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Corgi Precious Puppies

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Corgi Precious Puppies Reports & Reviews (9)

- Princeton, IL, USA

While searching online for a corgi puppy I came across It appeared legitimate with testimonials and health guarantees. They talked about socializing the puppies and had great photos taken of each one. They stated that all their puppies are $700 with a $250 shipping fee. They said they were located in Columbus Ohio. I contacted them via email [email protected] and also texted them. They responded via email with questions saying that the answers I provided would determine if I would get the puppy. I answered them and asked them if they could provide any breeder identification to prove they were legitimate. Every time I asked a question, they would just avoid answering that and tell me how great the puppy was. They then in the second email told me that they could ship the puppy for $100 because I told them I would be driving to meet them and pick her up. After that I was informed that they could ship her for free to my location. As I was getting suspicious, I noticed that all the pictures were taken in the spring or summer with bright green grass and it’s currently February with lots of snow in the Midwest. I questioned them about this via text to their phone number and they never replied. At this point I realized what was happening and didn’t take this any further.


This website is a scam. They have had the same puppies offered for sale for over a year and there are no puppies, period. The testimonials from buyers are the same as on the Golden Paws Kennel website, also a scam. The seller requires payment via Walmart to Walmart or Western Union, which is a red flag. They do not permit folks to see the puppies in person prior to purchase. Their website states they use several airlines including Continental which has not been operating for at least 3 - 4 years. Website operator replies to inquiries via email and provides the phone number listed here. Fortunately we did our homework and did not purchase a puppy however there are many posts online from people who have been taken in by this site. Total Scam. I will be happy to provide their emails. They are supposedly in the Columbus area however that is also suspect. The person who sent the email is Chris Putt Whitaker.

- Bellevue, NE, USA

Makes you pay for dogs and then asks for more money and doesn't send you anything.

- Seaford, DE, USA

I had been doing research on corgi puppies for a while and this is the first time I came across this website. I decided to check them out and they seemed 100% legitimate. There were a couple of spelling errors here and there, but we’re all human, it happens.

I sent an email regarding an update on one of the puppies and they replied back fairly quickly. They sent me a quick form to fill out and I sent them back with some information about my home environment. Instantly got approved, and they wanted my name, address, phone number etc and they said once they have this, they’ll prepare a bill of sale, and they will work on getting the puppy ready to be shipped out to me. I was prepared to make the purchase, and I saw the testimonials on the website, but in the end I decided it just wasn’t the best time for a puppy.

After I told the breeder no, I wanted to do a little more research on the person selling the dogs, in case I wanted to purchase from them in the future. I searched their name and the first results to populate related to scams. I read some other peoples’ experiences and noticed they had a lot of similarities with my experience. This was a scam, 100% and I should have realized it since I had been looking at breeders for a while and this one just so happened to pop up out of nowhere.


We wanted to buy a Corgi puppy. We came across and they would only interact with us through text. They said the puppy was $700 and it would cost $100 to ship it. I asked if they had a video of the puppy and they said no, I asked if they could take one and they also said no. If they really had the puppy I don’t see why they couldn’t send a video. They said that I needed to wire them the money. I asked for their address so we could just drive to get the puppy and they will not respond anymore. Also the domain is located in Washington not Ohio. I don’t want anyone to be taken advantage from these people and lose money.

- Dillard, GA, USA

Claim to sell corgi puppies. They only accepted walmart to walmart, western union, or money grams for types of payments. I wasn't comfortable with that, so I asked if I could come to their place to look at the puppies. They gave me an address, but said I needed to pay 50% of the price of the dog. I told them I didn't ask them to put one on hold, so I didn't need to pay anything to just come look. I called them out on being fraudulent, and they didn't reply to that email.

- Hamilton, OH, USA

Thankfully I figured it was a scam before money was involved. I was searching google for corgi puppy breeders. Came acrossed this website. It was very nice and professional looking. First thing that caught my eye was the low price. These puppies usually run 1200 and their price was 700. Even though that seemed to go to be true I decided to send an email. Firstly the wrote back way too fast and the grammar was really off. So I decided to take a picture form their testimonial page and google search it. Of course all their pictures were used on multiple sites with different names and locations. So I still decided to emails them back and ask to meet the puppies since they were supposedly close to me. Again another super fast email back, stated that in order to see the puppies I need to give them 50% of the payment. And it would be refunded if I decided I did not want the puppy.

- Mentor, OH, USA

I went onto a web site to look for corgi puppies and call 614-669-2263 to talk with what a male stated his name was Chris... He stated I needed to put a deposit of 350.00 money gram from Walmart to Walmart. I did indeed do this. He stated I could come out on Tuesday after New Years to pick the dog up but I had to put the balance down of another 350.00... this is when I got leery and replied that I had cash to give him and he insisted I send money gram from Walmart to Walmart for the rest of the balance... I declined and wanted my money back and he blocked my phone from calling him... I made a police report with the Mentor police dept. They looked into it and advised me this was indeed a scam... They also advised me to send this to the and to also contact the attorney general to try to get his web site shut down.. This is a scam and he is preying on innocent people only looking for a pet to love and cherish. I would like to get his web site shut down so he can't do this to anyone else else... with a contact phone number of 614-669-2263.

- Hope Mills, NC, USA

Found a website on the internet that was selling Corgi puppies for $700. They said they charged an extra $150 for air transportation. They said they needed the money sent through Western Union.They sent me a bill of sale which I signed and emailed back to the seller. Well against my better judgement i wired the $850 to the seller. Received an email the next morning from an suspicious looking shipping company stating that my puppy was ready to be shipped, but they couldn't ship the puppy because of bad weather. They said the puppy needed a climate controlled crate and I could either buy one for $1800 or rent one for $950. Well thats when i realized it was a scam. I should have known better.

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