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• Sep 06, 2020

I just been contacted in the same manner as the very first post. Text email that led me to Skype. When I got on Skype this individual actually had a Conduent Logo underneath his name title. Unfortunately they did manage to get my name, address, head photo shot (which he explained it was needed for my ID Card) and the name of my bank but no account information. They went as far as sending me an Offer Letter with a Conduent letter head on it for me to sign and return. Everything looked legit. It was the same scenario as the other people had posted. I was getting a check, laptop, and other assets, and the check was to pay for the needed software on the laptop. I was also provided a FedEx Tracking number which sparked the start of my suspicion. They said there was an issue with FedEx delivering the "check", no mention of the laptop and other assets.. just the check. The man on Skype wanted me to do use the banking app on my phone to do a "soft deposit" into my account. I instinctively knew not to do this. I told him that my Bank's mobile app does not work with iphones and the check had to be manually deposited into my account. The man on Skype stated he will get the accounting manager to look into this and try to correct it. I used the tracking number he provided and tracked the item, it went from TN to NJ.. I don't live in NJ. Smelling fish..I already knew Conduent is a real company so I looked at the email address of the person that I sent my info to. The email address has his name then @conduent-inc. I knew this was bogus, and kicking myself for not catching it before I sent the info. Then I did an internet search for Conduent work at home scams and found that my suspicions were warranted. I intend to call my bank first thing when they open Monday morning and inform them what has happened. These scammers did not get any bank account info, or my SS#, but they do have my name, head shot, and address. That bothers me greatly.

• Aug 21, 2020

Victim Location 78225
Type of a scam Employment

I received a text message from 1-601-348-5187 stating that Conduent Inc. received my resume through and I have been selected for an online interview, reply with Yes if interested. Since I have been looking for extra work and have placed my resume on Indeed, and have done a couple of interviews virtually and because also I have heard of this company, I agreed to participate. The job position was for online work form home for a Data Entry Clerk/Customer Service Representative. They asked if I had any issues working from home. The job briefing interview was done on Skype/Google Hangouts so I get to know the company and what the job entails. Asked for a Skype/hangout email to get started. I did not have these and had to download the apps. I have not done an interview through Google Hangouts before, but thought perhaps its just a different platform for each company. So I downloaded the apps. Gave them my email address and she gave me hers. Add Anne Campbell the hiring manager up on your Google hangout chat at [email protected] and send her a message online on hangout she will be available to conduct the online interview with you. Your verification ID for the interview is CEPL-77065, then let me know when you are ready for the interview. All of that information was based off the text messaging of the telephone above. Next, I went to Google hangouts and made the mistake of calling anne campbell. I had never used this app; therefore, I was a bit off my comfort zone. The "interview" started at 12:48 pm but I did not respond to it until 3:28 pm. When I accidentally called them, they stated the interview is strictly via text, are you ready to go on? I thought perhaps is phase 1. So I went on. They wanted to confirm with my assigned ID #. They apologized about using google hangouts as an interviewing platform and its important to stay on top of things as change is inevitable as this approach may seem unprofessional. I mentioned it was not new to me and everyone chooses different platforms for interviews. They disregarded my comment and moved to introductions. She stated: let's start by getting to know each other. I am Anne Campbell Staffing/Recruiting Manager to the firm, I am here to brief and give you more information about the opening Administrative Assistant/Data Entry/Customer Service. Please introduce yourself, indicate your location. At that point, should of been a red flag. Since they already had viewed my resume. She gave me a long description of the duties, the companies values, mission, the companies clients, etc. They provided me with Conduent's website and clicked on it. It looked appropriate. I went to my google web browser and typed Conduent Inc. and it was the same website. So I continued. She stated I have five minutes to review the website and to inform her when done going through for further process ahead, thank you. Then she described and explained the job. The rate, the frequency, the location of the job, but they could not provide me with an address of the job. Only stated it will be opened close to you. I asked for benefits/perks. It was provided, plus the company was handling gas mileage for company errands and internet bills. I should eligible for benefits after 2 months of working with Conduent, Inc. As for duties I will assist you with any difficulties by email. I asked when I had to decide? She stated as soon as the interview is concluded. Then another long list of responsibilities, and asked if I can handle these duties effectively from home if been trained towards it? Yes I said. Your training supervisor who would be attached to you online as providing training on the accountant software because I was going to be assisting with payroll. Next, 11 interviewing questions was asked. Normal questions about what type of jobs I had, how I got them, my main responsibilities, currently employed, but the 10th question asked what's the bank name I operate with to see if it tallies with company's official salary payment account. I refused to answer that. It took me about 20 minutes to type on my cell. All along I was thinking when do I get a virtual interview, why is she asking me this, does she have the resume. So my answers were brief. When I refused to give the bank name. She came back within 1 minute and stated 'that is needed for documentation and NOTE that the company is not asking for your bank information but the name of your bank. Then they needed two professional reference. (Give me two phone contacts and name)They will be reached during normal business hours when needed. After that I had to wait 10-15 online so they could give me an answer if I got the job. So I got it. Then a whole lot of instructions came out about how everything was going to happen. They needed me to provide my demographics to mail me a brand new Apple laptop all in one printer, scanner, and fax machine form gateway new phone IphoneX, mini office stationery laminating machine w/5 cartridges fellowes micro shred confetti cut paper shredder work cross checker software all at no cost to me. The company will shoulder the bills regarding the full office set up will be needing to become a productive employee. The start up check will cover the expenses of all the working equipment, accounting software programs and working materials you will be needing to start work with. All we need from you is good work and trust and you will enjoy every moment working with us. Explained how this start up check was going to be mailed to me, I was gonna get a tracking number, once I received the check I was to go deposit any choice I wanted. Once I did that I was to send a copy of the deposit slip to her email for record purpose. Then the funds will be credited and available in my account the next day (24 hours). Then explained the process a job offer letter going to be emailed to me and w4 and i-9 forms were going to be mailed. Then she wanted me to be on the job the next morning to start my day. The conversation ended at 5:58 pm. The next morning, I let them know that this job offer was not legitimate, and have not heard from them. I called Conduent, Inc. at 1-844-663-2638, the Security Department verified that it is a scam.

