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• Nov 02, 2023

On August 18 I submitted my 200.00 Apple gift card to Cards & kiosk for a cash exchange in the amount of 184.00
The site says they will get back to you in 5 hours and if they don’t then they won’t purchase the card for some reason. I was very leery about giving all the details to this company but I was desperate as I needed groceries. They had some good reviews and I figured we needed to trust each other so I submitted everything including my receipt for the gift card when I bought it. I never heard back from cards & kiosk so I figured they were not interested and decided to try a different site and something told me I had better check my card. Of course the card had been redeemed and they did not say anything nor did I receive payment! These scammers are cruel. Preying on people that are already down and out takes a special kind of [censored]! I want my money or my card back! Mostly about principal now!
Cards&Kiosk stole my 200.00 Apple gift card

• Sep 13, 2023

This website promotes itself as a company that will instantly pay you for any unwanted or unused gift cards.

I provided a gift card to Nike for $200 and was asked for the gift card info and my preferred payout method. I chose Cash App, and the very next day my Cash App account was closed for an unknown reason along with my gift card funds being depleted.

The website is now claiming to have operational issues when visiting their homepage and stating they will be up and running within 10 days.

I have read many other complaints about this website for the exact same reasons as mine.

• Sep 05, 2023

I provided a $200 Nike gift card to this so called company in August 2023. After 2 weeks I still haven’t received payment for the card, and my cash app account was closed the very next day after supplying the information for payment.

I have followed up by email, still no response after 4 attempts.

Stolen Nike Gift Card

• Aug 31, 2023

On August 17th, 2023 I accessed found the website, I wanted to sell a gamestop gift card from in the amount of $707.90 that I acquired after trading a few things to the store. on their website I followed the instructions on how to receive a cash offer in exchange for my gift card and a form to fill out and submit my contact and the gift card information. I received an offer of $651.26 and I filled out and submitted the form. One of the fields in the form required me to give the card number and the pin number for the game stop gift card and i also submitted the receipt of when i got my gift card. I provided everything they needed and i received an email that said that I would be receiving a response within the next five hours. I never received a response or acknowledgment from anyone affiliated with the cardsandkiosk website. I checked the balance of the gift card a couple hours later to find out that the balance was gone. They used up the funds in my gift card. Cardsandkiosk took advantage of me. They stole from me and are stealing from those in need of cash who are wanting to sell their gift cards. I am mad, sad and frustrated. I was trying to get some cash to pay for medical bills. Please just either return my giftcard funds or pay me on it.
scammed by    Beware/Do not fall for their scam

• Aug 31, 2023

On Wednesday, August 23, 2023 at approximately 2:23 o'clock pm, I accessed a website, I wanted to sell an egift card from Home Depot in the amount of $200.00 that I received as a promotional reward from Verizon Wireless on the website. There on their website, I was given instructions on how to receive a cash offer in exchange for said gift card and a form to fill out and submit my contact and the egift card information. I received an offer of $186.00 and I filled out and submitted the form as instructed. One of the fields in the form required me to give the card number and the pin number for the Home Depot egift card. There was also a field on the form requesting a receipt. I provided all of the required information contained in the form and was instructed to watch the inbox for my email address as I would be receiving a response within the next five hours. I never received a response or acknowledgment from anyone affiliated with the cardsandkiosk website. I checked the balance of the Home Depot egift card to ensure that there was $200.00 on the ecard before I tendered any information to that company . Since that time, I have checked the balance on said egift card and it is zero. I can only assume that Cardsandkiosk took advantage of the opportunity to steal the balance of $200 from my Home Depot egift card.

