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Col Ahmed Abdul Mastafa

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Col Ahmed Abdul Mastafa set up the classic "Bait" $58 MM". then the "Sting" which is he has to transfer the money to his "Personal Choice" for conversion of the money Col Ahmed Abdul Mastafa, into "Your Choice", which is in this Case was Gold. In the USA, Col Ahmed Abdul Mastafa, knew that "Gold was unacceptable" to invest into the USA, due to an USA law, prohibiting Gold for personal wealth. Then the "Sting" the $12,750 conversion fee. Now Col Ahmed Abdul Mastafa, is traveling, he is unable to pay this fee, which now he "Dumps his responsibility to get you the Investment, Free and Clear" just got you on the "Sting for "Just" "Only" $12,750. I am well connected business man, every step of his work was "Setting Up the Sting". If you were to pay the $12,750, then the "Switch", then you cannot get the money, there is always another fee, there is some problem with the Gold, it now has to be verified and in this case, all of this is a "Rouge" to throw you off. They keep you thinking about the $58 MM but place all responsibility of getting it on you, Fees, outside people, other countries, when you will "Never See $58 MM" never. So what would Col Ahmed Abdul Mastafa be after? Your Bank Account, your Business Account, your Personal Identity. All what they are after and what you have is theirs. I am publishing, Col Ahmed Abdul Mastafa name every day, to remind you all, the burden of providing an Investment is solely on the Investor. I am Exposing an Non US Citizen, who claims is an Ex Colonel in some Army. He is not an American citizen, he is not for you. If you were to ask him to meet with US Homeland and Security, he would run. If you tried to get him to present himself inside the USA, he would not appear. So, I know of my own case and three others, making Col Ahmed Abdul Mastafa Zero for Four Investments. Every Investment he "Claims to Enter" fails to provide the Money, in a Form that is Investable. Col Ahmed Abdul Mastafa in my three months of work, he seems like he is working his "Internet Fraud" every email. Would you send, $12,750, to an "IP Address" to an person you have never met? Would you send money period to an Unknown Email Address person? I am advising you all, Never Send Money to a Unknown, an IP Address, to an Person you have never met. Never, give the "So Called Investor" in this case Col Ahmed Abdul Mastafa, any money to fulfill his Contract. Yes, I have his contract, signed by Col Ahmed Abdul Mastafa and I, with my Attorney Col Ahmed Abdul Mastafa rejected, told me "This is between He and Me, only" that my entire company is to be let go, since he is now in the deal". I am suppose to trust an IP Address and Unknown person over my Team of Executives. Would you send your entire company packing for an "Internet Fraud"? I included his Contract Agreement, so you can compare with your "Internet Fraud" contract, he could send you. My thoughts is if they can get 100 people to do $12,750 each, that is $1,275,000 annual, for doing nothing but "an elaborate Internet Fraud". I define "Fraud" to everyone so you, yourself understand that "Fraud" is "Any Form of Deceit, Trickery, Misrepresentation of a Material Fact, in this case, I did not need the $58 MM converted to Gold that I cannot use in the USA. I wanted all $58 MM deposited into Bitcoin, my own Business Bitcoin Account. Col Ahmed Abdul Mastafa rejected Bitcoin, literally, this is my Bitcoin Account, protections for my Business, I have my own Attorney, Col Ahmed Abdul Mastafa rejected every part of my Business and he was in control. When in his Contract which I published, it is clear, he does not have Managing Responsibility. Only Article 10.1.1, this is the kicker, if for any reason, Col Ahmed Abdul Mastafa never funds, the Contract is Void, your $12,750 is gone, you have Zero Recourse. Your helping Col Ahmed Abdul Mastafa just took you for $12,750, this amount times by 100 "Would Be American Businesses" is $1,275,000 annually, from an "Internet Fraud". Col Ahmed Abdul Mastafa is a Network, he is an Foreign Internet Fraud Terrorist, you have Zero Recourse and he takes all the Fees, then disappears. 10.1.1 of his Contract, allows him to never fund and cancel the contract, without you getting anything. Col Ahmed Abdul Mastafa if you appear, I will arrest you for "International Business Investment Fraud" and put you in an US Jail. I welcome you to the USA, I would like to meet you in person. I doubt any of you will ever see Col Ahmed Abdul Mastafa, he is so busy, but he has time to get you to pay his fees to get you the money to invest in your business plan. But Col Ahmed Abdul Mastafa does not have time to allow the "Other Co Manager" to do his job. Run from Internet Fraud, this Bait, Sting and Switch, is either one man or several people, in several countries. Malaysia is the country, Col Ahmed Abdul Mastafa claims he sent the money to be converted to Gold, which I cannot use in the USA. Then the conversion to Bitcoin, which I could have done, was to be $12,750, jus and only this much then you will have your $58 MM. It is always, "Just pay this time and it will appear in your account" Never Ever do this. The burden of the Investment is upon and solely on the Investor, in this case Col Ahmed Abdul Mastafa,

Victim Location 85042
Type of a scam Investment

Col Ahmed Abdul Masfata, wants to invest in my business plan which I send to him. He wants to invest $58 Mm into our American Business.

I am Mark Gordon Cooper, founder of Y Not Innovations Enterprise, Y Not Two, LLC and OxywoRx, LLC all registered in Arizona Corp Commission. I verify and claim that Col Ahmed Abdul Mastafa has "Breach his Contractual Responsibility", my Attorney and I, are preparing an International Criminal Case against Col Ahmed Abdul Mastafa. We will file this with the US Homeland and Security Department of the US government. I want to expose Col Ahmed Abdul Mastafa for the Foreign Terrorist Internet Fraud that he is and attempt to protect you all from Col Ahmed Abdul Mastafa.

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