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CFS Reports & Reviews (25)

This scammer sent me a VERY official looking notice that is supposed to look like a government notice asking for payment on annual reporting for my LLC.

CFS Sends an official looking letter to renew by Connecticut Business Declaration for $180 with a very small print indicating you can do it yourself for $80. Technically they are not breaking the law but this is a scam to get $180 dollars from a business; In CT it is easy to do this online for $80, the official nature of the document and fraudulently using publicly available business data makes it clearly a scam.

- Stamford, CT, USA

This company sends very official looking forms every year that ask for money to file important tax documents. These are forms that cost tens of dollars to file but this company asks for many times that amount. They seem to imply they are some government agency and use language and logos as such

- Snellville, GA, USA

I received postal mail from ths entity asking me to complete the form with payment of $150 for filing Annual registration of my LLC due by 12/11/2020 which alerted me because this registaration should be done by Secretary of States of Georgia. I have been in business for more than 20 years and never received this kind of mail from Secretary of States office. I called CFS directly and asked where did they get my information and she said from States. This is soliciting and not welcome without consent from business owners. This is money making scheme.

I know the facts of GA SOS requirements for Anual registration for Corporation, LLC, etc.

- Rancho Santa Margarita, CA, USA

They have been calling my ex-wife's home a and cell #. They are now calling my cell # as well. They state that they have a judgement against me. I called and a man answered by name, not a bussiness name. He said the business name was CFS. I did not give him my name or any info. I asked him to stop calling my ex-wife's home #. He said he didn't see it in the system. They are now calling my ex and I continuously since I called them. Always from a different phone number.

- Newport News, VA, USA

First call was from a person named 'Sara.' They identified themselves as FMR. When I asked what FMR stood for, they said Forward Movement Recovery. When asked, they said they are out of West Senaca, New York. They called from 877-333-9764. They also called and left a voice mail. They sounded very threatening on the call and they said I knew someone named 'Laurie Flowers.' I do not know anyone by that name. They said that I was required by law to call them back and that I had to tell them information. They called on March 30, 2017. They said it was entered into their system on March 29, 2017. They said they took my phone number out of their system. Then, they another person said they were from a company named 'SMR.' We've also received calls from another phone number, 866-874-1505 asking for the same person and had the same voice mail as the 'FMR' business. They said they were from a business named 'CFS.' They new my phone number on their caller ID and they new my name. They person from 'CFS' said they were a mediation company.

- Millerton, PA, USA

They called my personal work number 607-562-4927, stating a complaint was filed against me. So I pressed 0 to get through, they then asked for my SSN I refused to give till they could validate they were a real company and the rep hung up on me. I called back refusing to give personal info they listed an address from over 7years ago which I would not validate and asked for company name and info, gave CFS from South Carolina and then hung up on me. Called several more times getting hung up each time stated had no website and that their client would see me in court, and the judge will tell me what i will pay. I don't owe anybody past due amounts and know this is a fraud issue.

- Elk Grove, CA, USA

Company Calling my phone and Family members phone in regards to formal complaint that has been filed against me (name noted) When I returned the call, person on other end would not advise to me who they were or who they were calling on behalf of. He said I had a payday loan from 2007 and that he could not advise her customer, but that she would forward phone number to her client and that paperwork would be processed and threatening legal proceedings in front of a judge. I have never ever had a payday loan through the company. This is ridiculous I've paid everything on my credit.

- Saint Paul, MN, USA

Received automated voicemail on Jan. 31st to call back about complaint involving debt. Called CFS LLC, Thought it was something from back when I was in school, so I paid the total amount of the 2 'outstanding' balances from GTI Holdings and Pack Management Group LLC. Checked credit report, and noticed nothing flagged on it. Got another phone call today (Feb, 17th), saying had another outstanding balance from GTI Holdings. Received documentation that all 3 of the past debts are "Paid in Full".

- Osseo, MN, USA

Voicemail says: Calling in regards to formal complaint that has been filed against me (name noted)

When I returned the call, person on other end would not advise to me who they were or who they were calling on behalf of. She said I had a payday loan from prior to 2013 and that she could not advise her customer, but that she would forward phone number to her client and that paperwork would be processed and threatening legal proceedings in front of a judge.

I have never ever had a payday loan in my life from any company. This is very unnerving.

phone number calls and leaves a message that they are looking for (XYZ)>>> (auto bot voice fills in name) and a complaint is going to be filed with the county if they do not hear back from (XYZ), The number has called my phone and my spouses only once, but has called a former in law from over 15 years ago, and two close family members.

