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Client Services Reports & Reviews (21)

We received a phone call from this company via this number and the first words out of their mouth was "Can you hear me." My husband responded "Yes", unfortunately. I have read that it is a debt collector however we are not in debt. This has to be some kind of scam.

The first number that called me cut out a lot, but I got a name that wasn't me then something about legal action. This was from 253-780-7281. So I called back and a woman answered stating this is client services. I tried to ask for more information and said it sounded like a scam. Shortly after saying "scam", the woman hung up on me. Then I looked up Client Services and their 800 number. Someone answered and almost immediately transfered me. They asked for my number and it took a while to get it across that if I did give them a number, they do not have my permission to save it to any profile. Nothing was there, then then they wanted to make sure it wasn't in another department by having my last name. Midsentence, saying how I don't want to release more information considering I'm investigating a fraudulent legal call, they hung up on me. I understand I spoke loudly and clearly, but not to an extent of trying to be rude. Only because they had difficulty understanding me (I'm naturally softspoken), and I do have dental work that makes it very hard to announciate clearly. All I wanted was to know if the 253 number was really associated with that company and if they would call about legal action and such. If that's not their protocol then at least I know the 253 number is a scam. So I'm reporting the 253 Client Services as most likely a scam and the 800 number as a I'm not sure, but they are rude and I promise I will be back if they saved my number and start robocalling me.

- San Antonio, TX, USA

They kept harassing me and threaten to start legal proceedings. I was naive to give them a payment of $450 to settle. Then they kept calling for more money even after they sent me a settlement letter when I knew I got scammed. I then called a debt attorney and they looked up all the info and told me everything was a scam. They told me these people buy old debt and then try to collect on it . When I called the scammers back they hung up on me when I asked questions about the scam. Luckily I think I might be getting my money back from bank but this was very scary to know people can do this and never get caught cause all the info is fake, even the settlement letter was fake. The address on it is to a parcel store in a strip mall. Always call the original debtor and find out who collection is with before paying anyone, is what the debt attorneys told me.

This people called my mother who lives Fort wayne, Indiana- and she called me at work and related the information to me. She said I need to call them asap or they sheriffs were going to come pick me at work. Keep in mind-I am at work very busy- I called the number 844-250-7578- She said my case was going to court all ready. That they sent emails messages and paperwork to my address. I told her I did not get anything. She said I was owing about 660 approximate and that I need it to pay it today. I told her I would pay tomorrow- becuase I need to invistigate- she said the only way they were going to not go to court was that I had to pay right then and then. I told her I all ready paid this account. I settle for less last year- I did not have time to look at my records becuase I am work- I need time and at the moment I did not have time. I gave her my cc information and my account was charge. She said she was going to sent me the reciept to my emial. It is after 6pm pacific time and there is no email of confirmation. I try to calling this customer and it goes straight to voicemail. I am going to call my credit card company and cancel this transaction.

- Franklin, KY, USA

This caller said he was from Client Services Mediation and he called because my husband opened a credit card account in 2013 with ****. He has never had a card from there. We had never heard of ****** until this morning. They said the balance was $800+ but they would take $500 to close the debt. This was never on our credit report nor did we receive any bills or other phone calls from household bank. We called household bank and they could not look up the account number he gave us. We have to assume this call was a scam. The number he gave us to call him back on was 844-480-7758 ext 163. He said his name was Steven Higgins. The number he called us from was 502-918-8524. He did threaten to take us to court and said we would have to pay court costs and lawyer fees which would end up being around $3,000 unless we paid them the $500 today.

This company continues to call and leave messages threatening legal action if we do not respond. They call at least twice a week, at all times of the day. We are debt free and have NO legal issues therefore should not be receiving harassing phone calls . As you can see by the number of different phone numbers they are using that they are phishing. I want them to stop!

