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Consumer loans

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Consumer loans Reports & Reviews (16)

Victim Location 11738
Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

Had my banking login info , I said I would receive the money Western Union and he asked why I didn't trust people and he said that's an odd reason I ended up hanging up on me when I question him why he had my bank in them Bank login

Victim Location 91730
Total money lost $200,000
Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

Consumer Loans contacted me about giving me a $ *** loan. When they called they said I was approved. Then they called back and said that after reviewing my credit score I needed to pay for PPI insurance because my credit score was so low. Well after serious thought, I went ahead and paid the fee. Then after awhile later he calls again saying I had to pay another fee for the lawyers who have to go over the paper work. Then after I paid that, he calls back and says I have to pay an application fee. So I pay that. Then he calls back and says he need something like $ *** for something else. By the time I borrowed money from family and friends, I'm embarrassed that I borrowed so much money to pay for all the fees for the loan I was trying to get. When I told them to stop calling me because I was going to the BBB, they said "Go right ahead because there's nothing they can do since they are registered with them". I don't know if they are trying to scare me or what. I have been trying to fill out paperwork for a complaint but having trouble..I won't give up untill these people give me back all my $ *** I gave them in fees.

Victim Location 79707
Total money lost $700
Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

They had me but I tunes cards for some bull[censored] insurance they made up for the loan and then told me I needed to send it again cause they didn't get my.middle name. They are all from India or somewhere there . I even have proof through a text of them admitting they stole my money and that no one would catch them .

Victim Location 77017
Total money lost $100
Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

I had fallen into a financial hardship and began searching online for assistance. I received a text message from Consumer Loans stating that I had been pre-approved for a loan and to call them in order to finalize the deal. I spoke with Frank Martin at 347-674-9046 who went over the terms of the agreement with me. In order to proceed, he stated that I would need to go to Wal-Mart to purchase a Steam gift card which would setup an account with them and also show that I would be able to make my monthly payments. I told Frank I was unable to find the Steam gift card and he said an iTunes card would suffice and instructed me to make a purchase totaling $100. Stupidly, I did what he said and provided him with the code on the back and he said the funds would be deposited in my bank account in 5 minutes. By the time I made it back to my bank, the funds hadn't been deposited and I called Frank. He stated they received an error message stating I would need to pay an additional $199 in order for the funds to go through. Luckily my local bank tellers heard my end of the conversation and said it was a scam and to hang up. I called Frank to ask for my money back and he stated it would take a week or two to process the cancellation. When I continued to insist on the cancellation, he said it would be a $75 cancellation fee. I told him he would not get any more money from me at all and to ignore my file in his system. Looking back I realize how foolish it sounds to have to pay before getting a loan but I was so desperate at the idea of having financial relief that I wasn't thinking straight and it's disgusting that these "people" prey on people who are in need of help.

Victim Location 39531
Total money lost $100
Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

A guy name Dave Brown called me offering me a 2000 loan for 16 months and monthly payments 140. My credit score not too good so he offered insurance through payment protection insurance and saying I'm would have to pay a fee which was 149. So he told me to send the money through western union. I contacted him and told him I only have 100 dollars. He then told me to put the 100 dollars on a gift card and the loan officer would process for the insurance fee. He told me that the whole process would take thirty minute and my funds will be in my account. I called back again then he was asking for 198 dollars because the state I live in would charge me a tax fee. I told no I'm not sending anything else too him and I asked could I get my money back he tells me the insurance is active and I would have to wait for 16 months to get my money back. The loan went from 2000 to 2400 if I pay the Mississippi state tax fee. He told me to the 100 dollars on a Walmart gift card.

Victim Location 45013
Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

I received a text around 4-13-17 around 10:30a.m. saying you are approved from 206-596-0679, the person I spoke with is Jack from Consumer Loans. He was explaining what your payment would be, what interest would be, a two year 3 year, we can put in your bank account. He said now you need to speak with the finance department, Mr. L he said because you have never had a loan, this is your first installment loan you would be required to buy a apple i-tunes card for $175 to secure your credit. The he goes how soon can you get there, he asked what's the nearest store to you. I told him how do I know that this is not a scam, and he said we are registered with the Then he said you can reach our numbers. In other words, he wants me to go get the i-tunes card, and then the money would be deposited into my account in 5 minutes. He said they work with Apple, and they have accents from around India. The loan amount approved for was $3,000 the loan amount today was $4,500. Asked for general information and were adamant about getting card, hurry up, and that credit score was bad. 

Victim Location 19114
Total money lost $170
Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

I went on my to apply for a loan and a lady call me and said.I can get a loan for 2,000.00 and I have too give then 170,00 to get the loan.

