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Consumer Needs

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Consumer Needs Reports & Reviews (13)

- Milwaukee, WI, USA

The company is basically assuming the identity of an actual loan company, named Consumer Needs. Spoke to a representative of the company who went by the name Annie, then a financial person named John then when things sounded like they just weren't making sense; I spoke to Jack Turner who was acting as head supervisor. All parties I spoke with were of Asian/foreign descent. They said all the right things and even sent me paperwork via email to sign off on. It detailed the terms of the agreement for me to obtain a $1000 loan with a monthly payment and low APR, which sounded great to myself having been in need of a loan for a much needed car repair. They received my banking info and stated according to FDIC, they would deposit a portion of the loan and I would then go to a local grocer and get a voucher at no cost to me and send back a portion in good faith. Luckily for me, my bank who's big on protecting it's customers put the check on hold for 7 days. The director stated that once he deposited the funds that evening, he would call me the next morning with instructions on how to do the voucher, I never heard from him and when I called, I was told that I would be called back in an hour and never heard from them again. Now my concern is that even though I changed mu User ID, password and security questions; they may still be able to access my account and if they're not able to access the funds, then they'll try to sue me for monies that was not given and presented under false pretenses.My bank returned the check but of course I was charged a $12 fee, never again.

- Cookeville, TN, USA

They called saying I was approved for a loan. Then told me , I needed to make first installment. Told me to go to Walgreens. Get a google play card. Once that was said , I knew it was not right. BE CAREFUL OUT THERE!

They called me on my cell phone and told me I qualified for a personal loan up to $8.000 and transferred me over to a loan manager that uses the name Eric Foster that's ask for all of your personal information like DL #,Bank info etc. and explains that they will wire 3 to 5 hundred dollars into my account and I'm supposed to go to Walmart and send it back to them so that they can verify my credential's, they also will call you and tell you that you have qualified for a government grant that doesn't have to be paid back and you don't have to pay any taxes on the grant money and there was no upfront fees to receive my grant but they want you to get a federal ID for verification of who you are and want to charge you $250. So they have several ways they try to scam people and hopefully someone can catch this fraudulent company, The one thing in the beginning that threw up a red flag for me was that everybody you speak to are either Arabs or Nigerian.

- Bedford, OH, USA

This company was going to give me a personal loan instead there threatening me. They wanted me to 64.00 and put it on a card and send it to them then would give me my loan please beware cause now there saying there going to charge me 299.00 . I asked them to cancel and now there harassing me calling with different numbers. One of them even said there going to block my social security # LOOK AT THIS TEXT

We like to inform you as we don't get a proper response from you for that reason we are considering your application as a fake application we are going to charge you $299 for the cancellation fee and if you don't have a sufficient balance in your bank account it will be overdrawn from your account and it will be mention on your banking statement.

Thank you

Consumer Need

- Elk Grove Village, IL, USA

Consumer Needs is a scam it’s a loan place I didn’t sign anything and they are telling me there going to take 299.00 out of my account and block my SS# if I don’t take 64.00 to some store for a card. I asked them to cancel it and they got angry. I refused to send any money and there threatening me.

- Hurt, VA, USA

The “loan company” kept sending me text messages and calling claiming that I was approved for a $5,000 loan. While on the phone going through the verification process, they were asking a lot of very personal information regarding my password to my online banking and so on. I did receive loan documents to sign but never received the money they claimed I was approved for. They said they were going to send me a test verification to my checking account and then needed to send the money back to them through western union. On there loan documents they claim they are a part of BBB.