Victim Location 78550
Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

They claim to be a company called conduent and were strictly only used Skype. Except for text messages with another man that led to the skype, there were red flags such as them putting the check under my husbands name instead of mine. They were using a check under Aetna life insurance. And when I asked if I could terminate myself because I found another job that was local he started yelling at me and then try to scare me by saying that the FBI would be showing up at my door in an hour and 30 minutes and just stay put so I called the cops and let him know that I would be filing a report and then he asked me if I was scared and he was being very unprofessional and I do have all the screenshots.

• Aug 20, 2020

I almost got pulled in to work with them. this is what they told me.
Mrs.Tessie, 11:53 AMPlease note that your working materials are expensive that is why you will be getting close to $10,000 to $12,000 via direct deposit depending on your job position and working equipment but the accounting manager won’t begin processing of the payment if you don’t provide your online access to monitor the payment once the deposit has been made ,and you will also be deducting $100 for handling your daily task once the deposit has been made. OkayAnd once the payment of your working equipment has been handled you will be given additional funds for handling the payment of your working equipment so well. Understood?

Victim Location 29501
Type of a scam Employment

I was contacted by Conduent about a work from home position. They insisted that we do the interview through What's App. After the so called interview.They made a job offer that I could not refuse. They asked who I banked with so that they could make sure the check I would be receiving would be able to be cashed. They sent me a check for almost 5 thousand dollars and asked me to deposit it in my account so that it could be used to pay the IT personnel for the equipment and set up. When I went to deposit the check it was not accepted by my bank's ATM. They made sure that they sent the check after banking hours so that I could not verify the check with the bank. Fortunately, the ATM would not accept the check. When I told them about the issue they said that the watermark on the check may have been faulty and that they would send me another check. Needless to say I did not receive another check or hear from them again. They are still advertising jobs on Indeed. Please be aware that this company is not legitimate.

Victim Location 77023
Type of a scam Employment

I applied for a job thinking that it was a good paying job. This company sent me 2 certified checks, so I took them to my bank to verify if is was legit ad they told me that it was a fraud.

Victim Location 30032
Type of a scam Employment

yes i did an interview with this scammer and they asked me for my full name address phone number and they wanted me to send a copy of my id to them so i didnt i just provided them with my name address and phone number and they said that i didnt have to pay any fees for equipment they said they would send me out a laptop for the gig and also they would send me a check and then i would have to use it to pay for the equipment when it clears to the vendor but it didnt seem right because after she sent that message she blocked me and i was never able to reach her again. She doesnt have a phone number provided but i did give you all the email that the scammer gave me which was [email protected] Supposedly her name is Roxanna at least that is her alias that she uses in disguise. The scammer spoke of money but has not attempted to take money yet. They said they would issue a check to my email address and send out a laptop. I dont want them to use my personal info for this check.

Victim Location 77065
Type of a scam Employment

Received checks for sign on bonus and software

Victim Location 81140
Type of a scam Employment

Offered data entry employment for $17.50 per hour from home, want bank account and routing number for direct deposit, required that you get a steam wallet card for them to provide funds for purchase of necessary software to do the data entry. Once I submitted the info they almost instantly hacked my Facebook account and began changing my personal info, locked me out and blocked all my friends so no one could report it. They are saying that I work for AECOM and I live in New Jersey. I believe they planned to get my debit card or PayPal and are probably using my account to catfish others

Victim Location 78130
Type of a scam Employment

I came across a job offer on Facebook from Conduent Company. The person offering the position was Milayo Milayo and her Facebook showed that she had been working for the company since 2012 (by a post made in 2012, so they are not new to this). She gave me an interview code and a phone number in order to contact an interviewer. I was informed I would be provided more job detail during the interview.

