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CMH Network Technology

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CMH Network Technology Reports & Reviews (165)

• Jan 10, 2021

Scammer's phone 0618482167
Scammer's address 126 LOT LA TUILIERE 19310 BRIGNAC
Scammer's email [email protected]
Country United States
Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan
Initial means of contact Not applicable

bonjour je vous ai acheté 1 coupe bois à piles 2020 hot selling gta26 pour 79,99€ le 08/11/2020 après l avoir utilisé pour couper 4 branche de 4cm environ il ne fonctionne plus. que faisons nous? je tiens a préciser que publicité mensongère car présenté comme un produit de marque stihl ce qui n ai pas le cas.

• Jan 08, 2021

Me and my family bought a drone for about $40 and they said it was the best drone on the market. It supposed to come with a camera and have an app but no app info and I looked where the cam wa and it w[censored]low.

• Jan 06, 2021

As Christmas gift, I ordered the Battery Operated Chain Saw From JKY Network Technology for $29.99. Seems that the product of choice to send are the hand held chain pull saw or a wire pull saw. Sorry I never thought to look for reviews/comments till too late and get caught in this SCAM...Will contact my bank/credit card co and see if they will help.

• Jan 05, 2021

Anne Georger: As Christmas gifts, I ordered the Battery Operated Chain Saw From JKY Network Technology for $29.99. Just finished an email to the resolution center of Paypal..after reading these comments -I don't hold out much hope for a good resolution..seems that the product of choice to send are the hand held chain pull saw or a wire pull saw.I also ordered one from another Co. OUYI Group Limited for $19.99.. never got either Battery Powered Chain Saws...Sorry I never thought to look for reviews/comments till too late and get caught in this SCAM...Will contact my bank/credit card co and see if they will help..Will also let facebook know...Buyer Beware...low life Companies..and probably two of many...

• Jan 02, 2021

I ordered four STIHL GTA 26 Battery Powered Wood Cutters, ( 2 orders of 2 each time) I was sammed and sent 2 chains each time. I paid with paypal. When this happened they told me to return the chains , which I have still in the package. It cost more too return them to china than they cost. I cannot believe they are allowed on face book to advertise for STIHL products and continu
e to scam people

• Dec 31, 2020

I to ordered the Stihl chainsaw and received the chain with two wood handles . I can't believe that facebook still lets them sell on their site, that pay pal lets charges for them to still go through. They sure have made a fortune off all of us.

• Dec 27, 2020

Bait and switch scam
. They advertise wood cutters for $29.99 ordered 2 extra batteries. Got generic batteries that I can't use, no cutters. Paypal wasn't much help. Changed dispute wording and then denied claim. After jumping through hoops did get reimbursed for 1. After 15 corresponding email, Company still pretended they didn't understand. Very disappointed in PayPal. They are certainly not for the consumers.

• Dec 26, 2020

I oredered an "Automatic Pasta Maker" but the company sent a cheap plastic noodle press. The 2 products are very different, the one they sent was just a plastic plunger & may be worth $10 at most.

I went back to them asking for the product I had ordered or a full refund. They offered a 10% then 15% discount but I refused both as the product they sent was of no use to me.

The company then came back saying I had ordered the noodle press which is not correct as my payment advice from PayPal clearly states "Automatic Pasta Maker"

They asked me to send photos of the product I received which I sent them.

They then sent me this email

Dear Customer,
Thank you for ordering products in our shop.
We have received your feedback about the order issue.
Sorry to follow up your order status so late.
We will verify your order and resolve it as soon as possible.

PS:We are a small company, and especially after the COVID-19 outbreak,,we have face so serious financial problem.

This not acceptable they can't expect people to be happy with the wrong product which I'm sure they sent knowing it was wrong hoping I would accept a discount.

I suspect I am not the only one they have tried this on.

If nothing is done they will just keep doing this to others.

• Dec 24, 2020

Ordered a GTA 26 Battery-Powered Manual Chainsaw that I saw on Facebook. I received a chain with two black mesh handles for $69.94 When I asked for my money back, they said their leader was willing to provide me with a 10% refund compensations or that I give it to suitable relatives and friends. I contacted my credit card company to recoup my monies. The problem is that they are using brand names, in this case, STIHL and another time, they were using HSN ads. There is no way to tell if I'm getting scammed until they directly take the money out and I look at the bank statement of Paypal. There has got to be some way to catch these people. They are crooks and deserve to go to jail.

• Dec 18, 2020

I purchased two battery powered chain saws and received two chains and a strap.

We ordered a battery wood cutter chain saw with extra battery. All we got was the extra battery. contacted the company they said we ordered the battery. paid 46.98.
the saw was 39.99 and the extra battery 9.98. I ask for a full refund. They refuse. But would give a discount on my next order. Still in dispute. This is definitely a scam.

