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Charlotte Dog Club

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Charlotte Dog Club Reports & Reviews (8)

• Dec 22, 2022


A website with puppy pictures and expensive prices.
They sell puppies online and have videos on you tube.
They breed more than one breed of dog.
They cross breed dogs breeding many breeds with poodles and giving them names like bernerdoodle, yorkipoo, aussiedoodle, cavapoo,teddy bear, and many more!
They don't do any genetic testing before they breed the dogs.
They don't OFA the dog's hips and elbows before they breed.
There are always litters available.
They take deposits on litters that aren't even born when they already have 100 plus puppies to sell.
They won't let you meet the puppy's parents.
They won't let you see their kennel.
They supply puppies to pet stores.
They breed sick dogs and sell sick puppies.

• Dec 22, 2022

PUPPY MILL PUPPIES!!! Owner Stephanie Foschini is a puppy broker and sells to pet stores!

I saw Stephanie Foschini's name listed as a puppy broker selling puppies to My Next Puppy, Puppy Love (which she and her husband owned until they closed it this year), and Pauley's Pups, all pet stores in VA.
Ethical breeders breed for the health of the dog and would ever cross breed two breeds as the puppies are prone to all the diseases of BOTH breeds. Groomer say grooming these mongrels is like shearing a sheep and some refuse to groom them. Ethical breeders breed to the AKC breed standard. No ethical breeder would ever sell to a club/store that buys and sells puppies. Charlotte Dog Club says they breed blue eyed French Bulldogs. The blue eyes French Bulldogs are prone to blindness, deafness, skin allergies, and more. Charlotte Dog Club says they have a network of breeders because saying puppy mill puppies would not be good for business! They are making a ton of money off of unsuspecting people! LET THE BUYER BEWARE!


Country United States
Type of a scam Online Purchase
Initial means of contact Not applicable

I am 79 years old and my husband has vascular dementia. I had read that therapy dogs are being used to help dimentia patients so I made inquiries about getting a dog. I was wary of The Charlotte Dog Club because emphasis seemed to be on how cute the puppies are. I related what my situation was and my intent for the dog. As I communicated with The Charlotte Dog Club I emphasized in writing and verbally that "I had to have a calm dog." This is due to our age, my husband's health, and we live in an Assisted Living apartment. For these reasons, I knew having a calm dog was the single most important requirement. Within 10 days I notified them I needed to return our puppy. She is extremely hyper. Trainers, groomers, family members, and neighbors all describe her that way. Most people call her "That crazy dog." The Charlotte Dog Club was willing to give me a refund IF I signed an NDA. I was not willing to do that. Their last advice to me was for me to resell her. Now I see other websites describe their puppies as "calm," or "high energy," etc. I feel if an immediate response had been simply to let me exchange her for a more suitable puppy, my health and my husband's would not have been effected negatively. Their position is that "I do not know how to handle a puppy" and "she's just being a puppy." Others who have the same age puppies behave like normal puppies. My puppy is a complete disaster. I paid an enormous sum thinking I was being sold a knowable commodity. Nothing could be further from the truth. I believe I have between $5000 to $6000 tied up in this puppy. She is scheduled to be spayed soon. It's too late for me, but I think others should be aware of their demand for an NDA if things get bumpy. I do not believe that would be necessary if they had not been having issues with other clients. I am "sadder but wiser." I wish I had gone to a reliable, responsive, professional source.

Good Experience BUT puppy had double hernias (a genetic issue) and her eyes cross. (Genetic issue). They would not allow us to see the parents, or give us the vet name that did the repairs. Well it breaks my heart that we helped fund it I am confident this is a front for puppy mills.


I believe that the Charlotte Dog Club is a front for a puppy mill. Not all of their dogs have papers. Not all of the dogs have exact birthdates. You can read that on their website. I have heard that, the Charlotte Dog Club has lawyers who threaten people who post negative reviews.


Victim Location 28078
Type of a scam Online Purchase

On June 19, 2019 I bought a new Puppy (Teacup Yorkie named Fiona) through the website, and I paid full price plus accessories. I interacted with the seller since day one by phone, text and email. The Dog was too young to be pick up so I would have to wait until Jun 30th 2019, but on June 24th I notified by email and text to the seller that I will not be able to pick up the dog (Fiona) until July 3rd but I would love to have some pics of her, which they sent to me.

The pickup day was July 3rd (Wednesday) which I had to take a vacation day from work just to be able to be at their place at 9am as agreed. around 10min before 9am (already on my way, because I was 45 min to the place) I got a phone call from a Lady called Tyler to advise that my dog had diarrhea the night before and they have to send it to the Vet, so I will not be able to pick her up. Of course I was in chock, and VERY sad, then I asked if I can drive to the Vet to see her and she say no. Also, I asked her how long the Puppy will be at the Vet and she said she doesn't know because the dog has a sore bottom based on the diarrhea, then I asked her if I can to talk to the Vet and she said No because all the communication has to be ONLY between the seller and I. The, I requested some pics of the dog and she said she will send them but never did... at that point I was already under a lot of suspicious that something was not right.

On July 3rd at 2:48pm Tyler (the seller) continues saying that it could take a long time before I can get the dog heal (hummm just for a diarrhea with a sore bottom?) I have 3 kids and everybody knows that with medicine and care this problem should be resolved not longer than a week as MUCH.. then she offered to choose another Dog from her website at that point I knew that something happened to my dog more than just a simple sore bottom. At 2:58pm I asked her if the dog is VERY sick ... but never got response. Obviously, at this point I was very anxious, sad and frustrated ... I can't speak with the Vet, I can't see the dog, I can't get a picture, the expectation to get the dog was very uncertain, offered to exchange the dog and now not response....

At 7:24pm I texted Tyler again and I asked her to get a refund to the credit card, and she said she will ... and in less that 24hrs the full refund was done around $2,500.00. Now, a lot of people will say well at least you got your money back... well I will get back anyway because I was ready to report it to the CC bank, but they had my money for almost 3 weeks, they created illusions on me and my kids with pics of a dog we never got able to see more than pics that were everywhere in our home for the welcoming of the Puppy, I lost a vacation day from work which they are very precious to me... and I will never go to know what really happened to the puppy... I don't know if she died, got really sick or got sold to someone else. Based on my story you can take your own conclusion, but I want to prevent people about this and always paid with CC because it will be the only way to secure your money transaction, but unfortunately will not protect you from a heart broken.


I apologize- I do see you got the refund. Do you have experience with any others? I pray at this point you have find. New puppy for you and your family. It’s extremely sad & heartbreaking. But I’ve reconciled the other scams in
My mind believing there wasn’t really a puppy - only a stock photo and an opportunity to take advantage of ppl who truly care and want to add to their families.
I’m so sorry you all had to experience that situation- it’s awful. Take care!

I’m doing some research and am wondering if they ever resolved or how long it took to resolve the problem with your refund. I’ve four scams in past week and needless to say I’m looking at all info I can find

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