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Consumer Credit Services

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Consumer Credit Services Reports & Reviews (8)

- Corpus Christi, TX, USA

this company just called me, but from a local island number. easy to identify because its small area and the 949 indicates its a local number. but there is a VERY long number on top of that number on my caller ID screen on my landline phone. looks like.



the very long V number only shows up sometimes, with certain calls. I have no idea why or what it represents. but for sure it wasn't a local call. a large call center from the background noise and agents with foreign accents. pushy when I told them I was going to check them out on the internet. they kept insisting to have the last four digits of any of my credit cards, even after I asked them to wait until I checked them out, several times. they ended the call when I would not give out the last four digits. but they already knew the zip code because they asked me to confirm it. they said they are who the credit cards bank with, they WERE the bank for all the worlds credit cards, that's why it was a lifetime lower rate they were offering. if I am wrong please let me know cause it sounded like a too good to be true deal

- Perryton, TX, USA

I received a phone call from an arlington tx phone number that I did not know and I answered. It was a recording that said something like all credit card debt transfer for 0% until bal paid in full. The guy fast talked me into giving the last 4 digits of my Discover card with expiration date and the last 4 of my social. I was asking who he was with and phone number. After I gave the info, he put me on hold and I hung up. I received 25 phone calls over the next 18 minutes all from different numbers. non stop. I answered and told him I was not interested. He continued to persist. He said I was referred to you by experian because you always pay extra on your minimum due and from the info I gave him, he told me the exact balance on my Discover card and last payment made. He also gave me my balance and last payment made on a Citi card that I gave him no information on and wanted to know if I had any other credit cards. I told him I would not give any more information and to give me his website so I could see what their company was offering and a phone number that I could reach him at. I told him he could call me back tomorrow after 5. He said "" and 321-234-3429 Mario Garcia. I asked for 800 number but he said I didnt need it as this was his direct line. I called the 800 number on the website and they assured me they do not have a rep named Mario Garcia and they are based out of Boston and they do not do blind calls. They only respond if I had previously called them. The calls are from Florida

Someone named Jason from consumer credit services offered to help my mom get a zero balance on all of her credit card debt. The service was to be provided by giving them a $2500 fee and receiving a new credit card with a zero balance. The $2500 fee would be charged to one of her credit cards and then she would receive the card with the zero balance in the mail and use that card to pay off the remaining credit cards. I asked to speak to Jason supervisor his name was Diego Santiago. I asked Diego not to cause any more that we were not interested in this promotion. I asked him to put us on the do not call list and he refused. I hung up on him, and Jason called me back. I asked Jason not to call us anymore and he proceeded to call us back seven times.I was only able to stop them from calling by keeping our phone line busy for approximately 10 minutes. I expect Jason to call back in an hou I was only able to stop them from calling by keeping our phone line busy for approximately 10 minutes. Hopefully they will not call back but they did not seem deterred by me saying that I would contact the or the police.

- Riverside, NJ, USA

An office in India is calling using different phone numbers and spoofing trying to get credit card numbers. Using Consumer Credit Services and they stated they were from Orlando Florida and when I question this they ask why I'm wasting their time and then told me to go f myself

- Austin, TX, USA

I was contacted by someone claiming to know about my credit score and how to help me fix my credit. They were not connected to any bank I have an account with.

- Spring, TX, USA

This call starts with a recording stating they will lower your interest rates. I could tell it was a scam so I gave a wrong info and he would not even give me a company name or phone number first. He transferred me to a 'supervisor' that tried to reassure me that it was legit. After I told him that I would give him my info if I could get a name and 1-800 number then he finally gave me Consumer Credit Services with a number. I called the number on my other phone and it was a legit phone number but I still knew this was a scam. So I asked him to take me off of his list and not call me. He then called me back and said that his caller was polite and that he would like to continue with the process. I told him absolutely not and yes I gave him fake numbers bc this was a scam. He then called me right back and yelled, "Go *** Yourself you Mother ***!" So clearly this was a scam and I also called the 1-800 number he gave me and told the company that they were using their real phone number as a part of their scam. That company took all of the numbers they called me from and are reporting it as well and researching it. Do NOT accept calls from 281-748-2248, 281-748-8872 or 281-3073

- Columbus, OH, USA

I live in Gahanna, OH. Today, I received a call from Consumer Credit Services which was spoofing the Gahanna Public Schools' phone number. I told them not to call me again. But they continue to call. My home phone is on Do Not Call and is unlisted. I was asked to press 9, then I said I don't know how you got this number, do not call this number again. They hung up.

- East Setauket, NY, USA

This compay has called almost one hundred times to my cell phone which is on the national do not call list. They have no option to remove the phone number from the calling list. I started to play along with the representative to find out more about the company and they hang up. I know they are trying to obtain credit card information for fradulent purporses. They claim to try and reduce your rates in order to get personal information. They call from different states, area codes to hide who they are.

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