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CMI Insight Market Research

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Victim Location 54015
Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

From: [email protected]


Your first assignment check of $2,370.57 was posted via USPS Priority Mail. The envelope would be delivered tomorrow Friday 11th May.

See below and also attached file for your assignment guideline and commission instruction. I will email you the USPS Tracking details as soon as possible.

Kindly confirm receiving this email instruction by responding to this email. Below is the assignment guideline.


1: Proceed to your bank or credit union to have the check deposited. Funds will be available immediately or in 24 hours.

2: Deduct USD $350 as your commission.

3: Proceed to nearest store with Walmart Gift Cards or eBay Gift Cards

(The cards are available at Walmart Stores, CVS/pharmacy, Walgreens, 7 Eleven, Best Buy, Dollar General, etc.)


5: Go to the register and add cash of $500 to each card. $500 X 4 = $2000

Note: If the $500 Gift Card are not available, then you may purchase/load other denominations ($100, $250, $300, $400 etc.)

to total $2000 which is required for the assignment.

6: Evaluate the quality of customer service delivery, condition and arrangement of cards at the store and fill out your observation in the Feedback Section below (Page 3).

Note: Under no circumstance should you acknowledge that you are evaluating their services as that will deter the purpose of the program. If asked if you are a mystery shopper, kindly answer NO.



Open the pack, scratch off label to reveal code at the back of the cards and capture clear image of front and back of each card and email to us along with Page 3 of this document. (Phone camera accepted)


Open the pack, remove the label in front of the cards and capture clear image of front and back of each card and email to us

along with Page 3 of this document. (Phone camera accepted)


Open the pack, scratch off label to reveal code at the back of the cards and capture clear image of front and back of each card and email to us along with Page 3 of this document. (Phone camera accepted)

The cards are required for the next assignment. You will also use the funds to carry out future assignments. This eliminates the need of posting you checks for other upcoming assignments. Note, do not use the cards until we instruct you to do so.






Three (3) things that could be improved in this store (Services).


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4. How long did it take to purchase the cards?

……………………………………………………………………... />
Thank you for your services.

CMI Insight Market Research.

284 00186 Rome Italy

P.O. Box 1630

St. Thomas Virgin Islands 00804

Victim Location 94539
Type of a scam Employment

Sounds like scammers have found LinkedIn as an effective way to send fake job opportunities via the name of a legit company, via someone's LinkedIn profile. So you receive a "shared" message from your actual LinkedIn contact, but someone has hacked their account and sent out a fake "opportunity" to your contacts.

This one was under the guise of a legit company, Consumer & Market Insignts (CMI) so one could easily be swayed. They have you fill out an online form with name, address, phone. And then send an email about a week later (from Anderson Cooper--odd), saying a check is in the mail. Sure enough, you get a Priority check on the date promised. But the check is from Harkor Homes, LLC in Houston. Very odd. All from different areas/parts of the country...but can't be connected in any way. And the address of companies are in 3 different countries.


Victim Location 75234
Type of a scam Employment

Someone is posting an illegitimate jobs used a version of our company name we are CMI Consumer & Market insights which is a legitimate company the name they are using is CMI Insight Market Research, we have had a few people contact us requesting more information or simply asking if this is legitimate. the emails they are receiving are as follows;

From: [email protected]

Sent: Tuesday, April 17, 2018 12:10 PM

To: CMI Contact

· Via:

· Message Details:


Subject Mystery shopper

From: Karen Williams Sent: Tue, Apr 17, 2018 12:04 pm

Subject: Confirmation of Acceptance Greetings,

We received and accepted your application. You are hereby confirmed to be registered as a part-time agent for the ongoing marketing research program. Your first assignment will commence this week. We will be posting an assignment/commission check to you. The payment will be posted on Wednesday 18th April. You will then be required to follow instructions which will be given to you. Once you have received the payment, you will be required to proceed to nearby store to purchase a specific product and then give us feedback on quality of their customer service delivery and the condition of products in the store. Further details on the assignment will be provided to you soon. Kindly reply this email, saying you confirm acceptance of this offer to enable us proceed.

Thank you, Karen Williams CMI Insight Market Research

CMI Insight Market Research.

284 00186 Rome Italy

P.O. Box 1630

St. Thomas Virgin Islands 00804

2 days ago a man called the office and asked for Karen Williams (same name from email above), I stated that person doesn’t work here, they also mentioned the check and package via UPS and sounded very irritated I stated we do not send money or packages by mail. Clearly stated we did not send a package.

Today a man named Jeff from New Jersey called the office with same inquiry, asked me if it was legitimate because he had been contacted by Karen Williams stating same procedure from email above, offering mystery shopper position and sent him instructions on what to do along with an attachment (I removed attachment), he googled CMI because he thought it was some type of scam and that’s why he decided to contact the real company, he has forward email he received from “Karen Williams” below and said he also received the check today which he will shred. He mainly wanted to make us aware of the scam.

I was typing this email, another lady from Las Vegas called asking if Karren Williams works here, and I repeated the same statement. She was glad she called to verify.

I asked Jeff and the lady who called today, how are they being contacted by “Karen” if they are applying to a website? They both said the same thing, a person that they know suggested for them to apply to a link provided which only requires name and email address, then they receive email from Karen with instructions.

At this point I think it is important for you to know what is going on, we have been contacted by 4 people who took the time to google our information, we don’t know how many people have been contacted by that person.

Let me know the next steps.

Thank you

Victim Location 44053
Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

Friend was hacked and sent me a link to a mystery shopping opportunity. In years past I have done some mystery shopping so wasn't on alert yet. They then FedEx me a check for $2380. Emailed me instructions to deposit check, take out $350 for myself then go to Walmart and purchase $2000 in gift cards. Take pictures of the account numbers and send pictures to them. Then fill out an evaluation of your service there. The gift cards would be used again for future mystery shops.

IM NOT STUPID SO I KNEW RIGHT AWAY THIS WAS A SCAM. I emailed said company back and told them consider themselves reported and to go @#$% themselves.

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