- Ogden, UT, USA

They call multiple times from different phone numbers have an automated system say you owe a collection and if you don’t responses they will proceed to collecting from your wages it says. Then when I called the number the guy had all my info saying a bank was going after me for fraud on a loan and checks, they never served me with info, I’ve never banked at this bank ever, and they don’t offer check loans so I told the guy that and that my identity was stolen in the past, when I asked where I could send police reports he wouldn’t answer me said I would get info in mail. So then I called the court house he mentioned and they said there was nothing in there system under my name and that if so they would have to serve me with paperwork first and I would have time to reply. The lady at the court house also said I was smart in calling to verify first.

- Saint Louis, MO, USA


- Arlington, TX, USA

They called my job and left a message with my coworker and said they were going to pursue legal action. I called back and the rep was very rude. They told me all about an actual account that I in fact did owe. It was a store cc from 10 years ago. I told him that it wasn't even on my credit report anymore and that they were not authorized to contact my job. They said they could do whatever they want and that they were going to purse legal action and serve me with court documents. They gave me my address, former address and work address. They gave me my complete social, date the account was open, when I stopped paying on it, what my payment amounts previously were, they had me completely convinced. I gave them my debit card number after they said they would wait in a settlement amount for a few weeks. They also said they would email me a DocuSign before charging my card so that I could authorize my payment. a few days went by and I never received the email confirmation. I called back a few times and they didn't answer, no voicemail, no main number, no operator. I got weary and started looking up scam tips online and it said if the same person keeps answering its likely a scam also to ask them to verify their address. I called back again the next day and the same guy picked up. I asked him to verify him address and he said no, they don't give out their address. I said ok thank you, hung up and called my bank to cancel my debit card. Bank confirmed it all sounded like a scam.

- Mount Pleasant, MI, USA

This scammer tried calling multiple family members of mine, claiming they could only discuss the information with the person they were trying to contact. They used a previous name of mine, when I have not used in over five years. They also had one of my old addresses, and the last four of my SSN. They tried to verify who I was, requesting my date of birth. I refused, and they hung up. The second phone call said they could let me know what it was all about. Claimed I owe $500 on an old Maurice’s card this scammer tried calling multiple family members of mine, claiming they could only discuss the information with the person they were trying to contact. They used a previous name of mine, one I have not used in over five years. They also had one of my old addresses, and the last four of my SSN. They tried to verify who I was, requesting my date of birth. I refused, and they hung up. The second phone call said they could let me know what it was all about. Claimed I owe $500 on an old Maurices card. I have not used that card in over five years. Why would anyone try to collect information on a credit card that has not been used in several years? If I miss a payment on anything, I always have that card immediately calling wanting their money. Checked my credit information, nothing listed. Nothing listed in collections. Called my bank, they could not find anything about it. Stated more than likely it is a scam. I’m just trying to get this information out there, so no one else waste their money on this crap.

- San Jose, CA, USA

They called me asking for me my name and the machine told me to press 1 and I did then they told me that they needed my number or last four of my social. The machine said I was going to a pending letigation like if I was being sued. I didn’t give them my info.

This organization called me and everyone in my family asking questions then would just hang up.

- Pflugerville, TX, USA

this telemarketing company has been harassing me ever February 27th 2019 and they will call everyday non stop it's 95 times to 99 times and they will always call late at night around 9:00pm at night and so this needs to be investigated because I don't know where they are getting my phone number without my permissions and I didn't give them no permissions and yes,they are very disturbing and their experiences is terrible and their practices is terrible and we,never had any telemarketing company's do that and so this telemarketing company must don't have a do not call list and it's they don't care and there is a fine for telemarketers like them and "yes,i'm very mad and very upset at this client services telemarketing company because whoever is making unwanted phone calls to my house I'm fixing to file a harassment report against this telemarketer for having horrible experiences and horrible practices and very dishonest and so very disrespectful to me and my family because we can't get no peace in our house and I'm fixing to file a lawsuit against this telemarketing company because they do precorded messages and it's flagged as a "suspected spam". in yellow and it's a telemarketing scam and a fraud that their doing and yes,they have cheated and my phone number is not published and so this needs to be investigated because I don't know where or who gave or sold my phone number without my permissions and so my request is "I want my phone number removed off of their calling list because it's a telemarketing scam and a fraud that their doing and it's a robot and a spam call and I'm so tired of taking their clients services fraudulent calls all the time and so I'm very unhappy and I'm very upset at this telemarketing company I really am and so I don't know why they are frauding or defrauding me about their products and services over the phone and I never gave them my phone number and so this needs to be investigated because my request is I want my phone number removed off of their calling list because I'm too mad and I'm very upset at this telemarketing company and I know it's a misunderstanding and so I don't know why they have called me in the first place and yes,they are violating the law and so it's their faults and so this needs to be investigated because I'm not interested in buying their products and services over the phone and it's an unwanted phone call and it's an unfair business and so I don't wanna here from them no more because I had enough and yes,people have been complaining about this telemarketing company and they know it's a spam call and they need to get put out of business because I don't except that at my house because it's disturbing and i'm tired of hanging up because I don't know who these people are and we never did any business with them and so this needs to be investigated because I want peace and I want my house phone too stop ringing 95 times or 99 times until it's late at night around 9:00pm at night and no telemarketing company does that and it's humiliating and don't call us no more about that.

