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Customer Service Now Reports & Reviews (61)

called us no less than 50 times sometimes like today waking my 88 year old mom. block one number they call from there anyone who knows how to stop this?

I receive calls weekly and it's always a recording. They state if you want to to speak to a representative press 1 or if you want to be removed from their list press 2. When you choose 1 their customer reps are ALWAYS busy and then ask you to send an email to [email protected] I decided not to press 2 to add my number to their DO NOT CALL LIST because it's clear by adding my number to their list is really "CODE" for adding my number to many more scammer lists!

I had an appointment today, February 4th, 2020. I need to cancel due to the Influenza A virus. Very ill.
I will reschedule, if possible when we'll. Thank you.
Donetta Parkerson
41960 Briarwood Ave
Hemet, CA 92544

951-330-7812 called me today. The robocaller say her name is Meridith...from medicare. Meridith transferred me to a live person who claimed they say cover my final expenses from my insurance policy. They wanted me to quote an amount needed at this time...$5,000...$10,000 up to $50,000. I refused to do that. She say after verifying my info she was going to transfer my call too another agent. I asked who is she and where how did she get my information? She say...from Meridith. Well, 1st of all...I don't currently have medicare nor do I have an insurance policy that I am aware of. She knew my 1st and last name and apparently of course my phone number and address as well. When she wanted me to tell them my birthday...I refused to provide that to her and so she ended the call with, "Well unfortunately I cant help you." I say alright then goodbye...she said goodbye but did not hang up. So I say I'm about to call the Police right now and then I hung up. I called back...the robocaller said her name is Meridith...she ask if I was between the ages of 50 and I think she said 60. I said no. The call hung up. WTF lmao. I call Meredith once more and she told me for questions or concerns contact [email protected] jThey have my that phone call left me scratching my head wondering why not just send me a letter?

NEVER say "yes" to any question one of these @$$holes ask you. They will then have your voice saying "YES" they can stick on to whatever question they want to con you with.

"Christy, a Medicare Representative on a recorded line. Can you hear me?"

Leaves voice mails from a multitude of phone numbers with our area code. We don't answer calls from unknown numbers.

Call each number back on a throwaway phone:

Press one if you are from California, press two if you are not.
All representatives are busy with other customers.
Email us at [email protected]

No mention of who they are.

Clearly criminals.

Like many others here I received a call from an unknown number that showed to be in my area code. I missed the initial call, but called the number back to see if it was a scam... and, yes, it appears to be a Phishing scam with a spoofed number. On the redial a person answered as Customer Service Now and identified herself as "Tina." When I responded that I was returning a call to my phone, there was no reply and the call was disconnected after about five seconds - similar to many people's experience.

Intrigued, I called back again and was routed directly to a recorded message menu: "Select 1 - if you live in CA; select 2- if you do not live in CA." Selection 2 got me "All service personnel are busy; email us at customerservicenow at Selection 1 got to selecting "3" for removing my information - which got me to another recording identifying as "Benefit Advisors" and asked me to leave a message with my name and phone number (which I absolutely did NOT do even though this group already had my caller ID information).

In for a penny I googled "benefit advisors" and found multiple similarly named organizations. For more S&Gs I called a listing for Benefit Advisors Group wherein a recorded message asked me to leave my name and phone number... so much for that.

Bottom line: my best guess is that the original call from Customer Service Now - or whoever - is a data broker that collects names and phone numbers via caller ID or people leave a message with such information (including the infamous "To be placed on our Do Not Call List..."). Just one more way people/groups profit from our personal information. Telecoms could stop number spoofing, but they do not as they, too, are likely making money from this practice.

Thanks for sharing
At first when I called back she asked me if someone called me I said yes which I hope they do not use my voice for anything.
They say it was Health Dept with an urgent message.
I was just tested on Sat I went into anxiety mode...

These people need to get a real job and spend the time working at a real job that they do scamming us and would actually have money and a job to be proud of! But instead take the low ride and be a thief and a looser gonna spend some time in the jail cell pal!

I got a call from a guy calling himself Robert from some place called Degree Transfers. He said that I had signed up looking a job. He was located in Florida. The thing is, I have been looking for jobs, so I trusted him and fell for it. He asked what year I graduated from high school. I told him. He asked what my highest level of school was, and I told him. Then the phone went dead. I thought we had gotten disconnected again, so I called back 617-917-9341 (a Boston number). I got a recording that said that if I lived in California, press #1, if not press #2. Then I pressed one for a customer service rep. I got an immediate recording that no one was available and to email, [email protected] I have been astounded by others in the past for being so gullible, and now I have been.

I received two calls from you guys and I did not answer it and then I called and got a brandy and then I hung up because I was dumbfounded thinking it was spam and if this has to do with the Kid Rock concert in 2016 I went to then please call me back

Receiving calls everyday from several different numbers on my cell phone - I always call them back from my landline to find out who they are- I always get the same recording they never give a name or number it's always a professional female voice and they instruct me to e-mail any questions or concerns to: [email protected] - that's it no more info -mystery and very annoying!

Victim Location 08028
Type of a scam Phishing

I received a call from 609 293-0301 on my cell. I returned the call because it is close to my cell number, but I called from my office phone because I sometimes get bad reception on my cell. The answering machine said Thanks for calling customer service. If you want to speak to a representative press one. To be placed on the Do Not Call press 2. I pressed one to see what this was about & was told all reps are busy - please email us at [email protected] So I called back to put my number on the do not call list. BUT THEN I SAW THIS ON THE NEWS... />

Ditto, exactly ditto

I have pressed 2 to be put on inturnal do not call list I have done this at the very least 30 times you never get to talk to a person they say email them at custmor support now [email protected] they will not stop

Like to see if job openings for drivers still open?

I keep getting a call from an agent, they say that works with the Grand Caribbean cruise line. "you have been selected to receive a free cruise for up to four people, we just want to give you this free cruise in exchange for you to helps us advertise as to how great a time you had and hopefully your family and friends will want to cruise with us. This is offered on the ship "Grand Celebration" another ship was also mentioned but I can't remember the name. They said they needed my credit card and the only charge would $63.00 per person. The first person I spoke with was Jonathan, then Jeff last name sounded like Burch, Could some one please stop this scam!

Victim Location 11050
Type of a scam Phishing

Call asking for a "yes" answer, then hang up.

Victim Location 81657
Type of a scam Healthcare/Medicaid/Medicare

Disability, Medicare , loans asking me if I can hear them , I’m receiving up to 50 calls a day every day and night

Victim Location 27410
Type of a scam Phishing

was call was blocked. I have numerous calls from this number over the past few weeks.

Victim Location 70810
Type of a scam Phishing

The phone call elicits an affirmative response of like "yes" and hangs up. Call the number back, no operator ever available when you select option 1, option 2 is an option to get placed on there local do not call list.

Victim Location 28173
Type of a scam Phishing

The above phone number 704-812-1232 called and said that they were with Medicaid and asked if I could hear them. When I said yes they immediately hung up. I do not yet know what the repercussions of this are.

Victim Location 12074
Type of a scam Phishing

Man calls from a multiple relatively local numbers and says his name is Joe. He calls from a different caller id number everyday identifying himself as Joe, and it is always from a different company, but there is no doubt its the same person. He generally rambles for a few minutes then asks a question looking for you to answer "yes". If he doesn't get his yes he hangs up.

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