigan where my ex scammer says she's from I did a revers call trace on it, its location took me to Sand Lake Michigan, and it was on Pringle street I searched residences as best I can not being law enforcement or having much computer skills and found possible names of people who may change their real name from Daniel to Danielle Kasim. I am not comfortable putting those names here that i came up with from that search and just thinking like a criminal doing my own little investigation after the reverse phone call search thing I will cooperate with police when I wrote those names down I also told this person I'm talking to still Dani kasim for information purposes when I told the person those names I came up with and addresses I must have hit someone where it hurts because I was threatened by her with you have no idea the harm you will bring to yourself. Then the phone calls and video calls I had, they were of a voice that was not the porn stars. The voice sounded maby African or Indonesian. And Very depressed. It did not match the voice of who I now know is on multiple different online platforms and goes by the name of actress Dani Daniels whom I do not wish to meet, do not wish to appear in court with or against in any way. I believe I told the one I was talking online attempting to report this to the real person. I am not a fan and do not flatter herself. Then I blocked her. I apologize if this is misinterpreted as some sort of defamation. That is not my intention, Ms. Or Mrs. Daniels. My intention is to simply relay as much information as multiple friends have done of mine as well when they recognized the girl is a scammer and pretending to be you. I only wish that the mother[censored]er that threatened me and took my kindness in good heart and good intentions for granted and sucker. So I placed my good intentions into hopefully getting this person arrested and charged for their rapes identity thefts and any other foul play. I am willing to cooperate to the fullest extent possible. Please any law enforcement that is willing to take this seriously contact my email which is ; [email protected] leave a phone number I can call and verify that it's not another scammer and a person to contact. I bluffed this person that I had contacted the FBI and she said she did to and that they where looking into it. The other lady who I spoke with on social media claims to have reported this Dani Kasim as a scammer and an identity thief to the social media platform, whose name I'm leaving out for legal purposes. This person also told me she is working hand in hand with the Fbi to investigate this IDK how I can find this much like I did with little to no computer skills and piecing things together like I imagine a detective would do during an investigation, the number was the main key for me. It all came up from the phone number. [censored], I even know they have a 3 or 40 acres farm if it's the people my detective skills hones in on in Michigan. The person I also feel is not the white woman she is pretending to be I believe she may, or he may be of mixed nationality.

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