- Verona, WI, USA

I bought a used 2015 Kia Sorento three weeks ago and last week I started receiving calls from a random number. After three days of the same number calling I answered. The first guy said they wanted to know if I still had the vehicle, how many miles and that they wanted to offer me an extended warranty. I said I already had a warranty and wasn’t interested.

He was pushing and said we have a great deal, please talk to my boss. I said ok, because I was going to ask to be taken off their list. They did a fake transfer noise and someone else got on the line. He started going on and on about this great warranty. I firmly stopped him and said I am not interested, take me off your list and don’t bother me again. He was polite and hung up.

Today, a different number than I spoke about above had called all week and already twice today. So I answer. The guy knew my name and I asked who is this. He said this is client services and started on about wanting to know if I still owned a 2015 Kia Sorento. I immediately stopped him and said I’m not interested and please take me off your call list. He hung up on me.


Victim was contacted by someone claiming to be from "Client Services", they did not tell her which company. They called from 855-202-9247. Company claimed she has written bad checks and if she didn't pay there would be a warrant out for her arrest. Company did not provide their address, and hung up when victim asked.

Gentleman (Moses) 855- said he was calling to collect a debt from 8/2010 regarding a payday loan. To avoid going to court for $3800 I need to pay $498.17 by 2pm that day. I requested an invoice because I have never been contacted. He could not provide an invoice only to say He spoke to someone on my behalf and said they reduced my collection amount to $299.00. He said I could resolve it by making arrangements with the payment center or go to court. He also said my drivers license will be suspended. He also ask me for my full Social Security number. He said he was located in Tampa , Florida however when he called me back he was calling from a Delaware number. 302-281-2241.

I received a call from Phone Nr 941-526-0808 who identified himself as Tom Anderson, and left a message for me to call 855-217-9114 with case nr FL-78-723. uPON CALLING I SPOKE WITH SOMEONE NAME Kim and then a lady Names Sullivan.

She claimed I have a bad check ACH from 2011 from supposedly a pay day loan?

She refused to email me or mail me any information on this and claimed they file a court report and I would be charged with Bank Fraud?

My ex husband at the time committed identify theft on my behalf and spend a year in jail for it.

They treat hen t me and refused to provide any information and demanded I pay $390. by 1pm today or go to jail?? Upon doing research this company has a lot of complaints?

Someone needs to stop them

My husband received a call from this company in regards to his ex-wife. When I try to call back to get information on the type of company they are, all they do is hangup on me. I just want to know if these are scam calls or not.

Client services called my phone asking if my mother was home. I told them no who is this; and they replied with that they needed to contact my mother about a private business ordeal. They had my number on their list, but wouldn't tell me why they were calling? Already sounds fishy to me. Then they proceeded and called my mother and told her that she owed money on a credit card that we do not own. They also asked, if my mom was the 73 year old woman who lived in Clanton, Al. We live in Glencoe, Al and my mom is 57 years old. They were very rude and harassed my mother; which, I do not appreciate very much. I would and my mom would never ever like to be contacted by Client Services again.

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