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Dachshund puppies for home

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Dachshund puppies for home Reports & Reviews (16)

• May 01, 2021

Paid for the puppy Rio. Was expecting delivery next morning and started to get a funny feeling about the seller. Did some more research and found this complaint site where multiple people paid for the same puppy and never received him nor a refund. The seller claimed three time to refund the money back and has yet to do so.

• Apr 29, 2021

Too cute too cheap to be true. In 1 min I found this website and this Paul Atkinson contacted me. I responded with a print found here.

• Apr 19, 2021

He tried to scam me offering a puppy named Lilly for around $600. His lack of English and grammar skills made me suspicious at first. As I looked deeper into his website and photos, I began to see they were stolen and fake. He will give you a religious lecture as to why he can be trusted, but he can’t be. He will only accept payment methods that can’t be refunded and will demand the payment continuously. His website and phone number have been marked as scams on multiple scam webpages. Be warned.

• Apr 18, 2021

You know when your parents say it’s to good to be true it has to be so I googled the phone number and that’s where I found this page. Don’t fall for it. I’m glad we didn’t fall victim to his crime. I joked about being scammed and getting ducks instead of puppies he said he was a Christian and he would never do that. that’s when I started to get worried lol and did my homework.

• Apr 17, 2021

Inquired about 2 puppies- Rosie and Rio immediately I got a response-
from a Paul Atkinson, said he was from Miami Florida, thought he was legit- but wanted me to pay by Google Pay or Zelle- when I said what about Pay pal- he said can u pay rt away if I give you a email- Pay pal and Google pay both say doesn’t exist( thank goodness!) cancelled all, sounds like the Gabrielle site is connected too if they are showing the same pictures, cuz I first tried that site with no response, so I tried this one-
Very disappointed! Claimed to be a good Christian man- quoted me scripture and all after I told him my son got scammed on Zelle- same
“put it under family and friends”
Apparently so there is no trace and PayPal can’t intervene and get your money back! Good FYI to know!

• Apr 15, 2021

So I found this website in search of a dachshund, it was a great price for what I assumed i’d be receiving, but pretty quickly I realized it was a scam. **THIS IS ALL A JOKE** I thought it would be funny to mess with the person on the other end of this, considering all of the money people have lost to him. Lilly was cute, but I almost was sure it was too good to be true.

• Apr 05, 2021

I wanted to see if it was a scam so I expressed interest in Rosie. When I didn’t answer he continued to message me, and then when I expressed I “went a different route” he continued to try to sell her to me. When I said I went with a rescue he said Rosie was a rescue. This man is a scammer and a creep.

• Apr 05, 2021

Scammer's phone 3017996652
Scammer's website
Scammer's address Miami
Scammer's email [email protected]
Country United States
Type of a scam Online Purchase
Initial means of contact Phone

My brother was looking for a new dachshund puppy as he lost his almost a year ago. He fell in love with one puppy on this website. “Paul” contacted him and said that the puppy would be $750 USD. My brother expressed that he would pay a small down payment and pay the rest when he received the puppy. All of a sudden all of these “airline fees” turned up and my brother ended up paying over $1500 USD in fees, on top of the $750 USD for the puppy. My brother never received the puppy, and was promised his money back, but I honestly doubt he will receive that either. What breaks my heart the most is that there are people out there scamming people in this way. All my brother wanted was a new puppy to love as much as his old one, and ended up without a puppy, and without the money he had saved to get one. Don’t fall for this scam!

• Apr 02, 2021

Scammer's phone 301-799-6652
Scammer's website
Scammer's address Florida
Country United States
Type of a scam Online Purchase
Initial means of contact Email

Found a website for Dachshund Puppies for sale. I contacted the person through the website about selling puppies. Person was willing to ship me three ASAP to Canada for $750US each no questions as other than he prefers Google pay or Zelle. I got a bad feeling about no other questions being asked of me.

• Mar 22, 2021

Please DO NOT FALL FOR THIS SCAM!We were going to meet with him in Oregon for 3 puppies and I got a sick feeling he was a fraud. I went a step further and contacted the police department in the area he said that he lived. The officer went to that address and the women who answered the door said she was also scammed out of money that she sent to him. He then started using her address as the pickup address for the puppies (she had no idea). Paul Atkinson Is a Scammer and he will be caught hopefully soon.

• Mar 11, 2021

Same scam; website name has changed slightly -- now I responded on Mimi as well. He quoted $600 + $200 courier. Gave his address in Miami, FL. and texted from (301) 799-6652 and email
from: [email protected]

• Feb 13, 2021

Unfortunately I just fell for his scam! We wanted Mimi as well.

• Dec 09, 2020

Paul Atkinson used 2 phone numbers. On out of Texas, and one out of Arizona. Claimed he was located in Miami.
$600 for a puppy includes full AKC registration (typically $300) and "flight courier service (typically $500+) this guy is quick to recive payment through cash app and zelle.
Don't be fooled!

• Mar 22, 2021

Did you send him Money?

• Nov 19, 2020

Scammer's phone 7603778204
Scammer's website
Scammer's address SanDiego, CA
Country United States
Type of a scam Other
Initial means of contact Website

PUPPY PURCHASE SCAM - scammed me out of $400 on a puppy he does not even have - his name on my cell phone was Paul Atkinson - he acted like he was in Bowling greene Ky and close enough for us (Louisville, KY) to pick up puppy
After deposit was paid $400 - he would not give me a pick up address .. Found out he was located in California and there was no puppy !

• Dec 09, 2020

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