The interviewer told me they would be briefing me on the job, as well as conducting the interview. He identified himself only as Thompson, never did provide me with job information or company info beyond the name of the company (Conduent Company), yet went on to demand invasive information from me.

Some questions I answered, though others I refused prior to getting further information. These questions included my cellular provider, if my bill is prepaid or postpaid, my full name, precise location, phone number, and email, whether or not I have a credit card, and who my primary bank is. Many of the questions I was uncomfortable answering, though some I answered anyway.

When I refused to provide them all information they were requesting, they insisted I would be offered a position if I would just give them this information. I expressed again that I was concerned they were trying to scam me and even possibly steal my identity. At that point, I was belittled and spoken to using pet names.

Upon informing them I would not be providing the information or accepting a position, Thompson quit responding to my text messages and Milayo Milayo blocked me on Facebook, so I would not be able to find the original post and warn other potential victims. I do have screen shots of all messages.

Victim Location 28214
Total money lost $2,333
Type of a scam Employment

I was contacted via text message about a possible job. They offered great pay and benefits. It sounded great and to top it off, it was expressed as a work-from-home position. I followed all instructions to be a person of integrity and also thinking everything was okay. I was informed that I’d have a check sent to me for equipment, which should have been a red flag but not thinking about it, I continued. I deposited the funds in my account and also followed all instructions. Now my bank account is overdrawn and I’m blocked from contact with the person who posed as a recruiter. I really thought this was a legit and good company but to be without, I’m the one who suffers, as well as my family and friends. I hate this happened but warn others to not fall for it.

Victim Location 63074
Type of a scam Employment

Offered at home employment at $15 an hour, but needed my credit card information so they could pay it off so I can buy the software needed.

Victim Location 63074
Type of a scam Employment

Offered at home employment at $15 an hour, but needed my credit card information so they could pay it off so I can buy the software needed.

Victim Location 44011
Total money lost $1,500
Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

I saw a job offer on Facebook from a company called Conduent. I do not have their address and phone number. It was a work from home offer. Doing payroll $20 an hour. Apple computer materials would be sent to me. They mailed me two checks. $1758 and $1200. I deposited both checks. I keep $200. They advised me to get three $500 Apple Gift cards. uncover the code numbers. Photograph the numbers and send to the hiring manager Delene Weiler. We communicate on hangouts. They received $1500. They want me to go back to Apple and get more cards.They will ship an Apple computer and Apple software to perform duties. .

Victim Location 80631
Type of a scam Employment

Was contacted via a representative and was told to email the address. The informatio doesn’t match up with anything and when asking why the company doesnt have more information outside of the website was just re assured that everything was fine. Extremely sketchy.

Victim Location 89144
Type of a scam Healthcare/Medicaid/Medicare

I have received four letter from this company regarding my healthcare provider, Healthcare Partners of Nevada. They are asking for information about a claim filed. My Doctors office has never heard of this company, nor has their billing department. The form looks convincing, until you look closely. It has neither specific date (just a range) and only a file number for their company. I have tried to call the company and taken each new form to my Doctor's office. No luck. I would hate to have someone responding to them if they are not a "real" company. I sincerely hope you can determine if they are a valid entity. Thank you!

Victim Location 73018
Type of a scam Employment

I was offered a job as a work-at-home clerical person for a healthcare coordinating company I was told that I would receive a startup check and then it would need to be deposited into my account via the ATM and when I argued as to why I have not received information for a W-2 or any other information I was kind of yelled at so that was in my suspicions. I went as far as to google the company and call their offices. And was told that the legitimate way for and offer was from this email [email protected]

They then went as far as to send me a false cashier's check after asking for my address in the amount of 4300. I immediately called the bank stated as the issuer of which happened to be a well known credit union. They attempted to verify the cashiers check and said the serial number and account number were real. Just the serial number was for a significantly smaller amount and the account number was for a closed account.

Victim Location 30294
Type of a scam Employment

I was contacted via text after applying in Zip recruiter for Customer Service position by Elizabeth Walker whom wanted to do the interview via google hangouts i thought why different but ok i was asked a lot questions regarding work experience and given a lot of information on Conduent i was interviewed and offered the job all on same day I recieved an offer letter and that they will be sending me a check to deposit and get office supplies needed for the job once the $2850.33 check came i tried to upload it from my phone RUSH card the check was rejected will i told Elizabeth that she stated it couldnt be uploaded i had to deposit it...after that, I didn’t have a bank acct she then offered me a payroll job saying ill be receiving and sending money long story short i was confused i looked into it Conduent never heard of me nor have an offer letter been sent to me nor the company doesnt bank with the bank that check is draw off of...complete scam

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