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Covington Scrubs with Love-Lydia Covington

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Covington Scrubs with Love-Lydia Covington Reports & Reviews (10)

• Jul 29, 2022

This is Not for Everyone

They Are Not a Scam, You Do have to Put in the Work to Build your Business. I Paid for the Platinum Package. Every time they update there Scrubs it’s $1000 and Every Year it’s a $5000 renewal fee that Needs to be paid in order to keep your Drop shipment. So You will pay $7000 a year to Say On Board. They do tell you all of this. The list the provided me helped me find Scrub vendors.For this Service it Do Cost. The Online store with drop shipment is Not for Me an the Yearly fees is too much but they do Not Scam No One. I did it, But it was Not for Me. We Can’t Call People Scammers when things don’t work out. Lesson Learned an Move on. Her Staff was On Point at all times an Lydia keeps it 100% . She also tell you to look at the Videos to make sure it’s For You. The Cost is Not Cheap, an the Yearly fees is $7000 a year. I can Say what I Got from her is a Lot of info, Contacts, Proposals, Invoices an a few other things that I can Still use Going forward. They Cost But they wasn’t a Scam🤷🏽‍♀️

• Jul 23, 2022

Current Scrub Retailer —Satisfied Success!

I am very appalled by what I’m reading. I have had nothing but success with this company. I’ve been retailing now for about 2 yrs(or longer). They have always answered EVERY CALL and EVERY MESSAGE. The owner Lydia is one of the most honest businesswomen I know. I was never promised anything besides the opportunity to be able to sell scrubs and they would supply my inventory to ship products to my customers. And that’s what I got. You must work hard and PROMOTE your business in order for you to see results in profit. The dream is sold. But success is earned.
KurveyKurvesScrubs is my online store!
Current  Scrub Retailer —Satisfied Success!

• Jul 29, 2022

This Is True. She’s Not Scamming No One. It’s Not for Me, I have a Store an it works Better for me. I have Gained a Lot an I can still Go into Hospitals, Nursing Homes an other places with the Contracts an other things I have from them. I am a platinum Member but Everything is Not for everyone. The $7000 a year fee is a bit Much for me. But I can Never Say She was a Scammer NEVER

• Jul 23, 2022

Cscrubs with love inc rebuttal

Cscrubs with love inc has read the complaints and false allegations on this site and would like to make a statement. We are in no way a scam, fraudulent, or any of the sources to our retailers. The details of our promised services and products are listed in plain view on our website. We indeed have our own warehouse and have used other warehouses to supply our retailers due to the high demand for scrubs. Myself and my staff have always operated honestly and with integrity per the hundreds of amazing reviews that are on our website. When starting a uniform business Cscrubs will take care of your entire set-up as well as supply your store and customers with top-quality scrubs. In this particular event, we have upset retailers that were not successful because they did NOT do the work required on their end to run their business professionally. If Cscrubs was practicing business in any fraudulent way we would have been charged criminally by now especially dealing with the large amounts of money that we are responsible for each day. Cscrubs with love inc is now BBB accredited because we do such amazing business. If anyone here has any additional questions or concerns about our true operations please book a free consultation call on our website and we will happily go over them in full detail with you BEFORE you make any purchase. If you are in need of a retailer reference feel free to reach out to one of many of our successful retailers Kurvey Kurves Scrubs. We look forward to working with you soon!
Cscrubs with love inc rebuttal

• Jun 17, 2022

Thanks ladies!

I was tempted to fork over my entire tax refund. My red flag was they strongly advised me not to open a “Brick and Marter” and said I needed to go through them. I was not able to get the prefer forms or break up a package. You ladies information is so important and it was only by the grace of God that I stumbled across the page while foolishly googling them again about this upcoming event that they are having in Atlanta! With multiple celebrities promoting this!.Kimberly if your reading this please reach out to me at [email protected]

• Sep 04, 2021

You talk about price gouging, scamming and being untruthful. Cscrubs has been a major wake up call to how you do business. I thought they were a warehouse shipping orders to us. I NEVER knew they were drop-shipping from the manufactures we are selling. I only found this out when the shipping was 34.50, when I asked why Mitzy Cokes said it is because it is TWO DIFFERENT retailers. (drops mic), so we are sending orders to them and they order from the manufacturers, we had differences about what Mitzy was saying we owed to what our site shipping says, and I quote Mitzy "Also, we put shipping at $12.50 on your site because it is more appealing to the customers, especially if they are only ordering one or two items but our shipping is different!" SO WHO THE HELL PAYS THE DIFFERENCE, let me guess, WE DO ! HECK NO. We bought the PLATINUM PACKAGE for 12,000, and only got a BOX OF SCRUBS, WEBSITE and VECTOR FILES, we had to spend 283.00 on business cards, flyers and poster cards which we THOUGHT we were getting per advertisement! Now she hiring the love and hip hop cast to advertise other manufacturers scrubs and they are not even in health care ! Weirdo! I am soooo glad to be out of the contract with Cscrubs so now to get my money back!
Inbox me to form a class action suit
Facebook : Kimberly Long
[email protected]


Lydia Covington and her partner Melanie are framing and scamming women who wants to start a uniform/scrub business. The government needs to shut them down ASAP. She has changed her business name a few times, they are rude, nasty thieves and one day justice will be served when they are shut down and will no longer be able to scam people!

• Sep 04, 2021

I am completely in agreement with this statement. I have had nothing buy issues with this company! We bought the platinum package for 12,200 and received ONLY a BOX OF SCRUBS and VECTOR FILES for our logo, according to their add we were to get business cards, flyers and business posters cards, we received VECTOR FILES ONLY, so we spent 283.00 on business cards, posters and flyers, but stated on their ad that it was included! No order forms, and when asked was told we had to go online and do ourselves! 1000.00 to upgrade 3X a year, YEAH RIGHT, we figured it out ourselves! By all means contact me to form a group for a class action suit!
Kimberly Long/[email protected]

Victim Location 70806
Total money lost $2,000
Type of a scam Investment

This lady is scamming people out of their money big time. She’s pretending that she is helping people start an online scrub business and promises a package deal including website for a specific amount. Each time you get close to paying her out, she comes up with a reason why you owe more. This woman has no intention on helping people start their own business. She is a big scammer and her business practices should be thoroughly investigated. When she is questioned, she becomes very agitated and rude because she does not have an answer for you.

• Sep 04, 2021

I have been in contact with Penn state Law, and am interested in forming a class action lawsuit against Cscrubs. I feel the same as your statement, very unprofessional, if you ask any questions they do get annoyed with you. When you are charged ,12,200. for the platinum package and receive ONLY a case of scrubs, website ( that we continually pay for) and VECTOR FILES, not the actual logo business cards, flyers or poster cards! This is price gouging at it finest! The comment from PSL was just because it says NO REFUNDS (that was a red flag right there) does not mean you cant get your MONEY BACK!
FB: Kimberly Long/ [email protected]

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