• Aug 22, 2023

This company lies and says they are investigating for fraudulent activity, use of stolen cc to buy card, even after I sent receipt showing no credit card was ever used, it was a return of merch. If they were worried why would they sell card...I went to check my balance on card and it was used up... I called nordstroms and they said someone bought makeup on the is that.possible, they never paid me a dollar, they'll reply to this and say they are investigating it, that's a lie... they spent money on card and I believe they are broke cause they don't pay you. It clearly shows on the attached receipts that no cc was ever used.zAA-#-#!#!°Q
Stole my gift card...never paid me
Stole my gift card...never paid me
Stole my gift card...never paid me

• Aug 21, 2023

I was selling them my gift card from nordstrom's and they accepted card and went and sold my card to whomever they sell it to, then i received an email stating that it was being investigated for fraudulent payment. It was a return of merchandise, there was no payment even made. If they were thinking this why would they go and sell it. Ive checked the card, (because i was going to cancel transaction) and i couldnt because they already used the card and theres no money on there. They wont contact me ive been trying to talk to a person for weeks and every once in awhile they will message me and say there working on it. There is nothing to work on no fraud payment was done and now im starting to think theyve already spent my money and dont have fund's to pay me. Ive sold cards to other companys and never had an issue like this. Very upset.

• Jul 26, 2023



I contacted cards and kiosk to sell my gift card and mind you the only reason I felt remotely comfortable going forward with because of the FOX28 news channel who did a article and video recommending them. Initially everything seemed to be fine I emailed back and fourth with Justin Brown several times the last email I received from Justin Brown regarding my $2,000 gift card July 18, 2023 @ 11:24 am he said he would like to proceed with validation process and needed me to submit the reciept of purchase and to make sure the image is clear once they recieved this they will proceed with payment and if i had questions or concerns not to hesitate to reach out I submitted everything he asked for immediatly 11:25am and that was the final email recieved. I never heard from any employee or Justin Brown ever again ive sent several emails asking where my payment is and why the funds were removed from my card with NO PAYMENT and why they think its ok to steal my card and no one will respond to the many emails I've sent and now everytime I click the speak to an agent now they never are available and suddenly go offline and tell me they will contact me shortly and that never happens. I just want to warn people so they are not scammed like me. Having researched them and seeing the news articles it really makes you feel like you can trust them but it's all part of there scam I will be sending this to Cory who did the article and video at fox28 regarding this situation because I'm sure they are going to want to know a company they previously have cosigned as legitimate is now scamming people using the security of affiliates like fox28 and several other companies listed on there page and outlets. I know I felt safegoing forward because of affiliates listed on there page. Please save yourself and don't trust the thieves at I was in a rough spot and needed emergency cash and they stole from a already struggling person they shouldn't be allowed to take advantage like this. CARDSANDKIOSK STOLE FROM ME DONT BE A VICTIM TOO

P.s. I have emails to prove everything If you want them I can post them as well!!

• Jul 24, 2023

I tried selling my giftcards online and they asked for the info to verify funds and it said they'd reply in 2 hours and never did. The next day i went to check balance and the 200 was gone and nobody has replied or answered or emailed nothing. I am furious that there are businesses like this and all i want is for them to stop doing this to people and pay what they say they are going to pay for instead of ripping people off it's not cool it's not fair if they do this kind of thing they don't belong doing business with anyone

Received nothing in return not even an email

• Jul 24, 2023

I'm writing this to you as a notification of a formal complaint. On 7/20/2023 I submitted my Home Depot gift card to your platform in hopes of a exchange for less than face value of $260 which is what the value of The Home Depot gift card. After submitting I was contacted and advised that there was a delay in processing due to sevrer issues with your vendor. I had decided to choose another merchant to process my request and received a confirmation email that I cancelled the transaction. The next day I checked the balance of the Home Depot gift card and to my surprise it was $0. After many attempts to contact your company my fiance was finally able to reach someone about our issue. Only then was I advised that my gift card was being confiscated for an investigation that I obtained the gift card by fraudulent means. I responded with proof of how I obtained the gift card and was advised that the gift card would be held for up to 15days while investigating. I was never contacted or alerted of this until I was able to get ahold of someone at your company. I called both phone numbers you have listed on your webpage only to receive an out of service message on both numbers. I filed a police report with my local police department so that this outrageous claim can be recorded and used in my complaint with your company. I'm asking once more for the return of my property with the same value as when I submitted to you. This will also be my record of events to submit to the better business bureau as well as Federal Trade Commission.

• Jul 31, 2023

We already closed this by paying the customer was a delay from our end but we closer this issue

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