• Dec 17, 2020

[email protected] This email address links in to a host of other companies that are scamming people in the US, England, France and Germany and probably elsewhere too. There are multiple Chinese companies with names like YT Network Technology Co LTD (others I found have different first letters like: JKY, IFSL, SHIXI, LEITE, CMH, etc.) YT is doing business as "Superyung" and advertising "Stihl" battery powered chainsaws. They deliver a manual chain with nylon handles! Then, when you submit a dispute to Paypal or your Credit Card Company [email protected] takes over customer service using a Zendesk customer service application and the name "Pony Green". Pony offers you discounts, increasing with each email message, to keep the product that you did not order and tells you returning it will be very expensive ($20 for an item for which you paid $29.99 plus $8 shipping) because you need to return it to China.
In my case the company did not have permission to sell the "Stihl" chainsaw or to use its name and images. Stihl has been notified and is consulting with the authorities
The horror here is that they just keep creating new companies and offering different products using the same scam! It will take a lot more than messages on websites to crack down on these goons!

• Dec 17, 2020

Ordered battery operated sew for $29.99 what I got was a chain
Paypal denied claim said there was a tracking #
This is Fraud

• Dec 17, 2020

Purchased two Powered Wood Cutter - Outdoor Portable Carbon Steel Chain Saws.
CMH Network Technology Co. sent me two Chain saw chains. I email them and they insisted that they sent the right merchandise. They charged me $29.99 each. So they charged my credit card $74.97. I got InTouch with paypal and they denied my case. Maybe if everyone gets together and files a case with the USPS as mail fraud and let the post office take care of it.

• Dec 16, 2020

Je suis inquiète après une commande passée le 9 novembre 2020, je n'ai toujours rien reçu?
n° de transaction:4LJ678239F500823G
j'ai envoyé un paiement de 36,98euros.
29.99 EUR + 6.99 EUR de livraison et frais de dossier.
36,98 EUR envoyé à CMH Network Technology Co Ltd.
Je suis comme la personne qui dit avoir reçu uns chaîne, je suis dans le même cas.
Je ne suis pas arrivée à joindre l'entreprise...
Pouvez vous me tenir au courant.
Dans l'attente d'une réponse,
Soit je suis livrée, soit je demande le remboursement.
Mon prochain courrier sera mis en copie avec l'association des consommateurs.

Brigitte Falcot

• Dec 15, 2020

I ordered the Battery-Powered Wood Cutter with these crook CMH Network Technology Co Ltd, after many emails I finally received a package smaller than my palm, when I opened, it was only a small chains for the said chainsaw. I've disputed with Paypal and they are claiming that I ordered the wrong item from the options. I clearly ordered the right item from their video advertisement with the clear title "Battery-Powered Wood Cutter", Paypal is responsible for letting these crooks sell scam items through their platform.
I finally got PayPal to address this issue and the best they could do was to get CMH Network Technology Co Ltd to offer a full refund of $37.98 ONLY AFTER I ship AT MY COST the hand chain back and CMH Network Technology Co Ltd will refund the $37.98 once they receive the incorrectly shipped product. The best cost to ship back to CMH Network Technology Co Ltd was $90 which TOTALLY DEFEATS the purpose.

PayPal - THIS IS ABSOLUTELY FRAUD and YOU MUST Address this and get your customers either the Products they were promised or get the customers a FULL REFUND INCLUDING any SHIPPING CHARGES that may be required.

PayPal - Take Action Immediately or risk loss of customers.

CMH Network Technology Co Ltd - YOU are a DISGRACE to all Legitimate Companies that serve their customer honestly and with integrity.

• Dec 15, 2020

I to was scammed buy [email protected]

I ordered the GTA26 battery powered chainsaw from and only received a nylon handle pull manually chainsaw. (Ugh!)

I think what they do is send anything so they can get a positive delivery confirmation & then say you opened the package and is trying to scam them to get another one.

That's it...if it's not located in the US & don't have legitimate contact info I'm not dealing with them.


• Dec 15, 2020

I ordered the battery operated saw for my husband for Christmas.
Ordered it on November 7th 2020 . Tried to contact them with no luck.
Then I found this site. Don’t order from the A’s it will s a scam .
I don’t understand how Pay Pal knowing this let’s the payment go through.
Now I have to deal with them .

• Dec 14, 2020

I ordered and paid for a GTA 26 Battery-Powered Wood Cutter Extra Battery all I received was the battery. It is a scam and I am disappointed in Pay Pal that they continue to allow these people to do business throught them. They offered to credit me the cost if I return the battery at my cost. I want the product I paid for not another payment out of my pocket with a hope of be credited.This all happen on Oct.15, 2020.

• Dec 14, 2020

I too fell victim to these scammers. "Pony Green" the supposed customer service rep for CMH says that I ordered the wrong thing... it's my fault that I received 2 small chains instead of the battery operated chainsaw. I requested my money back. First "she" offered me a 10% refund and when I again requested a full refund "she" increased it to 15%. Meanwhile I've filed a complaint with PayPal. They seem to be spinning their wheels waiting for further information from CMH. I'm really disappointed with PayPal for obviously continuing to partnership with such a scam company. And Facebook too for giving this company a platform to continue to rip off innocent consumers. My next correspondence will be with the Consumer Protection Agency. And I will have a lot to say!

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