- Medina, TN, USA

I was contacted by a man named jack morris. He said he was with a company called Consumer needs and that I had been approved for a $500 loan. I was sent a loan agreement, which I have attached. I have bad credit so he told me that I would have to show that I could make the $50 a month payments. I asked how I was supposed to do that and he said that I should purchase a Google play card for $25.70, half of the first payment, and that it would be applied towards my first payment. Being unfamiliar with online loans and how the Google play cards actually work, I agreed. But I had misunderstood him and thought he said $25.17. So after I gave him the info from the first card, he called and asked me to purchase another for the correct amount, and both would be applied to my first month's payment, so I wouldn't owe anything. Stupidly I did. He told me he was going to start the transfer of the funds to my bank account and once it was finished he would call me back. He said it would take about 15 minutes. An hour later I caled him and he said that my credit was bad so the underwriters were asking that I agree to participate in a credit building program which would boost my score. This program was going to cost $140, which was refundable once I paid off the loan. Reluctantly I agreed as I had just been thru a advance fee loan scam and lost $2000. I asked repeatedly before I made the payment if I would be asked to pay anything more and I was guaranteed by a man named Geri that I would not be asked for anymore money other than my monthly payments. So I purchased another Google play card for $140 and provided that to them. Geri said that he would call me within a half hour. After almost 2 hours, and multiple attempts to reach him, I was finally able to reach him. I was told that because my credit was bad they were going to require $254 more to be able to provide the loan because I had too much unsecured debt. I flat out refused to pay anymore as the loan itself was only for $500. The next day I received a text from Geri saying that he had some news on my loan application. So I called him. He said that the didn't work with my bank, Bancorpsouth, so that I should go to the nearest wells Fargo, take $500 and open an account. The nearest wells Fargo is an hour and a half away from me and I do not have a vehicle at the moment. I told him that was impossible. He said that if I could find a way there and open the account, his company was going to deposit $6000 into the account which I would then take out and wire to them. Then i would receive the $500 loan. This made no sense at all to me, so I refused and requested my money back. Geri told me that the only way I could get my money back was to open the account. I told him, yet again, that I had no way to go do that, and he stated well then I guess you're not going to get your money back. I hung up at this point. I have been contacted numerous times since then by different people from this company offering me more loans for different amounts of money. Each time I inform them I already have been offered a loan by them, and that they asked for money upfront and never provided the loan.

I came in contact with consumer needs Monday I was told I was approved for a loan but my credit score was too low Alton Thomas deposited 2 deposits into my account but wanted me to purchase Google play cards claiming it would help my credit so I could get loan.

I did purchase Google play cards with two of the deposit today Wednesday another deposit was made and I refused to do it now they have messed over my entire bank account all because I wouldn't purchase Google play cards with money they deposited into my account. they even got their funds back out my account.

- Chatsworth, GA, USA

Posted a fake check and then told them to go buy a Google play card and send it to them

My aunt tried to get a loan for $2,000 and they said they could help and took 2 weeks to get anything from them. They wanted us to take $300 they sent to her account to get a google play card and give them the code off the back to send money back to confirm it was her bank account. Couple days later they had us do it again with $600. Then they said we would have to do it one last time for documentation and then they would put the $2,000 into her account. After all was said and done the $2,000 was never sent till a few days later and the checks the company sent bounced causing a $706.30 over draft in my aunt's account. We called them to fix this and they said they would by March 28, 2019 (today) and its still over drafted. She had given them her account number and routing number so the money could go into her account.

- Goldsboro, MD, USA

I got a text and call from David Black from consumer needs saying I was approved for a loan and he wanted my online banking information so then I knew he was trying to scam to get my bank information.He said the company was located at 1400 Smith Street Houston Texas 70005.

website is phone numbers that he was calling from are 1-346-308-2179 & 1-888-705-3098.

- Houston, TX, USA

This gentleman Peter said his name was Michael Rowe and told us that he was gonna boost our credit by depositing funds into our account. Then we would get our loan for two thousand dollars. He made it very clear that he needs a trusted company for us to go to, to repay the funds specially we need to get a google play card from a Kroger company.

- Denville, NJ, USA

They say they’re a loan service company there website appears to check out but they the checks they deposit into your account for verification then they have you buy a google play card and send them a picture of the card and code back to them. The check they deposited into my account bounced or is no good and I got hit with an item return fee of $250 they are refusing to do anything for me until I pay them $60 in another google play card then they said the would get my loan so it shouldn’t matter if my account is negative. The one loans officers name is Peter black

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