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Core Recovery Systems

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Core Recovery Systems Reports & Reviews (6)

Victim Location 33407
Total money lost $660
Type of a scam Debt Collections

I HAVE PAID 660.00 to this company claining i had a debt. i have a few cards in collections so thought it was real. i called the number today and got a different name and company. i looked them up on line and seen it was a scam. looked them up on bbb to see company closed. calling credit card company now to stop payments all together.

Victim Location 84094
Type of a scam Debt Collections

They called me and stated i had a payday loan and because of not paying it back they are sueing me and they repeated my full social back to me to verify who they were. Then they went on to tell me they were coming after me through the dmv and through the courts and also through my employer and i asked them for proof of the loan and documentation. They refused and said its not there job to help me with this just to make me aware and to mediate a payment. Then i asked for documentation again and she hung up.

Victim Location 21227
Type of a scam Debt Collections

I have received numerous calls from Core Recovery Systems for an outstanding payday loan that I don't have and didn't receive. I have contacted the bank that was on the application and I have verification from that bank that no such deposit was made. I am continuously getting calls at work from John Burrell who is my account representative.

The amount that is owed is a settlement of $450. This is $400 for a debt, $25 for a return fee and $25 for the court to remove it from the docket. This is a SCAM.

I have a relative that lives near the Ft. Lauderdale airport that is willing to go to the company and pay for me but I cannot get a suite number. This will substantiate that it is either legitimate or not.

Furthermore, I have contacted the management company for the address that Core Recovery Systems is using on their letterhead and they have validated that CRS is not a tenant of 1451 W Cypress Creek Road Ft. Lauderdale FL 33309.

This has to stop. This is harassment and unknowingly, I gave them my debit card before the bank verification. I had to cancel my debit card and pay $10 to get a replacement. This is a $10 lesson to not apply for anything online.

Victim Location 59330
Type of a scam Debt Collections

I have been contacted by phone at work and also on my cell phone many times from Core Recovery Systems. They left me a message on my cell phone saying that Anna Johnson needs to speak to me and to please call her back at 406-924-9818. She then called my work and I answered the phone....she stated her name and Core Recovery Systems and asked if XXXX XXXX was my name and I said yes. She then asked if XXXX was the last of my SS#....and I said no, it was not.....(but it actually was). I then asked her for her name again and what company this was...she stated Core Recovery Systems and again asked if XXXX was the last of my SS#. I stated no it was not and she then said, well we will continue our legal pursuit of this SS#. and hung up on me. She never explained what it was for or anything of the kind. I know for a fact I have no outstanding debt collectors, and the one's that i do I have spoken with already over this, so something is not right with these people that they won't even acknowledge what it is for.

Victim Location 61529
Total money lost $5,000
Type of a scam Debt Collections

Company called House and Cell phones (new numbers and accounts) Claiming to finding a deceased individual. Saying that she must pay them arbitration services and fees, or they will come to MY workplace and MY Residence and that I forfeit My rights as a citizen and will be held accountable.

Company has claimed SEVERAL Different names when Calling back from different numbers. Claim to be Core Recovery Solutions, Core Recovery Systems, AB Conflict Resolutions, ABR Arbitration Services, and many others. Each of these ACTUAL companies claim they are being scammed and there is nothing the FBI, State law, or FCC will do to shut them down.

They also change their numbers and work with PeerLess VOIP systems and 3rd party sellers, who protect their information and refuse civil litigation through State, Local, and Federal investigations. FBI and the FCC can't do anything about it, because they change service providers and purge data.

They are 100% fake. They have no legal statues or authority and are CLUELESS to the way legal matters are handled. When you push them on the phones, they lose their accents and start talking with the Virgin Island/Jamaica Accents. While Investigating the matter 3 years ago in FL. I have found that they commonly send for work visa for people from the Caribbean area for work placement. After giving all of the information to the FBI,. they had no reason to do anything because the "amounts" being scammed and the lack of reporting from other sources.

Victim Location 47274
Total money lost $960
Type of a scam Debt Collections

A rep from a company called CRS (Core Recovery Systems) contacted me via telephone. My caller ID said 219.281.3477 Crown Point, IN. (Also the numbers 219.281.3473 Crown Point, IN & 219.209.9636 Moroco, IN)

They said they were a "Mediation Firm" contacting me on behalf of Mutual Holdings and that they were attempting to collect a debt from a Payday Loan from 8 years ago. I've never received any notice about this from any Payday company, nor do I recall having any outstanding debt with a Payday Loan Company. But I do remember going to payday loan companies years ago, so it sounded somewhat believable. He informed me that I had a balance of approximately $1,500.00 and that I need to pay unless I want the matter to escalate. Of course, I didn't want anything to go on my credit report, so we came to an agreement to drop the amount to $960. Reluctantly, I paid with a credit card and considered the case to be closed. But after reconsidering what happened, I did a search on the phone numbers listed, and they showed up with complaints and were listed as "Payday Loan Scam." So I contacted my credit card company and filed a dispute to have them reverse the transaction. A few days later I received a call from CRS asking about the payment reversal, and I told them that I need them to verify that they were a legitimate company. They said that because they were a "Mediation Firm" and not a collection agency, they do not follow the same standards as collections. I asked him what their address is, and he would not tell me. I asked him what their website is, and he said they didn't have one. The person's name that I've been communicating with is John Stewart. Now I don't know what to do. Our credit card company credited us the full amount of the transaction back and said they are investigating for me. But CRS tells me that I have to make a decision today. I did some researching and found that we should have received a formal notice in the mail if this were legit. However, CRS told me that they are a "Mediation Firm" just trying to resolve this for Mutual Holdings. Can someone please investigate this company and verify whether it's legitimate or not, and contact me?

Thank you!

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