Called a relative with a robo message. Formal complaint against me. If I do not respond with the where about of this individual, there will be consequences filed with the local courts.. The number that called was 888-389-2528. When I called the number - stated they were a debt collector in reference to a payday loan. This is a scam as I did not file for a payday loan.

- Las Vegas, NV, USA

Harrassing me for a debt in which I have no record of in 2010. I told them I would gladly give them my current address and to mail a certified letter because as a victim of fraud I am not giving my bank info over the phone. They said its my one and only chance and if I don't give them the money now the company (Midland Financial) will take me to court. They repeated an old email I don't use that they have on file. I looked up the old email and emails from 2010 and I have nothing from Midland or CFS. They are calling people in my life I haven't talked to in over 6 years and telling them that I am going to go to court.

Contacted by a company "CFS" and stated the acronym does not stand for anything further. The individual on the phone (Randy Cartwright) stated they were a "mediation firm" attempting to collect a debt. Furthermore, they insisted "Midland Financial" hired them to collect a debt. I have contacted "Midland Financial" and confirmed they have no record of CFS, Randy Cartwright, or any debts owed. When I attempted to contact CFS to speak with Randy Cartwright to clarify and rectify the matter he was rude and disconnected from the call. I attempted to contact this company one more time to speak with someone and they to, disconnected from the call when I revealed this information and attempted to gather more information. We have repeatedly insisted them to discontinue contact on numerous occasions.

Caller leaves message as follows "I am calling about a formal complaint filed against (my name as pronounced by a computerized voice) . If you have any information leading to the whereabouts of this individual please contact us at 855-201-1969 or press any number on your keypad to be connected immediately. Our next step will be filing the necessary paperwork with the local court. Thank you for your cooperation". This message has been left on my cell and home phones as well as the cell and home phones of my brother. My brother did call the number back and was told that they were filing fraud charges against me for an unpaid debt. He did ask what kind of company they are and they told him a mortgage company but that they wouldn't give him anymore information. They were extremely rude. They claimed to have my phone, address and bank account information and wanted him to verify as well as my birthdate and social security number.

- Charleston, WV, USA

I keep getting messages regarding a court dispute that is going to take place. The person who answered the phone was rude and wouldn't tell me anything. Placed me on hold once I mentioned and recording the call. I was placed on hold then it hung up. Has been happening non stop and even contacting a close friend of mine.

This number called me today - They asked me repeatedly my name but I would not give that information unless they told me what company they were from. They told me CFS, I asked what it stood for and they just said CFS. The person was very rude saying I owed money to a sinad person from meta bank. First of all I have not heard of this sinad person, 2nd I left meta bank back 10 years ago. How did they know the last four of my social number. The person said I had two choices to pay and set up payment plans or to get sent to the legal department. I asked for paper work or proof this wasn't a scam because they said I owed $420. They said they didn't have paper work to give me. The 1st person ended up transferring me to another in the legal department. She had mentioned she had a copy of the paper work but not the originals. I asked her for a copy of the paper work so I know this wasn't a scam, she had told me that a copy wouldn't be what I needed in court since I would have an attorney. I told her I didn't care copy or not I wanted a copy of the paper work. They refused to give me documentation so I refused payment. After the lady yelling at me telling me that she cannot give me anything , then I cannot give her payment. If this was legit they gave me an address I lived at 10 years ago, this would have already hit my credit report. It has not. this is a scam!!!! Especially since they refused to give me documentation. Ultimately this was an attempt to collect a debt (the first lady told me to set payment arrangements) They never once told me "this was an attempt to collect a debt" but wanted payment or would send me to the lawyers. They said they received the paper work back in 2012 but couldn't tell me the date of the loan. I have never gotten a personal loan, only car loans non of which was with Meta Bank. They leave messages voicemails saying " we are searching for this person" nothing about a debt. if this was legit I would have had something hit my credit report. They wanted me to pay this balance but refused to give me any information on their company or the person they supposedly "worked for"

