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• Dec 31, 2023

We were on Amazon’s Googled site, not the Amazon App and was looking up tires to buy and their Ad popped up and we ordered tires and then it showed Crowdfused was the site and the total was $748.14 then I realized it was immediately taken out of our Bank account and they didn’t send any tracking number or shipping information. They keep texting that they get back with me in 24hrs. I have cussed them out for via text for three days. Today the order was canceled via text and money was credited in bank after, I told them via text that I was gonna my bank find out their bank information and their address and know who was doing this! Strange part is their debit for $748.14 disappeared off the bank information, like it never occurred. SCAM

• Dec 23, 2023

We ordered a Wen planer from them and the day after the payment cleared my bank, they emailed us they were canceling our order (never said why) and were refunding our money but we have never received our refund. They got our $320.09 but we got nothing!

• Dec 23, 2023

My husband wanted a Wen planer for Christmas. He went online looking for one and found the website He ordered one from this website and the payment cleared my bank but the very next day they sent an email saying they cancelled our order and were refunding our money but we have never received the promised refund. The address they used is actually a PetSense store so don’t give them your money! We are getting an attorney to get our money back!

• Nov 23, 2023

Crowdfused is a SCAM site do not use this site they give you no tracking number they have no listed phone number you can't cancel an order for nothing even though they say you can as long as it's within a 9 hr time frame of card approval but still can't cancel their web page has no actual links for any kind of customer support what ever you do do not buy anything from crowdfusedyou have been warned trustee I lost $457 to this SCAM SITE


I ordered car seats through this site using my PayPal 9 months ago. I was sent an email that the order was cancelled due to lack of inventory. I am now under investigation for credit card fraud. I made this purchase on my phone from a Casino Hotel where I work. A woman who stayed there had her card charged. Thank God for these reviews because I am having a hard time explaining I DID NOT ATTEMPT TO MAKE AN ILLEGAL PURCHASE. I am facing charges and my job is in jeopardy because it appears I stole a Guest's credit card information to make this purchase. I don't know how to endure the devastation of the legal action taken against me and the repercussions for something I did not do.


I bought a $400 bbq grill off of the website and I read online reviews afterwards and thought I got scammed. It arrived pretty early and I got exactly what I ordered. It came in the original box and all the parts were in perfect shape and quality.

• Dec 22, 2023

Hello this website is real

My experience is similar to everyone else. I ordered white mainstays (Walmart) rocking chairs from CrowdFused. I HS been on and then decided to look for better price and their store popped up and the total cost was $100 cheaper to order with them. I just assumed they were like a overstock resale or some. I bought them through my PayPal account 2-2-23. Long story short when I didn’t receive shipping info on 2-6 I tried to contact the company and all kinds of scam reviews came up while trying to find a phone #. I immediately called PayPal and tried to cancel.
It was unsuccessful. To my surprise I did receive my order yesterday 2-9. This morning I was contacted by a detective for our sheriff department’s fraud. Apparently another woman in the metro Atlanta area had a charge on her card from for $292.36 and when she called to dispute they said her order was delivered and they gave her my name, address and phone # which she of course turned over to the sheriff in my county. We are both in Georgia. I have sent all information from my order, my PayPal, pictures of items and CrowdFused. It’s a very elaborate scam they have going and very sad for people involved. I have no idea what will happen. Technically I paid for it and I received it but it’s also fraudulent with this other lady who’s card was charged. If I can update this post I will.
Scam! Beware of CrowdFused
Scam! Beware of CrowdFused
Scam! Beware of CrowdFused
Scam! Beware of CrowdFused


They are a scam, 2 weeks to ship, and provided tracking but the items were never received and when I reached out about the remaining orders before knowing the tracking #s were fake, they responded by listing all the canceled orders. Refunds were not received so I had to contact my card. Then a week later I get a random charge from them while their site was under construction. DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS SITE> SAVE YOURSELF TIME AND MONEY!


Fraudulent business - never received shipping confirmation or an item ordered. There is NO phone number to call. The address used is a residentail address NOT afiliated with the compay most likely.

I purchased a Electric Fireplace for $318.96 by card use and never received a tracking number or the order never was shipped. When you contact them they continue to make lies and tell you we will be with you soon as we can, and they never get back to you and you never hear from them about your order! I'm about to follow up with a S.E.C. complaint as well ! ! !


This online Crowdfused Shop stole my money on an order for $318.96 for a 60in Electric Fireplace and it never got shipped off or never received a tracking number! People please be aware of this company is a straight Scam! ! !

Urmyne Louis
([email protected])


I ordered a bed from Crowdfused. I received no information on tracking or anything. So I reached out to them. They told me to contact Hebescare for faster service and tracking information. I contacted Hebescare and they told me they don't work with Crowdfused any longer. So I contacted Crowdfused again with no response. THEN, I get a call from the Phoenix police at 11:30pm telling me some guy in Kentucky reported a bed being ordered on his Walmart account and being delivered to my address. I just read someone else's report on here of the exact same thing happening to them. Avoid these SCAMMERS!


May I know how did you cleared the issue with police regarding the fraud verification on your name. I have a similar thing going on with a TV order from this site.

I ordered a refrigerator from this website to be delivered to where I work. I later received a call to our business number from a woman who said that I had used her walmart card to buy a refrigerator and a snack. We received the snack and found out that the refrigerator had the same tracking number as the one that I ordered from the refrigerator was also delivered to the wrong adress so we didn't even get it. The woman who called us said that it was my name on the package and our business adress. She also said that she is from Omaha Nebrask, but I'm in Chicago Illinois.

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