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Contractor Solutions LLC

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Contractor Solutions LLC Reports & Reviews (5)

• Mar 16, 2021

Janet Cleaning Services
Serving the area of Texas

I’m a single mother of 2 beautiful children, I had started a small cleaning business and then the pandemic hit us all, this was a very difficult time for everyone no just me but most business owners were going through the same financial difficulties and rough decision to let go of some good workers.

One day I received a call from contractor Solutions and they were offering me a cleaning contract that was too good to be real since it was difficult just to get some work on the week they ask if I could do the after-construction cleaning for some apartment, and a few houses for a customer of them. I was very skeptical at first, they seen to be offering something unreal on these desperate times, but I thought about my kids and took the change to move forward on the project and this happened to be the best decision on my new business adventure. They set me up for 3 months on the cleaning project and by the time the project was due there where other projects coming up. They asked me if I was available to take on the next project so I have been working with them for a year and 2 months already. This time the project was outside my coverage area but they help me with the transition I was able to provide a job to my old crew and we are happily working now. It’s a disgrace that some people would go to some extend to ruin a company’s reputation and this is the reason I share my experience.

• Mar 16, 2021

I would like to go and explain my experience that I
have working with contractor solution has been a year my company started really bad I was almost about to file bankruptcy or closing I received a call from agent in contractor solution with a job proposal offer first thing that thought it was too good to be true . my company was doing bad so i risk myseld and my guys thinking want can i lose if Im already doing bad so made the chnage on the insurance drop them and it turned out to be the best thing the project was regarding Landscaping my business is landscaping been over 10yrs I also was able to go ahead and have my wife to do some cleaning for some houses as well for their clients. I know sometimes people make give back feed bags or talk bad about other companies but I took the chance and I'm glad to say that contact solution help me through my rough time and got me through a better time I'm now still working with them some. No membership fee was charged to me no affiliation and I'm happy be part of there team.

• Mar 15, 2021

Its a shame that people discredit a company like this. We had worked with contractor solutions for 3 years and they are a good and responsible company, that provide working for local contractors. Contractors Solutions have been helping us get more jobs base on our performance and the quality of work we had done for their customers. Once again sad that others are ruining the good reputation of companies out there this people should be reprehended and send the where they belong. I will advise Contractor Solutions so they can take action on this situation.

• Jan 25, 2021

Contractors solution,LLC reached out to me about a week ago wanting me to paint 9 homes. The catch was to purchase their insurance through Colony Argo because they offer a discount when purchased with them. Before buying the same exact listed insurance policy above, I asked to see the properties. I didn’t feel comfortable purchasing that much insurance up front without seeing the properties. I repeatedly asked to see the property first and always got the run around that insurance had to be purchased before stepping on the property. Thankfully I didn’t lose any money before searching the internet for this scam.

Victim Location 20111
Total money lost $4,640
Type of a scam Home Improvement

Maximo Gonzalez was the first person to contact me, he represented Contractor Solutions LLC based out of Arizona, however, this company apparently work out of different states, Maximo was out of NY according to his phone number & email signature. Apparently the way they work is that they are hired by investors to do jobs such like construction work, etc. My husband is a Concrete contractor so we were contacted to do a 7 home Concrete project in Fredericksburg, VA. They wanted us to remove the current Asphalt & make the driveways with Concrete.They offered to pay $76,750 total for the labor only, they said the investor would provide all the materials, etc. needed to do the job. One of the requirements were that we needed to have an Insurance policy of "General Aggregate & Worker's Comp: 5 million general aggregate full year active no umbrella no split insurance policy & 2 million Worker's Comp full year active no umbrella no split insurance policy" we currently have a Nationwide insurance policy of 1 million, as I called my own insurance company to increase the coverage they said they didn't offer that much & were shocked that someone would request that much coverage. Max then told me they have an insurance company that they work with "Colony Insurance Company, 3191 Maguire Blvd Orlando, FL 32803" my point of contact was Robert Castano, (407) 225-1719 [email protected] he explained that the policy cost $6,250, however, if I paid it in full for the year it would cost be $2,640 because I would get a corporate discount since I was recommended by Contractor Solutions LLC (Maximo Gonzalez) since my own insurance company did not provide such high insurance I had no choice but to purchase that insurance policy & through them and pay it in full for the year to receive the major discount, in order for me to receive the discount both Robert & Maximo said I needed to go to my bank and ask for a cashiers check for $2,640 & deposit it into a Bank of America bank account #325129120193 to Billy Gene Greer Jr. I then thought it was strange that they were asking me to do that instead of my paying Robert, the insurance guy directly. After going back and fourth they convinced me and said thats the way they do business, however, at that point the bank was closed. Max then told me to send the money via "Zelle" however, Zelle only allowed me send $1000 a day so because I had the appointment the next day February 26, 2020 to meet with the investors Jason Hernandez & Andrew Williams, Max then asks me how else can I send the money for the insurance policy because in order for me to meet the investors I had to have had the insurance policy in place, I then told him I could send it via Apple Pay or Cashapp, he told me to send the rest of the money which was $1,640 via cashapp to "Billy, username: $DJKraft951" upon paying which was Tuesday February 25, 2020. He said he would send me all the insurance documents & Real Estate ID's to meet the investors the next day at 2pm. The next day comes I get a call from the investor Jason Hernandez (571) 365-3640 to confirm our appointment & says we will meet in the Fredericksburg, VA community at the job site located at 11031 Tidewater Trail, Fredericksburg, VA 22408. He said he was going to pay me 50% up front which was $38,375 to guarantee that the job was ours, after he supposedly deposited the money I get a call from Michael Rodriguez (602) 512-9809 the financial department guy who says that in order for me to receive the payment I have to pay a deposit of 10% which was basically so the IRS did not think this was fraud or money laundering etc. & that I would receive the deposit back within 24 hours, & that the $38,375 would be available within 1-2 hours in my bank account I told him I couldn't afford that since I had just paid $2,640 for the insurance, he then said he would talk to the company & see if they can help me with the payment, I then get a call from Maximo who says he has assured the company he was responsible for $1,000 & I would just pay the $2,000 & when the deposited was credited back to me that I would have to give him the $1,000 back that he paid, I proceed to pay the $2,000 via cash app per Maximo request to "Jeffrey Rostran, username: $JeffreyRostran" at this point its passed 2pm, me & my husband drove over an 1 to Fredericksburg, VA to meet the investors Jason & Andrew who then changed the time to 4:30pm, I had to get someone to pick up my son from school & someone to watch my daughters to go to this meeting, also, both me & my husband missed work to meet with these people at the original time of 2pm, I got a text from Jason at 3:59pm to let me know he was on his way & he would be at the location within 30-45 mins depending on traffic, I told him I was already in the area, well me & my husband 2 hours for Jason, I then get a text from Maximo & a call from Michael telling me that the IRS did not accept the $2,000 & I had to pay the full $3,000 deposit. At that point I told them Jason never showed up, I called him twice, texted him a few times after waiting 2 hours for him & that he stood us up, I wasn't going to pay anymore money & that I wanted to cancel everything with them & all my money back, the total of $4640. Michael hung up & after I tried called Michael back, Maximo, Jason, & Robert no one answered me. Later that night Maximo said I would have info in the morning about my refund. I got a call the following morning from an apparent manager in Florida named Eric Seldom, who apologized for everything I went through, he assured me he would refund me my money back later that day & that he would put me in contact with another Investor to get the job & not have to pay a penny, well not none of these people answer me & I have not received my money. They scammed & robbed me for $4640 & I want to get my money back!!! I have proof of all emails from all these people, & text messages.

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