Victim Location 35180
Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

Rex Miller was what he said his name was , he was definitely not from America, he guaranteed me a unsecured personal loan of $3000.00 after supposedly checking my credit score without my ss#. He then told me it was under 680 and if i paid a one time fee of $149.00 to ppi payment protection insurance I could still receive loan this just guaranteed they received payment no matter if I was unable to pay or not. I then told "Rex" that it sounded like a scam to me and he promised it was not a scam. I told him I would call him back in 20 minutes.

Victim Location 12572
Total money lost $5,197
Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

Phone solicitation for a loan, Consumer Loans repeatedly demanded money grams to finalize a loan for $20,000.00 that would be deposited in our bank account in 15 minutes along with a complete refund of all money we already send them added into the loan amount deposit. Over a three week period, they had used several "problems" that needed to be resolved with another money gram each time. After eight money grams and being assured there would be no more obstacles four times by the contact Sam Williams, and his supervisor Margaret Eloise Gandara, the funds were about to be deposited via ECH transfer, the once again demanded another money gram. They took us for $5,098.00. When we were sure this was a con game, we requested a full refund of all the money we sent and were told they can neither move forward or refund us unless we sent another money gram for $850.00. At this point we were phone contacted by the senior accounting supervisor Kevin Patel employee # 65813 and his phone # (832) 548 2021, but the caller ID read mark Ryan Jr.

We did not send any more money and they refuse to refund the money the received from us and the loan was never finalized. We were told that all the money we sent would be lost if we did not send the money gram for $850.00. They have now stopped communicating with us and the money is gone.

There were eight money grams sent to them in the amounts of $299.00, $900.00x2, $499.00x2, $500.00, $850.00 & $750.00. Plus the $850.00 we did not send.

They must be stopped !

Victim Location 78758
Total money lost $169
Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

called and said that I had gotten approved for a 3,000 since I didn't have credit they made me pay 169.00 western union transfer for a refundable insurance then after they got all of my information they supposedly sent it to the banking department didn't say with which bank then they said that there was a pop saying that I had to pay for out of state taxes fee of 299.00 and the funds will be released to my account they say the cant do a refund because the insurance has been fully activated and they cant refund the money the company name is supposedly consumer loans located on 515 s flower street los angles CA, 90071

Victim Location 78758
Total money lost $169
Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

I applied for a $3000 Loan.I asked If they were with the Better Business Bearu they told me yes. Then I was told because I have bad credit I just have to pay an refundable insurance of $169... Only through western union for my security.So I wired 169.Then. They transfered me to someone else...Then that person told me to send $299 for a out of state taxes. Then I told them I don't have that money just refund my $169 back don't worry about it..Then I was told that they can't refund my money.

Victim Location 77047
Total money lost $211.50
Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

Asked for fees to cover insurance and taxes on a personal loan. Then did not deposit the funds as promised.

Victim Location 19126
Total money lost $200
Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

I was told to go to my nearest cvs or walgreens to give 200 dollars through western union or moneygram. I get to the CVS and was told that i can not do it here and he told me to buy an itunes giftcard worth 200 dollars and give them the code. I gave them the code and the man then transferred me to their "manager" where he told me that i would have to pay 375 just to get my loan due to state taxes. He would not refund my money and said it would take 45 business days.

Victim Location 45424
Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

Business told the consumer to Western Union $500 from Kroger to the business for a $5000 deposit to the consumer's bank account.

Victim Location 55060
Total money lost $149
Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

The following information was recorded by a staffer:

A woman received a call from a woman in Florida to keep sending money to a consumer loans location in Washington state. This was after a $5,000 loan was claimed to have been held by the state of Minnesota for tax purposes.

Victim Location 65301
Total money lost $199.97
Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

These people called my girlfriend and offered her a 15000 loan and she didn't want that much only 5k just to get caught up on bills and such. they gave her a website called and she checked it our and it looked like a legit site so she verbally told them OK. this guys name is Ricky martin and of Asian descent and told her to send money through money-gram for the insurance portion and then they would apply the loan to the bank account in 30 minutes. she did so and they told her to send it to a Tonya wear and to tell the money-gram place that she knew her. She did this and then awhile later they called her and said it was a mismatch because she used her middle name on a money-gram and it was only to be her first and last name and they wanted her to send another 199.97. She called me and i called him and he was very verbal with me saying that i could go ahead and sue him he didn't care it was her mistake and not his. i hung up on him and called my gal back and told her to forget it and we would see if we could get out money back from Walmart. they would not refund it because she called and gave them the reference number and they already claimed the money and there was nothing else they could do. so. we are out 199.97 plus the money-gram fees. my girlfriend called them back and demanded they send her money back and they refused and said that there is nothing else they can do unless she sends another 199.97. i jumped in and told them that this is american and that i hope they are happy with themselves for scamming people and taking food out of children and kids mouths!!! he hung up on me. he emailed her a letter head and everything and with further research found that the email is a spam email that these businesses get from using the at the end. if anyone knows of a lawyer who wants to see these documents and see if a class action suit can be filed because this company is ripping off the american people and the hard working american people for sure.

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