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CRA Data Breach , Got a call from CRA (Canada Revenue Agency) they are reviewing my tax and benefit return for 2020 asking if I applied for the CERB in March, April and May 2020.

The Fraudster hacked into CRA Data Base and under my file they changed my direct deposit to a bank in Toronto Ontario. They applied for CERB for March, April and May 2020 under my name @ $2000 each month equal in total $6000 and had the money deposited to a Equitable Bank in Toronto Ontario. I did NOT apply for CERB, did not change the direct deposit on my file at CRA and I have never heard of Equitable Bank. Investigation is now under way at CRA.

Reference Information on this case

Special Assessment Department of the CRA Reference number ****************** Identity Protection Services Department Case Number ******** Canadian Anti Fraud Centre Reference Number **********

I hung up on a robocall claiming to be the CRA

I have received 5 calls today alone. A voice recording tells me that if I don't press 1 and talk to someone immediately I could go to jail as CRA is suing me. They've also called from 902-292-5685. When I press 1, knowing it is a scam I always get a female answer.

Hi there,

I received a call today informing me that my social insurance card would be cancelled. It asked me to press 1 to speak to someone. I did not, and just hung up.

Thank you

the call my cell and told me this is a cra call and to pull one i did a guy came on and i know how he andwer the phone was from a cra app so i hang up and block him , but this going on for a while too frist time report in usely i hang up and block

Called 7 times in 4 hours from different numbers. Claiming my SIN was compromised.

Second three digits of my phone number (204 XXX) spoofed. Purported to come from CRA. Threatening arrest for non-payment.

Received a automated call about taxes not being paid, going to be arrested if I do not press 1 to talk to a police officer. When I pressed 1, redirected to call center, most likely in India from the accent of the person who answered. I said hello in French and they hung up immediately.

It was a very robotic voice. They said I had committed fraud. And are taking action. If I didn't comply I would have my day in court. I hung up and called the number back. A lady answered and sounded very confused.

I received the email below which I believe must be a scam?

From: Canada Revenue Agency (CRA)

Sent: April 28, 2020 4:57 PM

To: [email protected]

Subject: Deposit Your $2601.58 Covid-19 Relief Fund

Importance: High



You have received a refund of $2601.58 CAD

Select your financial institution to deposit your money, this refund expires on 25th May, 2020.

Deposit Your Fund

Kind Regards,

Elaine Moore, Canada Revenue Agency

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Automated call saying that my sin number has been compromised and to press one to resolve the issue or the police maybe called.

CRA - scammer.

Message was: Social Insurance Number suspended based on tampering detected.

This call was distressing but interesting as recent death of individual had just been reported to CRA, CPP and OAS for an Ontario SIN number.

Caller ID #: 604-426-4039: British Columbia

Scammer called saying they were from the justice department of the CRA and that I needed to press 1 to speak to someone or I would be charged.

I got a call from 613-096-0015 and a recording started saying from Canada Tax department and I owe them (I haven't even filed yet this year), pay now or police will be sent to my house. I hung up and blocked the number

Next day exact same call comes in from 705-604-5729, hung up and blocked number.

It started with an automated phone call stating this is the second time they have tried to contact me and that if I did not call back and deal with it that the RCMP would pick me up on a warrant. Once I called back they asked me to confirm my info. Name, address, city. They then went on listing what "Criminal codes" I broke and that there was a warrant for my arrest and if I took it to court I would owe $7000+ and also receive 5 years in jail. Or I could pay my outstanding balance of $5598.

Told me his name was Ian and his contact number is 417-J2741

number they called me from was 416-357-5034

This number had contacted me via telephone. Unaware at the time, j called the number back as it was shown as a 'missed call'.

The man on the other end identified himself as an agent working for the CRA. Claiming that I had wrong calculations in my income tax returns from the last 3 years (I know I didn't). I told him CRA doesn't call people. He went on the ask my postal code, last name. Also asked if I was available to go over my 'record', & asked if I had a lawyer to help me with this case.

This is a huge scam, they are trying to scare people into giving their personal information. There's way too many CRA scams out there! It's crazy.

Received text that stated it was from the CRA, who said I had a text refund and they just needed my name and SIN number.

I received multiple phone messages from a robotic female voice saying that the CRA enforcement executed by the Canadian treasury intending your serious attention ignoring this will be 2nd attempt to avoid a appearance before a judge or grand jury for a federal criminal offense this is final attempt to reach you to resolve this issue immediately and to speak to a federal agent call back number 1289 218 9780 so I called it back after listening to the don't worry be happy jingle and someone asking me if I had money then hanging up on the 20th try I finally got through I did speak to someone he was confused at first until I told him that I received a message regarding the CRA and a court appearance then he asked me my name so I just made one up with a fake address and postal code he put me on hold a looked up my file he came back after 30 seconds then he identified himself as Nathan Brown CRA officer 147833 then he told me I defrauded the CRA out of $7988.00 and with the penalty it was now $9788.00 and if I didn't pay he would contact our local RCMP because there is a arrest warrant out for me with a 5 year prison term so how would you like to handle this he asked ,, do you have a lawyer I told him yes then he said that if I wanted to go to court and fight this that a RCMP will come and arrest me today and I would be put in jail until the court date and because the CRA has such strong evidence against me I would be in jail for 5 year's so again he asked me how I wanted to handle this ,, so I told him that I would be happy to do the 5 year's in jail,, there was a few moments of silence he said pardon thats when I asked him how many people do you scam a day and without hesitation he said atleast 2-3 people a day I told him that he should be ashamed of himself for doing that then he said I guess you know its a scam I said yes right from the start then he thanked me for not swearing at him or yelling at him like alot of people do then he proceeded to give me a lengthy apology saying he was sorry for trying to scam me, I told him there's better ways to make a living and he should move on and try one he apologized once again for trying to scam me and they would stop calling me then he said goodbye ,, it was a weird phone call

Called with a recorded urgent message. In trouble with CRA, please call this number. I called, they claimed to be CRA, but offered no confirmation. I said I doubted they were CRA and hung up.

They have called back with the recorded message once again.

Claims to be the CRA threating me with arrest for tax fraud.

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