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My experience is, I tried to get a personal loan from cash net and it did not start off as it should. First, in order to get the loan amount, they required me to go through a trail run. Where they would deposit 1700 dollars and have you return it, to show them that you are capable of paying when you should. The twist was, I had to buy gift cards and send it to them. I did it and then they required an insurance verification to which I had to do the same thing with the gift cards. So I get to this final boss stage and that when all of hell broke open. They had access to my account and called my bank posing as me to report fraudulent activity on my account, which the dummies didn't realize that where you stealing the money from is protected so now they will look for you. The federal government like the hunt. Blood is thicker than delhi muddy water. Anyways I digress, so there you have these guys are the worst type of people ever.

I received a phone call from a 13214246516 stating that cash net saying I owe them money let it be said these people scam me of 500 and I am tired of being harassed by this company and I want my 500 back to me

Ask for Apple card to verify I was capable of making payment he sId just send copy of card and recidpt..I didn't feel right about and called Apple and card was empty, I called ND questioned him ND he said it's stuck in the system and I had to send 498.oo to boost my credit score,no wY did I, he refuses to return the 300

Ask for 300.Apple card said they wouldn't use ,I called Apple immediately and cash was gone.he says it's stuch in the system and I needed to send 498.00 to boost my credit score He refuses to return the 300. When I asked to decline loan

Keeping asking for me to send Apple cards to verify that the loan will be paid, he said they would touch it just to send 300.and reciept, and against Mt judgement I did only I find out from Apple there was no money on it, now he says it's stuck in the system and now he wants a additional 498.00 to boost my credit score,I'm not sending anything else,he refuses to give money back

- Kaneohe, HI, USA

My name is *** a paralegal that has my account that I evaded to pay back a net cash loan on 2018 and I am being served and must appear in court.

I said I never signed or received a court summons to appear.

He told me he has to check and verify if I signed the paperwork.

He returned to the phone a minute later and said ok because you did not receive/ sign legal paperwork the net cash is willing to accept the amount in full. I immediately told him to hold on I will call my bank, he informed me your bank is and your acct # ! I was shocked and told him I would call him back.

He tells me I have to call him back in a matter of minutes.

I called my back and explained and they was surprised so they agreed that I need to close out my account.

I never called him back, and he never called back either.

- Indianapolis, IN, USA

I applied fore a loan so I could rent a house fore my two boys and I could have a place too live and stop sleeping in our vehicles . cash Net sent me a text message saying that I was approved fore a 3000.00 dollar loan. Abd one of there reps contacted me. And ask fore my bank name , Account number and my tracking number .so I provided him with the information.

- Hazleton, IN, USA

I received email with names Attorney Ann Betty, David William Sr. Investigation Officer (Department-Law & Enforcement), and [email protected] threatening to sue me for $865.75 for some fake debt they claim I owe to somebody but will not expound on to whom I supposedly owe this "balance". Threatened if I did not email them to make arrangements to pay this outstanding debt within 24 hours through OOCR (Out of Court Resolve Action) I would be sued for a total $5825.35 including cost of lawsuit and they would contact Social Security Administration and major credit bureaus. Also threatened to file charges against me - 1. Violation of federal banking regulation act 1983 (C) 2. Collateral check fraud 3. Theft by deception (ACC ACT 21A). Then of vourse threw in this carries a maximum sentence of 3 years of prison and a fine upbto $5825.35. I called BBB and they recommended I report this on their website so here I am. Of course, I DID NOT RESPOND TO THEM.

Got a text on phone saying pre-approved for a loan.  Number that popped up said out of FL.  Called the number back and said I had to pay to prove I could afford to payback the loan.

This number called me a purple months ago regarding an online loan I applied for (which i did not) they finally stopped calling me. Well they called again twice today even after I asked them to take me off their list! I called cash net USA and it is not affiliated with this fake "cash net" with an operator with a heavy Indian accent


- Montgomery, AL, USA

I was told they would put money into my account and I was to get and iTunes card and send them back the money and they would in return put the money into my account that I requested

- Kaneohe, HI, USA

Ive veen getting emails from cashnet inc saying i owe 1,095 they have my bank nubers and everything i called my bank this morning cause i got a email from cashnet saying now theres a arrest warrent out for me my bank said they dont deal with them and if anything to deal with court it would have showed up on there system and they would have maild it to me rather then email it. My bank will not email anything to anyone .cashnet has all my info and i dont know how they got it

- Saint Louis, MO, USA

I found out by a Cash Net that I was approved for a $1,000 loan. They asked me to send them a $200 MoneyGram, which I did, to show them I was liable and was able to pay my monthly payment. They said if I could prove I have $200 in my account right now, they would be able to put the $1,000 in my account in 10 minutes. They called back after I found out it was a scam and told them they were going to jail, and they hung up.

- Silver Springs, NV, USA

These people are harassing me, they call me every day about a loan and I told them I do not want a loan and they said Honey you want a loan this is like sexual harassment. They all have Indian accents and the number says they are from Illinois and I do not believe it. They said I qualified for a $5000 loan and this is not true. This is harassment.

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