- Altus, OK, USA

My parents received a phone call and voicemail message from a Mark Wallace that was looking for me. My mom sent me the voicemail through her AT&T uverse option to my email. I called the number back which was 855-292-6926. The woman who "helped" me stated her name was Charlotte and her extension was 536. She said she was from a company called CFS and was attempting to resolve an old debt back from before 2010. She stated that no information was available from the company seeking to collect on the debt, which was an old online loan, and stated that if I didn't pay the total amount due, I would be taken to court for fraud since my checking account, at the time, had been closed or did not have the funds to collect the amount of the loan which was $150. She stated with the fees it was $560 that I owed and how much could I pay today. I told her I could not pay anything that day which was March 22 and set up an arrangement to pay March 28th, 2016. I had gotten online loans in the past but thought they had all been paid back since I had never received any other information stating otherwise nor had anything shown up on my credit report. The first payment was made but when I looked online at my prepaid card account, I noticed it only said the name CFS with no address or phone number associated with it and that sent up red flags. I started looking online with the phone number and found that other people had gotten this same kind of call and same things said to these other people that were said to me. I was advised to not make a payment again until I received a paper document that stated I still owed money from the original lender. Today, when I was supposed to make another payment, I called and requested this information and the woman became very combative and ended up transferring me to her "supervisor" who also became very aggressive because I requested this information. They both turned my words around saying over and over that I was refusing to pay like I promised. I stated numerous times that I did not refuse to pay that I was simply asking for paperwork verifying their claim. I also asked numerous times for the name of the original company, which they called access loans, and the full name and address of the company they worked for, which they called CFS, and would not provide me an address just saying it was in Atlanta, Georgia. I ended up disconnecting the call after the supervisor yelled that "we'll stop the payments and see you in court". About five minutes later, I get another call from a man that asked if I wanted the money, $186.68, that I had already paid refunded. He was nice and calm and I said "I have no problem paying this bill if I get sent the proper paperwork" He said "well, I'm not a part of anything else that's been discussed with you, I just need to know if you want the money refunded." I told him at this point no and disconnected the call. I started searching for the name of the company online and found more claims about the number provided being a scam and all online information said to contact the BBB. When the calls were disconnected and they called back, they did not call back from a toll free number, it was the number 580-262-4295. The first woman I talked to, her name was Charlotte at extension 536. The "supervisor" was named Leanna Brown at extension 106. The last guy I spoke to from the payment processing department was named Scott Ericson. He did not give me an extension. I decided to not ask for a refund in the event I was actually sued and taken to court so I could explain why I did not continue making payments because they refused to send me proper paperwork. If I owe the money, I will pay it. It was not my intent to defraud anyone. I just want to know it's real and not a scam. Also, none of this debt has ever shown up on my credit report which was another red flag.

- Ocala, FL, USA

A company called CFS contacted me in regards to a $400 debt they claim I owe to a company called Shoreline. When I informed them I have never done business with any company by this name they stated they had my social security number (only the last 4) my ex-wifes email address and a previous address I lived at and the debt was from 2009 they threatened to take me to court. To my knowledge this debt has not appeared on any credit reports so I requested they send me any and all documentation of said debt and if they did and it proved to in fact be my debt it would be paid. They refused to provide any documentation or allow me to file a complaint with them regarding the dispute telling me to take it up with the judge when it goes to court. I in turn told them to take me to court as since they would not provide the requested documentation this was clearly a scam. After receiving the call I did some research online and found that this company has had several SCAM complaints filed already with the and there are probably many more. I was going to file a dispute for you to investigate however I do not have an address only the phone numbers for the collection agency and the so called creditor. I will be contacting the credit reporting agencies next as this is a ridiculous claim. CFS refuses to provide proof of any such debt to me therefore I honesty believe this to be a complete scam. The Collection Agency is CFS and the number they called from was 855-360-1598...The so-called Creditor they are collecting for is Shoreline the number CFS provided me for them is 855-770-5159. I do not want my last name or other pertinent information made public, it is only provided to you as contact information if you should have any questions or followup information to provide me. You may use my first name but please keep he rest of my information confidential.

- Florissant, MO, USA

I got a call from someone from this phone number 855-335-0341. They also called my father and my home phone. They claim they represent a private client has filed a complaint against me. They did not leave a name. I finally called them and asked them who they were.. He said their company's name is CFS. I asked him were the letters an acronym for something. He told me,"No. Its like JVC. They don't stand for nothing." I asked him if they had a website and said no. I asked him if they had a physical address and if they did what was it. He said they do but he can not reveal that information. I asked him why. His exact words were "If you live in America, then you know why". He said the his client's name was Vista Holdings Group, an company that represents numerous pay day loan places. I asked him when did this supposed loan get taken out? He said before 2013 and he said it was deposited in a US Bank account. I havent had a US Bank account around 2007. They also mentioned My employment with Embassy Suites, which they also had their phone number. I havent worked there since 2010. He claimed to be part of the mediation department and that I have a chance to setle out of court for $300.00. I asked him if he could give me the exact date his client said I took this loan out because I assumed it would included on the complaint. Again, he could not. I also asked him to send me copies of this complaint just for proof, He said they will be sent by way of the local sheriff's department. I called this person on 3/31/2016 12:08pm

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